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  1. This seems like the geekiest version of the tap or go to sleep argument imaginable. Grinding out the extra time does not make you a bigger man any more than refusing to tap out does.
  2. I’m going to try that as an excuse on my wife when I pre-order four new paint scheme ones. If you never hear from me again you know why... 😇
  3. Random side note, if you thought FFG’s X-Wing squad builder app was bad you should check out GW’s new Kill Team roster/team build ‘app’. Turns out that there’s nothing FFG can make a mess of that GW can’t make a worse mess of.
  4. It’s been a while, and I’ve been distracted by other projects but here are some Lenox riders. I wanted to do a leopard pattern, but my efforts on the markings were rubbish so I went with the Lion look.
  5. Well, that’s 1.0 done for me, I ended up playing at a small local convention where I was TO because we had an odd number. I’ve had a lot of fun with the game, no matter how degenerate it’s become. Next Thursday cannot come quickly enough.
  6. I want to live in a world where /ln swarms fear Wedge, Luke and Biggs. I fear that is not the case.
  7. If Wedge isn’t good there’s a fundemental flaw with the game.
  8. I’m still trying to convince myself there’s a list with Wedge and Supernatural Luke that can handle the /ln swarm out there. ?
  9. I’d love to see FFG remake the old Renegade Legion Interceptor and Leviathan games using X-Wing and Armada. The market might be a bit limited though. ?
  10. Vader did also solo half of Phoenix Squadron and a corvette. The only reason he didn’t do for the Ghost was the inevitable incompetence of his subordinates.
  11. She is a ship in her own right as well as keeping Howelrunner (who I would have put at about 50pts given she essentially adds another /ln of value and has a high initiative) in the fight. I would have priced Iden at Howelrunner, plus an academy plus some for her initiative, so about the 75pts mark. I may well be being over cautious. The dominance of TIE swarms in the early days of X-Wing actively kept people out of the game in the early waves. TIE swarms are thematic only as long as they loose to Wedge, Luke et al. Their dominance was also the root of the cascade of power creep that eventually made 2.0 necessary. I would be surprised not to see Iden and Howlrunner increase in price. Maybe not to my values, but certainly to the point where you can only field four other TIEs with them. That said, there may well be something that preys on swarms enough to keep them in check (supernatural aces seem positive) and I may be worrying about nothing. The devs certainly have more info than I do on the subject.
  12. That’s pretty much a nightmare. The TIE swarm is utterly toxic if it’s a meta defining monster. There’s a solid argument that everything that went wrong with 1.0 was a result of trying to rein in the effectiveness of TIE swarms (without changing points) and the resulting over-corrections to bring the stuff they brought in to do so back into check. If you can get Iden and Howl as part of a seven TIE swarm I would bet we see a very quick points correction that lands close to my values.
  13. Five TIEs is somewhere around where I expect an Iden & Howlrunner swarm to sit in points. Howl needs to be minimum twice the price of an Academy (and that’s not taking into account her initiative), so Iden needs to be the price of Howl plus the price of an Academy (again, plus some for initiative and slots). That’s 125pts, give or take, so you get three Academys with it for your 200pts.
  14. On the other hand Iden at only two threat looks utterly busted unless there is no Howlrunner quick build at all.
  15. That’s a heck of a list @Boom Owl. The importance of some stats will depend on list composition. If I’m always playing high PS Aces then my number of blocks is going to be low and getting them is of lower importance than if I’m flying low PS jousters. I’d almost say that number of times blocked by a higher PS ship is a negative statistic.
  16. Should be three ships per faction to keep the balance with wave 1, so I would expect to see the Upsilon and the Resistance Bomber too. New A-Wing might also be replaced by the Reaistance Falcon, but that would mean the Rebels don’t have a Falcon (outside conversion kits) and two other factions do. It would also mean no new ships in the wave, and I expect every wave to have at least one ship we’ve not seen before.
  17. Has there been any real news about OP kits for the release of 2.0?
  18. Major Tom

    X-Wing+WEG RPG

    Nostalgia at a guess. Plus if it sells they can bring out the second edition and devised & expanded second edition on their anniversaries... ?
  19. Major Tom

    X-Wing+WEG RPG

    I’m a bit of an RPG hoarder, and the WEG Star Wars game is a favourite. I still have pretty much everything they did. I’m still getting this version though.
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