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  1. Archive card 13 needs to be mixed in with certain other cards without you being able to tell which is which (just as with archive cards 14-17). So I guess a homemade version would not be sufficient. Potentially you can play the corresponding scenario without this card which makes it a little more difficult, though. 😞
  2. (1) If Marie is using Witch Blood, it will normally be advantageous to take her turn late in the action phase, so that another investigator could use Smoky Velvet on that action. However, it might be the case the other players need to see the outcome of her 2 (identical) actions before they act. Off the top of my head, she might be engaged with a massive monster and wanting to kill it with 2 attacks, letting other investigators move through that space without needing to stop. (2) Yes. Witch Blood does not allow you to use an action that you have not already performed this round. (3) Jenny cannot attack again, as the extra action granted the second (duplicated) evade cannot in itself be a duplicate. Likewise, if Marie evades with a extra move leading to a new engage, she can use Witch Blood to evade a second time but cannot move again as her extra action.
  3. A lurker will engage if spawning in an investigator's space, an elusive won't. The keyword "lurker" is misleading - think of it as "stationary" or possibly "scheming".
  4. In the Deluxe Rulebook some of the component counts are wrong. For example, it lists 72 event cards, while the booklet from the box correctly lists 96 cards (4 x 24). Some of the other numbers on this page are different as well, though I have not yet determined which version has the correct figures. My guess would be that the softcover booklet has had some later editing and contains the most reliable information. This is of course somewhat unsettling, as it begs the question: why was care not taken to make the game-related contents of these two versions absolutely identical? There might quite possibly be some other more serious issues with rules differences which are not obvious at this point.
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