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  1. Just like it says. Looking for a used core set. Will take a Study in Static as well
  2. To the community at large. I've had interest, but no response to the couple PM's I've sent. Everything on this list is available as of the writing of this post. I take Paypal, unless there's some other way you'd like to pay. I can also take a card over the phone
  3. geduld said: I am interested on the 2 core sets. I just want the cards. Are you interested with a SW LCG core? PM me. Thanks. Sent
  4. Most cards have never been played with. Will be shipping just the cards, so shipping should be super cheap. PM me and I'll give you a full quote 2 Core sets w/ all accessories $20 ea. (1 core has no rulebook) Deluxe Expansions $15 ea. Kings of the Sea (can ship with box) Lords of Winter (can ship with box) Kings of the Storm (can ship with box) Queen of Dragons Princes of the Sun Lions of the Rock (opened but Brand new) Chapter Packs $7.00 ea. A Time of Ravens -The Winds of Winter -A Change of Seasons -Scattered Armies Kings Landing -City of Secrets -A Time of Trials -The Tower of the Hand -Tales from the Red Keep -Secrets and Spies -The Battle of Blackwater Bay Defenders of the North -Wolves of the North -The Wildling Horde -A King in the North -Return of the Others Brotherhood Without Banners - Illyrio's Gift -Rituals of R''hllor -Mountains of the Moon -A Song of Silence -Of Snakes and Sand -Dreadfort Betrayal Secrets of Oldtown -Gates of the Citadel -Forging the Chain -Called by the Conclave -The Isle of Ravens -Mask of the Archmaester -Here to Serve A Tale of Champions -Tourney for the Hand -The Grand Melee -On Dangerous Grounds -Where Loyalty Lies -Trial by Combat -A Poisoned Spear
  5. I guess it's a trade off for clearing out the room.
  6. Had someone use this in our 2nd game. The way the card reads, "wound each operative in this room", seems to indicate that the operative using it also becomes wounded. Anyway, that's how we played it. How'd you handle this?
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