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  1. Thank you! I understand well - one income per turn. From your answer I understand that I can get income also from those buildings from which I got it in previous turns. So every turn when I am warrior - I get income from previously built buildings. Best regards, Andris
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    I have a question about the concept of the income generation from the buildings in game "Citadels". Consider the following situation (I apologize if the names of the buildings are incorrect, because I translated them from Latvian): 1st round. I'm a Thief and my turn built Pub (green symbol) 2nd round. I'm a Merchant, did not built anything in my turn. Question: can I get an income of 1 gold coin of the Pub, which is built on the previous round? In other words-can I get a role in 1 gold coin on this case, green building, which I've built his city had a different role? 3rd round. I'm a Merchant again, never built. Question: do I receive income 1 gold coin from the Pub, which I built when was a thief in the 1st round? In other words - do I get every time income 1 coin per building in each round every time, once I have the colors? 4th round. I'm a Warrior and built a watchtower (cost 1 gold coin) 1st question: do I built you can get 1 gold coin at the time of its construction? I.e. the same turn. Built and immediately receive income. 2nd question: does this mean that a soldier (and other coloured roles) all buildings with red mark (for example: WatchTower, Tournament square) actually pays for one coin less than their value? This means that you can build a watchtower for free (as it costs 1 coin)? Best regards, Andris
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