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  1. Ok, so if you have a leader with tactical value already in system, you can't add anybody then.
  2. Early in the round I sent Princess Leia on a mission to an area not occupied by Imperial forces...the Rebels had a few ships in the system. My opponent sent Palpatine to oppose my mission. Then on his turn he used one of the Admiral leaders to activate the system and bring Imperial forces in to initiate combat. At this point he had two leaders in the system, and I had one. Am I allowed to send another leader there as part of the battle, or am I stuck with just the Princess Leia that was already in system?
  3. Imagining Episode 1 as an RPG session. GM George: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are able to smuggle themselves aboard a droid ship and arrive on the surface of Naboo. Liam: Qui-Gon wants to roll a survival check to see if he can figure out what direction the city is in. GM George: Ok, hard difficulty with one red as you are in the middle of a swamp and are surrounded by tree canopy in all directions. Oh, and I'm gonna flip a dark side token too. Two reds. Liam: (rolls dice) Success with a Triumph...and two despairs, kriff! GM George: ok what do you want to do with your Triumph. Ewan: I've got an idea, how about we meet up with one of the native species who can guide us. Liam: Yeah, that works. GM George: ok cool. Now for your two despair..."Mesa called Jar-Jar Binks. Mesa your humble servant." Liam: oh crap.
  4. Thanks everybody. Some brilliant suggestions here. Biggest takeaway for me...if it's not important to the story, don't bother with the check.
  5. So for some reason I'm drawing a blank here. How do you narrate failed Astrogation checks to plot a course? Do you allow your players to retry? Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated, thanks in advance!
  6. Snagged the last core rulebook on the shelf at Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, FL. Sadly no GM Kit to be had.
  7. Hey all, just wanted to respond again with a quick report about how the encounter went. First of all, the fear check was perfect...especially when the pilot rolled a Despair! 2 flights of 2 minion TIEs were just about right. The shuttle took some hits, but was never in dire straights. It took 4 rounds to finish off the TIE's. I even let the Star Destroyer take a couple shots at the shuttle (all of which missed, but caused much fear and trembling at the thought of being hit). I could have sent in a few more waves, but I felt the encounter had served its purpose and didn't want it to drag. Thanks for all the assistance!
  8. They have some ranks in Mechanics & Computer, but they will be going by pure innate ability on the Pilot & Gunnery checks. I'm guessing they will jump into the Pilot, Gunner & Engineer spots, but never can tell. Love the idea of the Fear check! I'll go with 2 minion flights of 2 TIE's and see how they handle them. I can then stack more on if they are having an easy time of it. I'm planning on requiring about 6 rounds to have them make the jump to hyperspace, but I'm going to move it along at the "speed of plot" for right now until I get a feel for how they do. I don't want to over complicate things as we'll all be learning together as we go.
  9. So up until now, my player's interactions with their ship have been just astrogating from one place to another + a little run through an asteroid field. We are all new to the system so we've been progressing gradually, biting off small chunks as we go. Personal combat is now moving along pretty swiftly, for example. I was putting off space combat for a while longer... But players being players, they threw a wrench in my best laid plans (which is totally cool). Instead of planting a homing beacon on the Imperial shuttle (we are playing the Hunter & Hunted module), they decided to just hijack the ship itself and blast off Tatooine into the waiting arms of a nearby Star Destroyer. I want to take them through several rounds of space combat before letting them throw the lever and zip off into hyperspace. So, how may TIE fighters can I reasonably throw at them to make the encounter scary, but not devastating. They are piloting a stock Lambda class shuttle, pretty new characters (+20 XP to initial build). I was thinking about a couple minion waves of TIEs. Maybe 2 minion groups of 3 TIEs to start with, then bringing in more waves if needed. I could use some help making sure the encounter balance is decent, so 2 questions: 1) Any advice for what to throw at them in terms of TIEs? 2) I don't want to make the Star Destroyer a major part of the encounter, but any ideas on what I could do with it to let it play a minor part at least? Thanks!
  10. All the images I used already had white backgrounds so they just seamlessly blended. My boys are eyeballing the TV in the family room and thinking how good it will look at 40+ inches. What did you use to link the TV up?
  11. So I finally updated by 1st gen iPad to a new iPad Air 2...and went on a little bit of an app buying binge. One of the ones that caught my eye was 3D Virtual Tabletop. Now I know that minis and maps aren't critical for EotE, but my two teenage boys seem to do a lot better when they have something to look at and play off of. I haven't given it a test drive in an actual session, but it sure looks pretty!
  12. yeti1069, I'll keep expanding on the rules. There are some up now, but more needed for sure. Also will create a "galactic store" page with prices and rarity for all the gear. I'll keep that separate from the page resource lists so everything will still fit on your mobile device.
  13. Echo the vote on Under a Black Sun. Lots of optional mini-encounters included beyond the 3 main investigations. My group had a really fun time with the first scene with some very creative out of the box thinking so it took a while. We skipped some of the optional encounters. Only played for about 2 hours with a newbie group so we are in the midst of the 1st investigation. Will probably do one more then go to the final. Will most likely end up at 5 hours total for us. If you wanted to run everything you could probably go 6-8 hours pretty easily .
  14. Hi all, I've been putting an index together of key resources from the books. I was finding it getting harder and harder to find everything with all the resources FFG is putting out (no complaints though!) Started out as a project for myself, but I figured I might as well share it. Right now I've done the Core Rulebook, Beyond the Rim, Dangerous Covenants, Enter the Unknown, Suns of Fortune, Jewel of Yavin, the Game Master Kit and Under a Black Sun. Right now I've geared it to be for mobile viewing mostly. It's database driven so aiming for minimalist simplicity for the moment with the aesthetics. http://www.deathstarjanitor.com/swindex/ I'm going to hold off on adding Age of Rebellion stuff until that Core Rulebook comes out. I'm sure it's rife with typos and such. Will go back through with a fine tooth comb now that all the data is in. Enjoy!
  15. Simple is better. If your PC wants to make sure they have a better chance of getting what they need, encourage them to use a Destiny Point to upgrade their pool. He's gonna need some luck anyway as an unarmed, half-starved prisoner trying to disarm a stormy.
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