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  1. @ Sturn: Yeah! I totally remembering seeing that ship, but its not in the Visual Guide or really anywhere else I have noticed. It deploys the Deathtroopers onto the beach. Looks to be in the same sort of design family as the TIE Striker, but clearly a different ship that is noticeably larger. Also, I've had my own go at the Zeta-class Shuttle. Put in some rules for modular cargo pods, including a little Q-Ship inspired surprise for would be pirates. Check it out here if you like: http://www.d20radio.com/main/holonet-uplink-zeta-class-cargo-shuttle-modular-pod-options/
  2. Zeta-class cargo shuttle, indeed. It's on my radar to stat up. The cargo pod is modular is design, meant to be attached and dropped quickly. Reminds me of the salon pod from the Consular-class in terms of what PC's could do with a few cargo pods. One of my players has already brought up the age old q-ship design of filling the pod full of missile systems.
  3. Yup, they can "wear" armour. Check out the "Droids and Equipment" sidebar on page 47 of Edge of the Empire. Droids can either use equipment normally, or it can be integrated into their bodies at the GM's discretion.
  4. Where is his sarcophagus? Why is he returning now? How is he awakening? These answers may lead to some logical introduction points.
  5. Oh man, my Darth names are only a touch better than those! Darth Vizaj Darth Arcanum Darth Rohnyn Darth Zarr Darth Avarus Not exactly subtle am I, eh?
  6. That's ridiculous for the following 87 reasons! Let me list them all. Also, review my infinite backpack PC build.
  7. Page 34 has the Death Star Trench under water. Page 59 has the underwater throne room and Falcon underwater heading towards the Death Star surface. I also like 96's rice field village.
  8. My ~370 Earned XP SWTOR era Sith game has the following: Duelist - Seer, Makashi Duelist, Shii Cho Knight "Stabs First" - Soresu Defender, Assassin Sith Inquisitor - Seer, Sage, Politico Infiltrator - Shadow, Recruit Do note, however, I did give everyone a free spec to ease our transition from Saga Edition (the campaign is slow running due to schedules and started sometime before the FaD beta came out).
  9. Why not turn this disappointment into opportunity, and use that badass look as inspiration for an NPC or PC? The concepts in this art book are great inspirational material. Loving the Edge feel on pages like 38, 61, 70, and 71 to name a few. Also, wow, those two pagers on 46-47 (Despite the ISD this is really awesome and appropriate for KotOR), 82-83 (When I see this I think below a repulsor city on a gas giant instead of a tower on a desert planet), and 94-95 (time to raid some tombs) really get the imagination going.
  10. I have 4 PCs in that game. Two use lightsabers,one is focusing on Parry and Makashi shenanigans, the other has some Parry from Soresu but opted to bomb down Assassin to be a critical hit beast. Its been a while since we played a whole group game due to schedules, but I don't think either has Deflect. The two others are more skill focused, one is doing a mix of Force powers (Especially Heal/Harm) and social skills who uses melee weapons a la the old Sith, the other is a Shadow who is focused on being stealthy - except when he whips out a blaster to put the hurt down. It's hard to compare the lightsaber fighters to the two skill focused guys because only the lightsaber guys are focusing on weapon combat.
  11. So, I've got a 370 Earned XP SWTOR era game where the PCs are Sith apprentices. We've run it rules as written and I've found the normal rules work just fine, with Parry and other defensive talents doing their job on the PC end and Adversary + Parry working great so far for the NPCs. My only issue is one of my players is stacking Vicious with Lethal Blows to be a powerful alpha-striker, but he's pretty low on defense so it works out to be fairly balanced overall. I'd recommend you guys give it a go with the rules as written, even if just in a one shot to test it out. They work pretty well in my opinion.
  12. That's certainly true of webbing and you may want to enforce no utility belt with load bearing gear, but you could potentially have all three if the load bearing gear was more a tactical vest / chest rig style. Especially for personnel who may need to remove their tacvest/chest rig to lower their profile (ie to engage with locals in COIN) it is increasingly common to have a vest + belt system independent of each other, so you can take one off but keep the other. For example: Chest: Rifle mags, grenades, radio, bayonet, canteen, tactical commander's kit, etc Belt: sidearm, sidearm mags, medical kit Maybe bump the Rarity and/or Price of Load Bearing Gear you'd let your players combine with a utility belt to represent them having to hunt down higher end tactical gear, vice hand me down planetary defense force stock.
  13. What sort of group do you have and what sort of game is it?
  14. I don't think there is anything specifically about FaD that necessitates an overarching campaign as opposed to a more episodic format. It is going to be down to whether or not your group wants that format, and to what extent. It really is the same idea as running a mission by mission AoR game, some players will enjoy that and others would prefer something with a more progressive story line.
  15. I usually roll pretty much exactly as you have outlined in your third sentence, just boiling it down to Core vs Not. In edge cases like the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region I could see it going either way with the rule of thumb maybe being More Developed = Core Worlds, Less Developed = Outer Rim. I think a little bit of flexibility is fine here depending on PC background / player logic. For example, I would let someone roll a more difficult Core Worlds check than I would generally require of Outer Rim for information about Eriadu because Eriadu is often described as "a Core World in the Outer Rim" due to its industrial capacity and the influence of the Tarkin family. Blackbird888 has a good suggestion about Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. Depending on the region or world in question Lore might even be the most appropriate, say for those forgotten regions formerly part of the various Sith empires.
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