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  1. I can't figure out how this card works. It says, "when this district choose any other agent in the same district. The harlequin's aracana values match that agent's Paraná.
  2. I agree, more credit tokens are needed.
  3. Just got my copy and have a question regarding the green spaceports. When you are first discovering races are these in use with the same trade restrictions as planets or are they not in use until a player buys/builds them.
  4. Question regarding the crown. After the initial round does the crown move to the player on his left or does it stay with the oldest player.
  5. Just bought this and after messing around with it fir a bit it seems to heavily favor the adventurers. Any suggestions out there for a winning strategy for Sauron?
  6. Ok, a question here on the manuvering phase, part 1 (movement.) It reads as follows… 1. Movement Step: The player may move, as a group, any number of his units from one space to one other space. The units may move up to two spaces (following the movement lines connecting spaces), and must all end their movement in the same space. Each movement line moved over costs one movement point. Now from what I am reading it it is clear that this specifies moving group of units a certain amount of spaces. What is not clear, however, is if you have excess movement points when that finishes if you can move a second group or not. Say for instance if you control a spaceport. Any thoughts?
  7. I bought this a while back, but never got a chance to fully explore it until recently. It seems pretty complex and we die…alot. Any suggestions on how to not die and possibly win?
  8. I posed a idea earlier which you guys answered very well. It set me to thinking I might be approaching this game wrong. I know this is a game that has a heavy chance factor, but on your forums I've seen references to an overall strategy. With that in mind I have a few questions. what would be your overall strategy for a strength based char, a craft char with the ability to use it, and a char that accidentally levels craft vs strength because of bad rolls in battles and good ones in psychic combat. With craft in mind is there a way to farm spells? Also when engaging in pvp can you take a follower instead of an object and do mules, etc cind themselves up for grabs in such a situation? Sorry for all the noob questions and thanks for your patience.
  9. I only have up through the Frostmarch expansion so far, but the more I play it the more I see clear balance issues in how some chars develop on the board vs other chars. The biggest one seems to be sometimes a char develops a lot of craft, but can't choose to use it as their primary ability so is effectively restricted to being a low level character. It seems to me the simplest solution would be to let the attacker choose which ability to use, craft or strength, against other player characters regardless of what kind of char they have. I have considered implementing this as a house rule and I suspect it would also shorten game play slightly. Any thoughts?
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