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  1. Hello, The card of the Shadow Rune Relic says that you recover one fatigue each time you kill a monster with this weapon. However, what happens, if you kill several monsters at once by using a blast weapon?
  2. There is this cool ability of the spirit speaker called "Cloud of Mist". It reads: "Exhaust this card. While this card is exhausted, each attack that targets a space within 3 spaces of you misses unless the attacker spends 1 Surge" Now, the dwarf in our group wears this cool armor-cape. It delets one of the surges you attacker rolled. Does this mean attacking the wearer inside the mist would cost the OL two surges???
  3. There is a skill called "Fury of the Undeath". It allows you to activate your Reanimate in addition to its normal activation. Does this mean that by sacrificing an action you enable your Reanimate to get four actions?
  4. I think goblins can sneak past the heroes. So if you choose them to "escort" the guests there is no way of blocking them.
  5. There is a skill for berserkers which only works if the character uses a two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapon. What's the use wielding two one-handed melee weapons? I can't figure it out…
  6. Although I play the OL, I was asking from a Heroe perspective. Since if the Heroes are without chances in the first place, the game sucks even if you win.
  7. Heyhey I played Castle Daerion yesterday. It was the first scenario after the Introduction with me being the OL. In the first encounter I chose the Shadow Dragons as an open group and I have to admit it wasn't fun at all. It took four rounds of boring, senseless beating until the heroes managed to kill the first of the two dragons. I won easily. Two defence dice and the "Shadow" ability seem a bit too hard for young heroes. Is there any trick combination or whatever which work against "Shadow Dragons"?
  8. Wow, I never thought about using "Dark Charm" for that purpose. You can force them to move in many bad positions…
  9. Hello The new Descent allows the OL to buy new cards as well as to customize his Deck, throwing out cards he feels he doesn't need much. Therefore, I wanted to start a threat about which OL cards are best and which are the worst.
  10. Heyhey Yesterday I played the scenario "Death on the Wing" . If you win the first encounter you are allowed to take the first turn on the second, which is a huge advance! Therefore I wondered: Did anybody ever succeed in trapping a hero? How is this to be managed?
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