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  1. Is this the right way to play this? I thought stress prevents that.
  2. I really enjoy flying this list but I am not too hot about Quickdraw, do you consider any other options as viable? I have come up with these: - Inquisitor+Harpoon - Another Silencer - Vader or you could upgrade the silencers with Debris Gambit and add Omega Leader. Any ideas?
  3. Can I equip the same weapon multiple times? So 3 88 canons?
  4. what and where are these "renewer" rules (is it a user?)
  5. Hi there, our local store is running a tournament and we are discussing the rules. Especially the tie breaker or the "MOV" if you will. My idea for now would be: 90min time limit Winner gets 1 point, loser 0 MOV = Every unit you killed (points) I really would have the approach that losing units is not a problem. So no X-Wing System, just the killed points. What do you think?
  6. And can you really shoot 2 different targets with one speederbike unit?
  7. Hi there, do speederbikes have impact 2, because there are 2 of them?
  8. Hi there, we just had our first game and some questions came up that I could'nt answer: 1. When and how do vehicles pivot? We played it like a movement action. So you spend 1 action to pivot 90°. 2. How do Speeder Bikes maintain cohesion? Do they have a leader? Hope you can answer me
  9. I tought about this but Vader/Gunner Deci is just a major problem against everything else. You certainly lose these 48 points, no matter what.
  10. Hi there, we are still prepping for regionals and trying variants of empire lists against nymranda. Even after the nerf, the list still packs a ***** punch and my track record is 1:8 against it and 5:0 with it (test games). I am determined to bring Kylo to the next regional since he is just more expensive than Miranda so I can call game and win as soon as Nym dies. It's a cheap trick but I'm not sure how to pull it off. Kylo is pretty obvious: Kylo Ren (47) TIE Silencer (35), First Order Vanguard (2), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2) Here are my options: a) Shuttle+Countdown Nice, but goes down in the initial joust without a chance. Second turn Countdown dies by TLT fire and that's it. b) Stridan Surprisingly he goes also down. Maybe if I use countermeasures. c) Quickdraw/Vader with Cruise/Harpoon Interesting since Nym can't avoid the missile. Kylo and Vader with a 20 point ini bid for disrespect? (@Krayt) d) Decimator Very skinny but could hurt Nym. e) Inquisitor+Cruise and Countdown Has the same punch as Vader but another Ship with Countdown. Opinions?
  11. Hi there, fellow X-Wing Gamers, there was a regional in Germany, where i participated with the following list: “Omega Leader” (29) TIE/fo Fighter (21), Comm Relay (3), Juke (2), Stealth Device (3) Soontir Fel (35) TIE Interceptor (27), Royal Guard TIE (0), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3), Autothrusters (2) The Inquisitor (31) TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Push the Limit (3), TIE/v1 (1), Autothrusters (2) The list before had whisper in it, but i was not very happy with her. Soontir Fel is much more reliable, altough his damage output is not that great. Here is the first video report against rebel "aces"
  12. Hi, i changed Deathrain to Carnor Jax and Soontir got a stealth device. Its much better against TLTs but Whisper / RAC are a problem.
  13. Hi there (coolNick btw, love Ardus Kaine^^), thanks, we rolled for fun. As you can see, i dodged with Soontir, but we wanted to know if i would have killed Vader (and yeah, i would have).
  14. Hello fellow Xwingers, i´d like to share some batreps with you (and teamcovenant): http://teamcovenant.com/tzazikimann/2015/10/20/video-tourney-report-from-germany-tlts-tlts-everywhere/
  15. I agree with most of you, Fat Han is nearly unbeatable at 60 points. What about 2 Sigma Phantoms, both with Stygium (Rebel Captive and Tactician for Stress) Han shouldnt do more than 1 damage per Round on one of them.
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