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  1. I sortet the cards by Color, Assets - > Cost -> Name, Assets XP -> XP Cost - Cost - Name, Event - > Cost -> Name, Event XP -> XP Cost - Cost - Name, Skills - > Cost -> Name, Skills XP -> XP Cost - Cost - Name The storys i have seperated. Each set of cards is divided with a printed divider. Will post some pictures later.
  2. I adopted this idea and ordered some via Amazon in Germany. Really nice idea. I love it.
  3. Okay, i have checked it. There are 4 Mythos cards in LaTT wich opens two gates. Like: http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Double_the_Trouble
  4. Is that true? 2 Monster surges? I though you ignore the lower portal icon on that card when the expansion for the upper portal icon is in play...
  5. You have forgotten the many that are fine with both games like me, because they are really different games in the same HP setting.
  6. Merry Christmas from me. Me and my family perpetrated the holy evening with a round of Arkham Horror against Glaaki and we finally save Arkham the Christmas in the final battle.
  7. Neeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Guys. I have heard that the team for the german version of EH is working really hard to get the translation ready. If everythings works right they plan to release the german version at the end of the first quartal of 14. That would be really nice. Greetz Tom P.S.: Nothing official ^^
  9. Yes, i will make some pictures for you. I can post the dimensions for you, too.
  10. There is nothing wood-like. Its all foam board, 5mm, glued with wood glue.
  11. So, here is the 2nd box. I have spots for Mythos- and Gatecards (the 2 long spots on the left), Common Items, Unique Items, Spells, Skills, Allies, Blights, Injuries and Madnesses. Because of the missing expansions (KH, IH and LatT) I use the free space behind the Mythos- and Gatecards temporarily as spots for ohter cards that will later take place in the 3rd box.
  12. Next box is ready. Tommorow i will post some pictures.
  13. So, here is part 1 of my storage solution for Arkham Horror. Box 1: ALL location cards of AH and all expansions in only one box. Just open this box and place it on the table and all locations are ready for play. So i have only AH and DH yet. But you can see, there is enough place for the locations of KH and IH as well (plus one bonus pocket). All pockets can fit ~40 cards, so they have enough room for all location cards from all existing expansions. The next step is box 2 which have to fit all Mythos- and Gatecards plus the Investigator Cards. But i have to work this out before creating it. Greetz Tom
  14. I'm working on my own storage solution. The first box is on they way to be finished. Goal 1: All location cards (including ALL expansions) in only one box. Goal 2: Just open this box and place it on the table and all locations are prepared for playing. The next goals are: Second box for Mythos, Other World locations and all itemcards. I have to check if it is possible to put all these things in only one box. Sidegoal is like box 1, open it, place it on the table, all is prepared for play. I haver to work this out. The final goal is to have all materials from all expasnions and core game in only 3 boxes. I will put pictures here when finished the projekt. Some pictures of the first box will follow soon.
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