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  1. Green Goblin has his own scenarios, but you can use the modular blocks of cards with whatever villain.
  2. She's Pakistani, and her origin does some really interesting stuff with it. One of the things that hit me was when she first gets her powers and transforms "into a hero", she shapeshifts into the original Ms Marvel--Carol Danvers. Blonde hair, blue eyes, skimpy outfit. Its a point she has to deal with that she was unable to see herself, a young brown islamic girl, as a superhero. Obviously though I want all the classic heroes. But given that from what we've seen, they seem to be taking an alternating approach, I think that's the best of both worlds. I just hope we get a Spider-Gwen, Miles, and Old Peter soon so we can do a full on Spider-verse game.
  3. She's an Inhuman. She's a minority. She's a woman. She's awesome. She's still a relatively "fresh" hero. I was way more hype to see her than Cap. Cap was always going to show up--seeing Kamala pop up early is awesome.
  4. I think its a trick that's only going to happen once to most people. Just like you have to play around Bait & Switch, you're going to be aware of a possible Restringuntus. You'll have to keep your head on a swivel when facing Dis that this guy might come out, and so try to keep your hand a little more diverse.
  5. That's a completely different issue than "he's lying!" and also wouldn't be solved if you yourself received the email, which you seemed to suggest if you had would make it official to you. So..yeah. Like I said, as long as you're not trying to argue a rule interpretation you have lots of evidence is wrong, then feel free to believe what you want, as its not hurting anybody.
  6. Yeah, that sort of paranoia over a card game is not any less weird. But, you do you, bro. Just don't try and push a ruling opposite to what Brad has ruled because "its not official because I moved the goal posts" and I won't judge.
  7. This doesn’t make much sense. Why would you “wait for a FAQ” when it’s the FAQ writer that ruled on it via official FFG rules-question form?
  8. Nope. KeyForge is in the dropdown, and it goes right to the FFG Lead Designer's email. We've gotten responses from him on questions already on the discord. But yeah, because there is a card worded "if you do" that loudly suggests that it has to be damaged to be considered healed.
  9. Hey all! I figured I'd make a thread to try and gather the various local facebook groups (or just see if anyone is local to you to play with). I've created a FB group for my area, and I've seen quite a few others, so, if you're in one, or are just looking for people in your area, post here. KeyForge Baltimore, for the northern MD area. https://www.facebook.com/groups/293097797938145/ NOVA KeyForge, for the Northern VA/Southern MD area. https://www.facebook.com/groups/296672404441789/
  10. Yeah, if you haven't been hit by a strong Shadow turn where they steal 5+ Amber, or a strong Sanctum turn where they capture 5+ Amber, you don't quite appreciate how amazing forging a key early can be, ha!
  11. Its not useless though? Even if you pull back 0 Mars creatures, it gives you a Key at a cost of 10. You didn't say what the other factions are in your deck, so I can't say anything more than that in terms of cards in hand, but being able to craft 2 keys in a single turn or even just the one in the middle of your turn is a great effect, and being able to do it even for 10 will win you games, especially against Shadow.
  12. Mass Abduction states right on the card that if the cards leave your Archives they go back to your opponent's hand. No, he can't access your Archives. You HAVE to do how ever much you can, but if its not do-able, you can still play the card. So, you can play a destroy each creature card even if there are no creatures, but if you play it, you HAVE to destroy each creature. I think you're misunderstanding Key Abduction. 1st, it lets you Forge keys outside of the beginning of your turn. 2nd, its -1 Amber for each card in your hand. Which, if you play it first, will be 5. That makes the key cost 10 to start with. So, if you had 4 Mars creatures in play, you'd have a hand of 9, making the cost 6. Key Charge, an Untamed card, lets you forge a key outside of the forge phase at a cost of 7. In a very Mars heavy creature deck, you could potentially forge a key for even cheaper. And against decks like Shadow that steal a lot, even forging a Key outside turn order at a cost of 10 could be great.
  13. Haha. Well, I've got 2 decks arriving tomorrow, so, it's out for me. You definitely could do some crazy LED stuff. I'm just running with paint though atm. Here's my test one, without any sanding or anything before paint:
  14. Hey all! I made these in Tinkercad and figured I'd share for anyone who had a 3D printer and was interested. Enjoy! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3040187
  15. That’s partially selection bias on the last part. I told my local store about it and they all thought it was a really cool idea that they wanted to try out. The store is staffed by Magic and 40k players. Meanwhile, playgroups tend to be of similar mindsets.
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