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  1. I was just curious if there were any plans to incorporate the new Star Wars Rebels series into the current RPG, perhaps in the form of a supplement or sourcebook?
  2. It's really awesome to offer this dice app, particularly since the dice for Edge of the Empire are custom and not available to purchase yet. But wow. $4.99 for an app? Not only is that outrageous for a dice app (most of which are free or only $.99 because of how little coding is actually required), but that's ridiculous for ANY app. There are very large, complicated games and amazing fun camera apps that do more, required way more coding and are far more useful that cost less. The average app that isn't free costs $.99, and to find them that cost more than $1.99 is rare. Sorry. $5 is taking advantage of us. We already paid you $30 for the opportunity to play-test your Edge of the Empire game. And we'll probably pay you another $30 or more when the final comes out for that book. The least you could have done was meet us in the middle on this app's price.
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