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  1. Hi Guys, just a quick question: Are the additional Adventures from the 3 expansions then also being used in the campaigns from the Old Ones in the base game or do those remain the same? Thanks for your answers! best Wishes Zodmaniac
  2. Hello Friends, so it seems that Gates of Arkham does not actually expand the current game mode but adds a second one. We will have to wait for further previews to learn which components can be used in both game modes.. Anyways i am positively excited about the announcement Best Wishes
  3. Signed. There is enough competition all day long;) Go go coop!
  4. Hi Folks, i desperately hope it will be a another coop LCG that can be played solo. Depending on your professional Environment the gaming Hobby is rather unpopular or even being laughed at. I have lotr and very happy with it but i would buy into a second game preferably WH40K themed . Anyone knows when an announcement gonna be made? So long Zodmaniac
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