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  1. I made a dice roller for me to use before I got my second core set: http://home.comcast.net/~jason.fuller/dice.html
  2. Page altered with the help of BGG User Stefan Witthaus --- he gave me the code to create the dial using canvas (which builds an actual image). I've also added the ability to create a printout of the dials based on what you have, you just need to use the "Create Printable Page" link and a new popup will open up with only the completed top and bottom dial, nothing else. New pirate faction top dial added as well, thanks to BGG user Sans Fichon! Enjoy
  3. RedWilde said: Sweet, thanks! One more request, could you please add a Pirate Faction top with a blazing claw icon? You supply the graphic and I'll add it -- I'm a coder, not a graphic artist veritechc said: You do some excellent work. I have my eye on you for another project! I'm always looking for side work, drop me a line when you are ready -- I'm proficient in various progamming languages (CF, Java, GRIP, UFunc, etc), but I'm too cheap to pay for a real hosting company so I'm just using my "free" hosting space with comcast.
  4. Right-Titan said: Pretty cool for proxying stuff and reprinting like you say. Only thing I'd suggest: Is it possible to add a text box to type in the name of the ship on the dial? Done… Enjoy.
  5. For folks wanting to make their own maneuver dials for homemade ships (Or making larger replacement dials), here you go: http://home.comcast.net/~jason.fuller/dials.html Just take a screenshot of your final dial and you're all set. I've tried to convert the final result to a PNG file but the jQuery plugins I've tried so far have failed miserably, hence the screenshot route. I added the top dials (rebel & imperial) for you to print out as well, so you shouldn't have any issues making your own dial. Enjoy!
  6. FRP said my order was shipping out today after I emailed them -- WOOT : From: FRP Games [mailto:sales@frpgames.com] Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 2:30 PM To: Me Subject: Re: Order Status HI, So sorry for the delay. I will be having the warehouse ship out your order today! Please let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks! -Samantha FRP Games & Hobby http://www.frpgames.com/ ----- Original Message ----- From: Me To: sales@frpgames.com Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 2:21 PM Subject: Order Status Can I get an order status update for [My Order ID]? I know that other retailers got their shipments of the items on my list in and I was wondering when I might be getting an update on my order. Thanks, Jason
  7. vojvoda said: I am going with the washer route but also picked up some Magic Cover 20 inch by 15 feet Self Adhesive Decorative Covering in clear. Not sure it is acid free. Anyone know for sure. It is made by Kittrich and I think I got it from Michaels Crafts. VR James Mattes Kittrich is con-tact's parent company.
  8. I saw this posted somwhere else, but would these work as replacement stands for the X-wing game as well -- Does anyone have Wings of Glory to see if the stands are compatable? http://gameslore.com/acatalog/PR_Wings_of_Glory_Bag_of_100_Flight_Stands.html
  9. SaintGordon said: The Assault Missile is not shown on lando on printable list It's working for me, are you sure you selected Lando's row?
  10. RedWilde said: Checking online, it doesn't look like any of the usual suspect stores around here stock the Contact brand clear adhesive. But the office stores have rolls of Duck clear laminate, which is acid free so it won't yellow with age. Target and Michaels both sell the brand "Con-Tact" brand that is Acid Free - that's where I got my giant roll.
  11. Pygon said: Do you think it would be better to use a matte finish or gloss finish contact paper? I tried some glossy and the reflection can interfere with reading the dial under bright light. I haven't tried matte yet. The important thing about using contact paper is that you use ACID-FREE contact paper. I've found that most of the clear glossy stuff is not acid-free when looking around at various stores.
  12. Thunder_Chicken said: Are there any tricks to taking maneuver dials apart for this procedure? There become stuck together pretty tightly. I used my pocket knife and went around the black disk on the back side of the dial a few times gently lifting it up. It took about 5 rotations on each dial before they finally seperated but I didn't damage the dials at all doing that.
  13. saiharris said: where did you get them from? I want I want! From here: http://www.appliedperspective.com/acrylic/product-category/gaming/ My set I have are **** near close to the 2 core sets I have. I use the plastic set I purchased when I'm playing with my kids or at a local gaming event, and the only time I use the cardboard ones (the official set) would be for a tourney.
  14. magadizer said: Adding Homing missiles on the Empire list does not change thepoint total. Also, I wonder why you keep the dropdown menu for missiles on the rebel side, rather than a checkbox since you can only have 0 or 1. Fixed and changed… It was just legacy code that I made those select boxes… I copied the proton torp selects and just changed their ownership. Only the torps should have a select box now (since some ships can carry 2)
  15. FarkonGnome

    AT-AT Card

    Rowdy said: Again the card generator only allows up to 30 points. Idealy I'd like a point value of 40-50 points I changed it so you can put a ship value up to 100 now
  16. Carist said: Thanks FarkonGnome, still the best squad builder I've seen by far. Is it possible to restrict the modifications to one per ship? Now that the rules are out, I put up a error message like when you try to select too many crew members for the MF.
  17. FarkonGnome said: BigDogg said: Someone may have posted this already but the YT and A-wing missile options should be 1 not 2. i will fix this tomorrow morning. Fixed… I originally put it in there when we didn't know if they could take one or 2 sets of missles….
  18. BigDogg said: Someone may have posted this already but the YT and A-wing missile options should be 1 not 2. i will fix this tomorrow morning.
  19. ShadowJak said: Putting a Stealth Device on Night Beast doesn't change the squad point total. SaintGordon said: No bounty Hunter card is shown in the printable Squad List Both items are fixed.
  20. Minor tweaks made to optimize the code.
  21. This also has all you need with cards on hover overs…. http://home.comcast.net/~jason.fuller/empire.html http://home.comcast.net/~jason.fuller/rebels.html
  22. I'm usually looking for a game or 2 during the work day, if you see me online shoot me an invite.
  23. Yup, female: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Civ%C3%A9_Rashon
  24. yup, I fat fingered the code for that pilot… All fixed!
  25. Wave 2 cards have been updated to official looking cards (higher res scans compared to camera pictures).
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