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  1. You're spending way too much time trying to train me in something I already know. I've been gaming since '78, I get it, believe me. My point was only this: look at page 11 of EotE. It instructs the players to make percentile rolls with two d10s, specifically. It's even pictured. Now go replicate that in the app. You can't. In the app, you have to use the percentile die, which is not illustrated in the rules. It was merely a suggestion for consistency between the app and the rulebook. Which I have clearly said 3 times now, so I'm done in this thread.
  2. MILLANDSON said: I believe that someone from FFG already said back at Gencon that there wouldn't be any electronic copies of the game, due to them being considered 'electronic games', and therefore not being covered by their licence. What is covered are things like errata and free adventures, such as those that WotC released. I haven't heard that, but note that the X-Wing rules are available as PDF. So that means that either FFG paid for or was granted that "electronic game" license by LL, or neither company is concerned about a loss in revenue from that. A minis game is useless without the minis, but for an RPG the rules are the product.
  3. Sorry, I see now that I left out a key word. How embarrassing! It was supposed to say… Besides, I've often found the usage of percentile dice at the table confusing, counter intuitive and sometimes debated that: - 0 is always 10, and 00 is always 0. - 00 + 0 equals "10" - 00 + 1 equals "1" - 90 + 0 equals "100" I've never seen it done this way at a table, and I've never been confused about it. I mentioned it because of a thread years ago on RPGnet where a number of people asserted that the dice are supposed to be read like that. And since the book just references two 0-9 d10s, I thought the app should better support it.
  4. Lucas Licensing, not LucasArts. Two totally different divisions in Lucasfilm, FFG only works with one of them. I believe LL's position has more to do with the inherent insecurity of PDFs and piracy, not perceived crossover with videogames. LL obviously, for instance, has no problem with the SW Dice Roller app. Someday, if we're lucky and if FFG has interest and the market continues to develop, these books may be available in some format for tablets such as the iPad and the Kindle, but it won't be PDF for the same reason that most e-books aren't in that format.
  5. Dicenomicon is comparable to the SW Dice App, and it's also $4.99. Most of the free or 99 cent dice apps don't have the graphics or features of this one. At 20MB, I doubt that this app was created with just a "little coding". If it were useful for just EotE, I might agree with you. But I can use this for nearly every game in my library. It certainly saved me time from having to apply the stickers to other dice in my collection, which also would have cost money.
  6. I have some feature requests for the General/Standard Polyhedral dice: 1) Ability to change colors. I know from a UI perspective, this is tricky under the current layout. Perhaps a 4 or 6-square color strip under the dice themselves that set a global color. It would be useful to have, for instance, the ability to have same-dice types of different colors. For example, a black D10 and a white D10 on the same field. It would also better match the usage outlined in the EotE book, which illustrates percentile rolls performed with two different D10s. Finally, it would make the dice roller app more useful for other games. 2) Failing that, add an extra D10 into the General category of a different color than white. I should add that, yes, I know there is a percentile die (00-90). It just isn't outlined in the EotE rules. If nothing else, you may want to coordinate with the book devs for more consistency between the app and the book itself. Besides, I've often found the usage of percentile dice at the table confusing, counter intuitive and sometimes debated: - 0 is always 10, and 00 is always 0. - 00 + 0 equals "10" - 00 + 1 equals "1" - 90 + 0 equals "100" In my mind, it's so much easier and faster to just generate and read percentile rolls with two different D10s. 3) Add a D6 Fudge die (+, blank, -). Nothing to do with EotE, but would make the app, again, more useful for other games. Thanks for your consideration!
  7. Asimovian said: Anyone have any experience with this so far? (Maybe other customers in Canada?) I ship via USPS International Priority Mail to Canada and Europe quite often. Basically, the tracking data ends in the US, usually with just one entry. Sometimes there is a note about it being checked into outgoing Customs, but that's it. The Customs and Mail Services of other countries are not tied into the USPS tracking system. My experience is that, once you see that date in the tracking system, you can count on it being 4 - 10 days depending on destination. Unfortunately there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it either. I've sent stuff from Ohio across the border to Toronto, and it can take 10 days. A package I sent to the UK on the same day can be there in 5. I've had stuff that goes to Germany or Italy, and it's taken more than 30! The holdup is usually Customs on the other side, but I will say that books (like this) usually have little or no delay at all. Unfortunately, even with tracking, the sender and the customer are blind. Only FedEx, UPS and DHL provide end to end tracking, but that could be as much as the book itself.
  8. I decided to jump into the beta yesterday and know that I'll eventually be purchasing X-Wing. The $5 for the dice app felt a little risky since I don't have either game in my hands yet, but I didn't really relish combing through my dice collection and spending time messing with stickers once the book came. Time and my existing dice are money, so there is value to me. I was immediately a very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the app, and the inclusion of regular dice for use in other games was icing on the cake. Perhaps the app and the pricing of it was a gamble for FFG, but I have to say it was a good and welcome gamble to me. And while I'm at it, I would happily purchase it again for the Kindle Fire, which does regularly sit at my table. Well done, FFG.
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