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  1. As a long-time DM, I’m gonna hard-disagree here. Playing with a group at a table is way better and more satisfying than playing online. I play plenty of TTS right now with the pandemic, and no session is as good as playing in person across a table. Until digital solutions become less clunky, a physical table will always win, hands down.
  2. Because you play games like this with other people at the same table and a turn-based strategy video game is totally different? Wtf sort of fake argument is this?
  3. So, with all the negativity, I feel the need to praise what I’ve seen so far, and how excited I am. A note that I have no connection to Descent. I thought 2e was too bloated when they let you use 1e stuff which was too hard to find, and it looked pretty generic compared to everything else I own a ton of Imperial Assault, and I think the Descent/IA system was clunky and uninspired. This new game fixes so much I am so excited to see the game really going hard on the app, and taking it to a level that it needs to be to shine. One of my biggest issues with MoM2e is how same-y some of the characters can feel. Now, with this game, we get unique interactions with terrain and NPCs? That sounds amazing. The flipping mechanics sound incredibly cool. Getting to juggle abilities is a really cool decision space that doesn’t just deprive you of abilities, but instead forces a temporary change in tactics. Amazing. The Diablo-like abilities able to be crafted into gear is simply amazing, and the possibilities here are way beyond what you could do without the app (calculating 10% chance abilities? No thanks.) The cardboard terrain and elevations is simply stunning. Steampark got me started with the stuff, Tang Garden made me an addict, and now this game here has really nailed it. I love the new art style, as it actually feels different than every other dungeon crawler out there. There’s so much “standard epic fantasy” art out there. Give me something fresher and more indie, please!
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