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  1. WHEN: March 2, 2013 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm WHERE: The Soldiery 4256 North High Street Columbus,OH 43214 USA go to http://afewmaneuvers.com/miniwp3/?ai1ec_event=columbus-oh-late-night-100-pt-tournament&instance_id=1021 for all details!
  2. check out www.afewmaneuvers.com and go to the xwing section, there's a page for events, you can filter by area- columbus area events go up there more readily…. planned right now is s big team battles/casual play tomorrow at the Soldiery at 2ish http://afewmaneuvers.com/miniwp3/?ai1ec_event=big&instance_id=1019 Then on saturday march 2nd there's a late nighters tournament, with a prize pool dependent on participants. http://afewmaneuvers.com/miniwp3/?ai1ec_event=columbus-oh-late-night-100-pt-tournament&instance_id=1021 sorry i didn't see this sooner.
  3. happening @ the soldiery, for more info go to: http://afewmaneuvers.com/miniwp3/?ai1ec_event=big&instance_id=3 and while you're there check out the AFM forums ;-) (shameless self promotions!)
  4. www.afewmaneuvers.com/resources/EotE_CS_MD37v1-1.pdf forgot that… lol
  5. Well guys- www.afewmaneuvers.com is finally live (the xwing section of the site, though our forums are live for all 3 of ffg's games) and i had alittle time to do a couple edits to my sheet… removed Surveillance, fixed misspelling, lightened the grey used to separate the fields… I'm going to start an all new version 2.0 that will come in 2 page and 3-4 page formats to include all the requests, work on it will be alittle slow (i'm a package car driver for UPS… santa in brown season… lol)
  6. No entry fee, and winner receives $15 to miniaturemarket.com if there is a good number of players, more prizes will be entered too! more info at www.afewmaneuvers.com 100pt squads/75minute rounds/4 rounds 7pm Tonight (11/17) check in by 6:30- set up your squads and save in player window, first round starts at 7 sharp! we are going to be using our new mumble voice server for the tournament (and the mumble server is always open for regular vassal play!) instructions to install vassal and mumble are on www.afewmaneuvers.com..
  7. hey guys sorry that i havent been around much… its been hectic workind on and launching the xwing fansite www.afewmaneuvers.com, tomorrow is still on at the soldiery, from 2-close (7 i think) see y'all there hopefully… if you own the game already, bring your set with you just incase ;-) and come over to afm, there is a tournament tonight to celebrate our official launch, no entry fee and winner gets 15 bucks over at miniaturemarket.com!
  8. hey guys, after much work the xwing portion of afewmaneuvers.com is live. site features: -afm has become the home for thefarkongnomes amazing html squad builder, card generator, senario creator, die roller… (a huge thanks to gnome) -events calendar, add your upcoming events on the forums and we'll add it to our calendar! -articles, card reviews, spotlight series… -and VASSAL! aidens awesome module is home now on afm, and we've opened a Mumble Voice server to make game finding and playing alittle simpler but the biggest feature is the community… afm is completely community driven, so come on and visit now thay the xwing fansite section is open, we will be working on the LCG and Edge of the Empire sections… see you guys around!
  9. I might be able to swing that… it'd have to be early afternoon (1pmish) or later for me… gotta pick my son up from preschool that day… also columbus-ites, if you can make it on Sunday Nov. 18th to the Soldiery, we're gonna run another demo day to try to spread/gauge interest in the area… and hopefully start running some tourney's!
  10. Hey guys, just an update: I've been working on the new A Few Maneuvers site, www.afewmaneuvers.com thay page will just forward you to the new and improved forums, but all the events i run here will be part of this, and we'll be having some awesome tools for scheduleing things… not to mention our Vassal tournaments for those of you that have trouble meeting up… also, my next demo day is nov 18th at the soldiery, then we are moving to the the guard tower for a few sessions before tournaments start in jan/feb
  11. thanks for the well wish, haha… we have a few of our x-wing players that'll cross over too… so there'll be at least some life after the launch, lol
  12. Greetings! I Come in Peace!… wait… yeah… that works about a month ago with the release of X-Wing, DrkJedi35 launched his brain child "A Few Maneuvers", a fan forum for the X-Wing Miniature game on yuku.com. Him an I began discussing turning that forum into a full fledged fansite for all 3 FFG star wars games. Well, we've acquired our domain- and moved the forums to our server while we work on the fansite. The site and forums will be for all 3 games (and any future FFG star wars release) www.afewmaneuvers.com is where the site is located, though the main site is still under construction (it will redirect you after a few seconds to the new forums) or you can get to them directly at www.afewmaneuvers.com/forums Not alot of LCG content yet (most all of the users are X-Wing players, since that how the forums started) but the site will be community driven, so come on over, kick you feet up, get comfortable, and stay awhile!
  13. alittle over a month ago when X-Wing launched DrkJedi35 launched a fan-forums call "A Few Maneuvers" for the miniatures game. After some talks, him and I began planning to grow that forums into a fansite geared for X-Wing, the LCG, and the RPG's from FFG… www.afewmaneuvers.com is where the new site will be the main site is still under construction, i should have the miniatures site up this week, and the rpg section up the week after, and we'll launch a full LCG second upon it's launch. If you visit the main domain, you'll be redirected in a few seconds to the new forums, or you can just go to www.afewmaneuvers.com/forums directly, the old forums can be found at afewmaneuvers.yuku.com if you want to check that out too, people are still making their way over to the new forums. So, make your over to the new forums and sign up, AFM is going to be a community driven site, and i need some RPG people there to help with that part- it's full for X-Wingers right now! hahaha see you guys there!
  14. hey guys, sorry i've been MIA on this… i got involved with a project that started as an XWing fan forums, but is now growing into a fansite for all the FFG star wars games… www.afewmaneuvers.com (the index page will redirect you to the forums) we just moved the forums from yuku.com, so people are still making their way there, and it's still mainly active in the X-Wing section… please though, come on over and join, i'm working on the main site right now, that should be up and running in a couple weeks (and i'll find time to make the changes to the character sheet as well haha)
  15. this reminds me of stores i've dealt with, store #1 reminds me of my FLGS, very friendly staff… and that alone with get my business!
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