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  1. Another point that might be worth mentioning: These objective allies might make great targets for the contract - especially the Silvan one as it seems to read that you get to draw a card each time you quest successfully, with presumably 3 WP. Is anybody else hoping that we get those as player cards with the last AP? The Silvan one could make Silvan a card drawing powerhouse with Galadriel and ally Legolas. I am just a bit bummed that the contract won't give us a good option for a tactics silvan hero...
  2. Some very interesting thoughts. I personally do not think it would viable to declare the first 3 or 4 cycles as "rotated out" and move on. Since the card pool has grown so slowly this would mean that at least half of the tribes would not function anymore. Especially as many of the later cards were in part build on the foundation laid out in earlier cycles. I would actually prefer a more radical step. I think that while the game is great that in terms of quests there is not much design space left to explore. I would like them to iron out some of the few weaknesses of the core game (travelling and role of locations in particular). At the same time the problem of the slowly growing card pool would roar its head again. Some my hope would be a soft reboot so to speak in that the game would be backwards- compatible in that old cards could be used but the designers would not take them into consideration going forward. Obviously some old cards would no longer with the new mechanics and would be needed to be rotated out. So we would start anew with an 1.5 core set so to speak. I know that this scenario is not very likely, especially for business reason (confusing for costumers; they might have to stop reprints, even though those still sell out, etc.). Nonetheless I think that would be great. My best bet on the most probable outcome is that they leave the rules as they are and try to get license agreement more in line with the new Amazon series and release them as "saga expansions" maybe with core set size every 6-12 month. If they don't get that then they reconsider if it is worth to continue support for this game.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I will iron this out and take another stab at this. @Wandalf the Gizzard Thanks for the advice. I guess it is actually the same.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I am not a native speaker, so I apology since some parts will be hard to read especially as I have to write this down rather quickly I really love this game, but I was thinking recently in how I can keep the game interesting after I have beaten all scenarios (while I own all packs, I have not advance past the 5th cycle). I was contemplating that it would be nice to have something like an overarching goal. Besides that I always pondered over the question which fraction or which decks are the strongest against a variety of quests and be able to have something like an objective criteria. So I came up with the idea of a deck championship. The idea in itself is pretty simple: select a number of quests that are to be played, think in some kind of algorithm to measure performance with and ad some rule to restrain deck customization between scenarios. Now, as I have stated, while I have been a player since year 1 and 2 and plays made sure to buy the packs in advances, I was not always able to actually play a lot of games and there are a lot players on this board who are more experienced than I am. So I invite you to help me iron out the rulebook so to speak and improve the experience. In the best case scenario that I have in my head, we might afterwards maybe make a form game where each person interested submits a deck and we play a scenario each 2 week. But obviously this is still a far way off and I have quit a lot of questions. So I will start off with the more obvious stuff: 1.Playing format: I was thinking that the championship would consist of about 20 to 25 quests of differing focus and difficulty level, so that decks are tested in different ways. I would not necessarily include the most punishing ones, but more on that later. A competing deck would play a best-of-5 series against each quest. But I would add a little twist: While such a series would stop at three wins, it would not necessarily stop at 3 loses. The player might voluntarily decide to play more games up until the total of games played caps off at 5. So (s)he gets a chance to improve the record, but this comes with the risk of cumulating more loses. At first I was also toying with building the championship like a golf course with the idea that each deck plays a quest until it wins two games (with a limit of games played in total obviously), but I think the best-of-5 works better. I honestly like this rather simple structure and would not like to stray too far away from it. Later I will get back to the number of quests, etc. 2.Rating of player performance It is needless to say that a simple Win-Loss record would not do this game any justice. A win against Carn Dum should be worth more than 3 wins against Fangorn. I think I am not alone when I assess the official difficulty rating as not being adequate. Therefore I would use the difficulty rating from hall of beorn as the foundation. While this is not perfect (naturally earlier quests have been rated a lot more often), I would consider it as an improvement. I thought off three distinct ways to calculate a score for the performance against a quest. Each has its pro and cons, I guess, so I am really interested in feedback about this. In the following x denominates the difficulty rating of a quest divided by 10, W the numer of wins and L the number of loses against a quest: Option 1: x*W – min(1-x; 0.01)*N This is pretty straight forward in that each win and loss is weighted by the difficulty of the quest, so that losses against “easy” quests can be quite punishing while Wins against the heavy hitters make a hugh difference. I use the minimum function so that losses even against the hardes quests don’t go unpunished. Option 2: (0.5 +0.5*x)*S – (0.5 + 0.5* min(1-x; 0.01))*N The difference here is that I also weighted the difficulty weighting of the wins/losses. The idea is that wins and a loss should always have meaning and not be too dependent off the difficulty of the quest. If this added weighting parameters are 0.5/0.5 or be distributed differently would be up for discussion. Option 3: max(x*S – min(1 – x , 0.01)*N; 0) For those of you not familiar with the max/min function: This option is basically like Option 1 with the difference that you could never dip below 0 on the rating. This means that you should probably always play the full 5 games when you are losing. I think it takes away from strategic decisions, so it would not be my favorite. I am aware that a lot of ways to do it differently and I would be have if someone might have a better idea. So it could be one of the options or a new idea. 3.Deck construction rules: This will probably provoke the most discussion. Here are my thoughts about rules: a. 3 heroes + 2 reserve heroes question: should be 1 reserve hero only b. deck size: 50 – 55 cards (special Erestor rule: 50 -70 cards but than Erestor may never go to the “bench”) + 7 sideboard cards. Between plays the player may vary the number of copies of cards in his deck, but he may only take out a card of his “core deck” completely if he subs in a set of side board card (1-3 copies) in its place. A set of sideboard cards can only replace 1 set from the core deck (so for example if a player takes out 3 1-off cards from his core deck, he cannot replace it with 3 copies of 1 sideboard-card, instead he must sub in 3 sideboardcards (1-3 copies each)). A player might add a sideboard card without taking out a “core card” but he must be aware of the deck cap of 55. Question: how many sideboard cards should there be? I was considering 5, 7 and 10. In the end I considered 10 to be too much as it would take away from the challenge of feeling restriction when constructing the deck. Theme mode: Now, I love to build theme decks, so I had to add a theme mode in building more restriction if one chose to play this way. In this mode there would be the following addition rules: c. Of the 5 (or 4) heroes only one might be of a different tribe/fraction d. the deck might at any time only include 3 sets of cards from another tribe/fraction (“thematic concession”). In total (core deck and sideboard cards) only 6 sets of such cards are allowed. When does a card belong to a fraction/tribe? In some cases this is quiet easy (when it is more or less printed on the card) in others it is not that easy. For example: I would say that rohan warhorse belongs to the rohan fraction even though the card is not restricted to the rohan trait. I also think such a rule applies to all named horses, all the dunedain signs I would consider belonging to the dunedain tribe. Galadriels greeting I would not consider belonging to a fraction, but I am not so sure about Elronds Counsel. I think here is much discussion to be had. e. Main factions are: Gondor, Rohan, Noldor, Silva, Dwarf, Hobbit, Dunedain, Dale (hope I have not forgotten anyone) f. special rules for small factions: A deck might be constructed with two fractions, but then at least one of these fractions must be: Ent, Eagles, Outlands, Harad, Beoring, Woodmen, Creatures( & Radagast), Isengard (& Saruman). Such decks may only at any moment include one set of cards of thematic concession and 2 of such total. g. Deck of the free people: all heroes must be of different tribes and no more than 3 sets of allies may be of the same tribe (in total) h. Special rulings: Galadriel is not a “thematic concession” in silvan decks Elladan and Elrohir are not thematic concessions in dunedain decks Ally Gandalf does not count towards the thematic concession cap but hero Gandalf does Imrahil is not a thematic concession in an Outland deck I guess some of you are more familiar with the lore might come up with more special rulings. 4.Season structure: My idea is the following: There is a pre-season in which you can fine tune your deck: This pre-season are the first 2 quests of the core set (passage through mirkwood and journey down (?) the Anduin). You might play them as often as you like. After that the season starts. I was thinking that 20 quests might be a good idea, but 15 or 25 might work even better. As mentioned before I have only played through 5 cycles. I came up with the following list. I did not consider saga quests, mind you: Quest 1: Hunt for Gollom à An easy start to get going Quest 2: Massing at Osgiliath à I really like the balance of this quest, but since not everybody has this, it can be replaced Quest 3: The seventh level Quest 4:The Redhorn gate Quest 5: Foundation of stone Quest 6: Into Ithilien Quest 7: The steward’s fear Quest 8: The Morgul Vale Quest 9: The Fords of Isen Quest 10: The Dunland Trap Quest 11: The Three Trials Quest 12: Trouble in Tharbad Quest 13: The weather hills Quest 14: Dadmen’s dike Quest 15: Escape from Mount Gram Quest 16: The Dream Realm Quest 17-20: ? What quests would you consider? The beauty of this is, that it is like creating a golf course and you can make it really hard or a bit softer (if you plan a “league” for weaker, very thematic decks). Anyways that’s it for now. I would really appreciate your feedback.
  5. I honestly think they need a max limit of like 4 or 5 or they are pretty broken at least the one with card draw and threat reduction. I like the refugees
  6. In April I made a threat about the 5 heroes everybody wants to see before the game ends. At that time we would anticipate that moment to come so soon. With 2 packs of the presumed last cycle spoiled for the most parts, we only have about 50 mystery cards left. So would like to know what you think should be addressed in terms of player cards ( EXCLUDING HEROES). I will try to settle for a Top5 but feel free to do a Top 10 or Top5 per sphere if you feel the need. I am an elf guy, so don't be suprised: 1. Good non-unique Noldor questing ally preferably Lore or Spirit: while I consider most unique Noldor allys to be great, I cannot say the same for the rest. I like the Guardian of Rivendell and obviously the Stargazer is great but in non-sailing quests the upkeep of the navigator is steep for non-Erestor decks. 2. Good Noldor ally in Leadership: I really hope they make the Gildor AP the Noldor AP. Right now I not see many compelling reasong to play leadership with Noldor. Erestor is good (nowadays a bit overcosted) and I guess the Warden can work but there is just not much more. A great toy for Gildor and an ally with stable-potential would go a long way. 3. Lore weapon for Silvan: Forged has gone a long way to help Noldor to get weapons on Glorfindel and their other heroes. Silvan should also get some help here as they have two green heroes that would benefit greatly from a +2 attack weapon. It could even have a cost of 2. 4. /5.Green/red silvan events: We still miss 2 for the collection. It would be cool if the green one was for interacting with the victory display or healing. Red one could be stat-boosting. Honorably mentioned: Ally Aragorn. Sphere would not matter, but as we will likely get Spirit Aragorn hero, this won't happen. Dunedin support: Just 2-3 true difference-maker would be great.
  7. My mistake! Frodo is leadership and not spirit. So Spirit Aragorn is very much alive...
  8. We pretty much have only 3 here slots open. Double-sided Gandalf seems to be a popular guess here. I have a hard time seeing a Daruman 'hero'. Wilyador is coming but will he be an hero or an ally? I have a hard time believing that an ally Wilyador would be mentioned here specifically. Spirit Aragorn was often mentioned as a possibility but with both spirit spots in the cycle gone, I do not consider this likely. Going by normal distribution amongst spheres we have 1xTactics 1x Lore 1x Leadership left. My guesses: Gandalf ( one side Leadership, one side Spirit) Tactics Wilyador Lore Sam Edit: I was obviously wrong here. Frodo is Leadership and not Spirit. So I guess Spirit Aragorn will happen. I therefore drop Sam off my list and expect Gandalf to be Lore.
  9. Maybe the combo of the two like in 'Brangelina' 😉
  10. I really hope we get another green silvan event that interacts with the victory display. It would be nice if they add a few more cards to make victory display another distinct playstyle for silvan. But to be honest I am already thrilled that we got 2 very solid silvan cards. I did not anticipate any more support after the last cycle. Lothieriel being blue also could be a sign that Spirit Aragorn (as a hero) won't happen.. Anybody else feels that with this 'iteration' of the game winding down that every reveal is even more thrilling than before. I feel a bit of a letdown since I won't get my tactics Glorfindel or get another Tactics Silvan hero
  11. Can I save a card from being discarded at the end of the round? It is this not possible as the end of the round implies that there is not an action window left.
  12. I do not want this thread to be derailed by a discussion on how likely it is that the game is dying soon, but let us assume for a moment that this was the case and the designers would ask you to submit him a list with 5 (types of) heroes you would like to have in the last packs. You could choose on whatever criteria you like (which tribe needs some more support, which are you favorites, etc.). As you will see from my list, I am an elf guy and as I am not an expert on Tolkien lore I will not chose a particular character for the most part (and you also do not need to do that. 1. Silvan Spirit Hero: medium threat level with either a defensive or willpower focus. Galadriel is obviously very strong (and technically Noldor) and Legolas does not really fit the Silvan theme. So I really feel that this is the sphere where another sylvan hero would be the most welcome 2. Silvan Tactics Hero: medium to high threat and hopefully one of the better defenders in the game (in that case the Spirit hero should be willpower focused). Tactics Legolas is to this day a very good hero, but it would be great to have the option to be able to mix it up a bit. Especially considering that Tactics has quite a few really good silvan cards. 3. Noldor tactics (preferably Glorfindel): as with silvan, Noldor only has one tactics option and Elladan comes with the burden that you cannot really play him without Elrohil. Therefore enter Glorfindel. Yes, we do already have two versions, but Lore Glorfindel has one of the weakest abilities of any hero and Spirit Glorfindel while being very good only has a negative ability and is not terribly exciting to play. Give us a Glorfindel with a 12 threat and a powerful and especially interesting ability that is worth every point. Make him one of the stand-out heroes in the game. He should be the focal point of decks and not a pure stats guy (as spirit Glorfindel basically is). 4. Noldor Leadership (preferably Elrond): Yes, we will get Gildor, but I am not really excited for him. Lore Elrond is probably perfect, so my feelings about the Leadership Noldor being Elrond are not as strong as with Glorfindel in tactics (a Glorfindel leadership hero would obviously also be an option). 5. Spirit Aragorn: To complete the collection and it would just feel right to close the game with the character that was printed on the first card of the core set. His ability should make him a strong defender as we have had an readying Aragorn, a threat level-controlling-Aragorn, an (kind of) attack-boosting Aragorn. Honorably mentioned: A Rohan Lore Hero and an Hobbit Leadership Hero. If you like you could also name one player card that you would hope for. Mine would be a Silvan weapon in Lore (granting +1 attack default and +2 if a special condition is met). I am really looking forward to your ideas.
  13. I also have the suspicion that this will be the last cycle. Is anyone else a bit bummed that it looks like once again Gondor will get the most support (as it appears). They already have far and away the most allies. I hope for the rest of the cycle the other tribes (especially my Noldor and Silvans) get some more love…
  14. Well, I am happy to be wrong here, as I had high hopes for the charcater. So I guess Thranduil shoulld be in a Silvan deck with a focus on fighting. Which third hero would be best suited with the Thranduil - Legolas (tactics) tandem (in a silvan thematic deck and overall)?
  15. For a long time I have been waiting for the Thanduil hero card and I have to say that it leaves me a bit scratching my head. On a plus side we finally get a defensice oriented Silvan hero at a decent threat cost but I am not sure what to make of his special ability. It is great that he does not need a ressource match for playing silvan allies, but his ability has no synergy with Galadriel and I cannot think of many scenarios in which playing allies during the fighting stage is benefial (in comparision with playing him in regularly. It is woth to be mentioned that I have not played him until now (as I have all the packs but are due to a lack of spare time hopelessly behind in playing them. So am I missing something or am I not alone in being a bit underwhelmed by Thanduil?
  16. Wow, you stole all my ideas and managed to sum up all that I have written in just a small paragraph. Respect.
  17. Very interesting discussion. What always should be remembered is that Saga expansions are also designed with the players in mind who only own the core set. For that reason we got no new Legolas/Gimli heroes and I assume for that reason we will not get another Eowyn or Denethor. Personally I like this approach as I think that the CS+Saga crows should have a decent pool of heroes to choose from. I would have loved it if they had continued with the 4 heroes each expansion approach. In that case we would have had the room for another Gimli/Legolas or Tactics Eowyn. As it is I support the approach that we get no hero duplicates inside this “cycle”. Those of us who post here for the most part pick up each expansion or AP, so we will eventually get our Lore Legolas or Tactics Eowyn. So let’s get on with the speculation. So far we have had 1 neutral, 3 lore, 2 spirit, 2 leadership and 1 tactics hero in the saga expansions. That should leave us with one spirit, one leadership and two tactics heroes to come (and a decent pool of 6 heroes each sphere to choose from). To be honest a lot of time has passed since I have read the books, so this are rather guesses for the most part. What I remember is that a lot of new characters were introduced in book three but nobody in the Frodo/Sam part. Therefore I assume we will have another spill over to box number 6 (like we had with box 3 and 4). I think an Eomer hero is a pretty safe bet at this point, probably leadership. I guess thematically it would make sense to put him into the last box then, but then again he is probably one the most important “supporting characters” so to speak, so I do not think that they will hold him back that long. My second guess would be Tactics Imrahil. I think the original Tactics Beregond would have been perfect here, but I cannot imagine them doing heroes twice in the same sphere. We should definitely get a Tactics heroes and with Eowyn out of the picture he makes the most sense to me. With Hallbarad, Elladan, Elrohir, Merry, Pippin, Bergil, Eowyn, Beregond we have quite a strong line-up for potential line-up. I think they will try to strike a balance between characters not yet represented and those we already have as heroes. Denethor isn’t really a hero in the book, so I guess we might get him as an objective ally like Golem. We already have a strong ally and hero version of Faramir. So I cannot see another one. I would love to have the twins, but I cannot see them making the cut – especially since we get their ally version in the new cycle. So my most likely candidates for allies are Hallbarad, Beregond, Eowyn and Bergil. Box 6 should also be a head scratcher. Maybe a spirit Golem (already thought that we might get him in box 3), but can/should they really pull it off. I guess we might see Merry and Pippin allies (spill-over) but apart from that I have no clue.
  18. D Galadriel E Dain F Glorfindel G Sam H Frodo I Beorn J Eomer K Aragorn L Aragorn M Imrahil N Legolas O Grima P Beregond Q Merry R Haldir S Thorin T Elrond U Rossiel V Merry W Bifur X Gandalf Y Gimli Z Boromir AA Erestor AB Eowyn AC Erkenbrand AD Elrohir AE Aragorn AF Celeborn AG Hama AH Theoden AI Boromir
  19. Anybody else feels that Tactics Aragon would have been fitted better into the Dunedain theme if he would have given -1 Attack instead of defense to engaged enemies?
  20. That is great to hear. I think this was the best product they have released so far.
  21. Here in Germany there is nothing in the rules about the next expansion. I'm really curious on how they will solve the dilemma with heroes participating in both "paths". Can you or anybody else elaborate on what we know so far? Thanks in advance.
  22. I would not rule out a Gollum hero for the last Saga Expansion (although it is not very likely) as they will run out of candidates for Heroes in Frodo's part of the story. I doubt that we will see another version of Sam (as the boxes are also desgned with players in mind who only have the Core + sagas).
  23. Hi everybody, I am more of a lurker on these forums and even though I own every expansion that has been released in my country so far quite a few have remained unplayed until this day. There is always a lot of talk about player cards on this forum but I have not read anything on the new saga quests so far and I am really interested in the general opinion. How are thee quests? Are they thematic enough? unique? Challenging? How do they compare to the other saga extensions? Cheers
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