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  1. Just note that most missions granted from mission are not forced.
  2. You can get a Forced Mission as a mission reward. For that one you wait until after it to do the stages. Think of it like this. You only do the upgrade stages once for each story or side mission card. It could look like this: 1. Story Mission. 2. Story Mission reward is a "Story Reward" Forced Mission. 3. post-mission cleanup 4. Play "Story Reward" Forced Mission 5. “post-mission cleanup” 6. Rebel Upgrade 7. Imperial upgrade (Imp buys "Agenda" Forced Mission). 8. Play "Agenda" Forced Mission 9. post-mission cleanup 10. Move on to next story or side mission. The bold parts are rare but can come up. And you can have 2-4 without 8-9 or you can have all these steps.
  3. I think there are a few types of forced missions: 1. An Agenda card. This would be forced after the Imperial Upgrade stage. After that mission you would do “postmission cleanup” and then go to the next mission stage. No upgrade stages. 2. Mission reward. Before playing it you would resolve “post-mission cleanup” but do not resolve any Rebel or Imperial Upgrade Stages before this mission. The threat level for a forced mission is equal to the threat level of the most recently played mission. Then you would move to the next stage: Rebel and Imperial Upgrade Stages. (And you could get another Forced Mission here of type #1 above!) There are possibly other Forced Missions.
  4. A few things come to mind. Primarily threat level. It goes up as you play more missions. You'd have to give some thought on how much to increase it if you have more missions. Probably raise it 1-2 for every 5 missions you add. But that's a total guess. The Rebels get better but so do the Imps. Also, you'd have to arrange it so all side missions are accounted for. You'd have to give some thought to building the log. By rule players do not have to play agenda side missions so those might be out. I would not change that. Also it would take a LONG time. If you play the campaign by rules you can start a new one and give players a chance to play different characters and have fresh missions. Maybe the Imperial wants to be a Rebel also. And you can play through twice and get fresh missions. It's possible, though.
  5. Build side mission deck (not many decision points for building the deck just yet) Play Aftermath story mission. The results of Aftermath tell you what Story Mission card to make active. Place it on the table. Draw two side mission cards. These are active. Place them on the table. You now have two side and one story mission cards active. After Aftermath you play a side mission. Pick one of the two you drew. After this side mission you draw a new side mission. So now you have two side missions and one story mission card. The next line says pick a story mission. There is only one (whatever card you got from Aftermath) so you play that one. There is almost always only one story mission available (but the rules hint two can get into play--probably through expansions) Special note: The Imperial player can spend influence to add an Agenda side mission card to the active mission cards. Usually the Rebel players have to pick it or if they pick another side mission the Imperial gets a reward.
  6. Thanks. I see what you are saying and the sniper shot idea is one I'll steal thank you very much. I really think your input is valid here. But to give precise context what I'm saying, specifically regarding using Reflect more than once, is if you are being hit more than once why can't you use Reflect more than once? In one place a hit means exactly one hit and in another place it means multiple hits? If you are hit by definition you did not reflect the hit unless you reflected it into yourself (or the sniper idea). It might look as if I'm being obtuse here but if we're taking this discussion into the realm of what assumptions and intellect and perspectives of the source (most importantly) we bring to the table of this big-boy RPG in the absence of hand-holding rules then this is one. I guess another way of saying it is a call to apply intellect or perspective to implement a vague rule to fit the story cannot be back up with a citation of specific rules that go against what would probably happen in that story. Or at the very least cannot be argued without saying the person is wrong about the source or the story itself or how to game. Anyway, this horse died like at least 12 posts ago (Edit: I didn't mean to reference a specific post, admittedly I zoned out there for a while) and the thread is uncomfortable for me so I'll move on from this thread. I appreciate everyone's feedback. And we all have something pretty cool in common so let's focus on that. In the end if the price of this game is some rules get implemented inconsistently, it's worth it becasue it's a great game.
  7. We played Aftermath and Brushfire (or something to do with fire). Both were timed. The Rebels did not really have time to rest. I think choosing Rest hurt them in Brushfire. And yes they often have strain to get rid of before getting rid of damage. Strain does pile up. Here's one thing I noticed. A lot of missions have an Imperial victory if you Wound all Rebels. If you are trying for this victory you have to concentrate all your attacks on one Rebel--preferably one that has acted and has strain. If you end up a few health short of Wounding it's a little frustrating becasue it's a wasted round. They will just full heal. It's a skosh too all or nothing for my tastes. Having said that I'm not sure it's legal to like a game as much as I like this one.
  8. Thanks. I really appreciate your thoughts here. In the spirit of thinking it through and thinking of the source and thinking of what's actually happening in this Talent here what does this look like? A hit is reflected. If it does more damage than the character's "Reflect soak" it hits the character. If it does more damage than the character's "Reflect soak" and the player uses Improved Reflect somehow it hits the character and is also reflected to hit another character? If you are hit can't you use reflect? It's almost the essential concept of reflect that you are not hit. Sort of paradoxical. Some have a loosey-goosey notion of attack and hit in that they represent more than one attack and hit. If they do they you almost of have to be looser about interpreting this Talent's text.
  9. I agree. I love, love the game for the narrative aspects and there is absolutely room for a discussion on that but, heck, at the same time I assume any hardcore on this beta board "gets" all that part of the game. We've been playing for a long time so we've had a lot of ups and a few downs with the games. The downs usually have to do with having to make rulings about pretty important things and then having to review those to make sure they are good precedents. I try not to get too caught up in trivial rules for like backpack encumbrance or x-wing armor but general rules for how often you can use talents and how you resist the Force are pretty essential and nice to have consistent from one GM to the next. Still I really appreciate how the presentation of this game makes it clear there is room for the players and GM to make the story go where they think it should and where it makes sense. But there are all kinds of gamers at the table and the one who wants to understand how the rules work precisely is no less valid than the thespian.
  10. Awesome feedback mulletcheese and Space Monkey. Thanks. Does it feel like your success is based on tactical decisions or does it feel more like a rush in and roll dice. Time limits add suspense but they do take certain tactics off the table by definition. How's the balance of that spectrum playing for you in this game?
  11. I think the fact that some Talents specifically have written limitations could easily imply those that don't say as much do not have those limitations. Otherwise why not just say it once? In fact I asked once if you can activate the Stun quality of a weapon more than once if you have the advantage. The answer I got was that unless a weapon quality says you can activate it more than once (like autofire specifically does), then you can't. Very similar situation with Talents since they have specific individual rules. And as for the vibe of the game, making rulings, saying what's overkill, and reading the devs minds, keep in mind that this is a beta board for people making observations about the rules. Maybe the devs want to know where their players can't read their minds. In my work that's the exact feedback I want. Also, I can see a player that has paid for a talent tree specifically to get Reflect and then risked his life to procure a lightsaber and then spent 6 strain only to block some of the damage of an attack not thinking it sounds incredibly cheesy and too good to be true.
  12. It's actually the case that both can be true. You can play a role and have the role represented accurately by the rules too. For example, what if they made a bowcaster do ridiculously low damage? Would it not be a fair comment to change the rule to reflect their power rather than just say, "Your character is a Wookiee, just use it and have fun." I mean the game does have very specific rules, right? Away, I know those limitations of stun. If fact I suggested both in the EotE beta. FWIW, they do not say stun weapons can't do crits.
  13. Thanks. I wasn't necessarily judging yet. We are playing our first campaign Sunday. But it does seem powerful. I won't feel so bad playing those nasty Imperial cards... KennedyHawk, That was my first thought too but I don't think having strain is a requirement for the Rest action as written. As for thematic I don't really enjoy excessive healing in games--especially when it's source is so nebulous. If it becomes something you just have to do it's no fun. It's too much bookkeeping and often the game can be designed so it's just as easy/hard without it. However I'm more concerned about this in RPGs and tend to let it slide in board games, plus if time is a factor like thereisnotry mentions it becomes more a risk/reward than a no-brainer that everyone just wastes their time having to do. Also this is only for heroes and also it is not in skirmish.
  14. RAW: ---------------------------------------------------------- Rest During a campaign, hero figures can perform an action to rest. When performing a rest, the hero recovers [strain] equal to his Endurance. • If he recovers more [strain] than he has suffered, he recovers one [damage] for each [strain] he cannot recover. ---------------------------------------------------------- So my question is, if I'm a hero with 0 strain and 5 Endurance, on my Activation can I take the Rest action twice and remove 10 damage?
  15. I totally agree with you. My post was a roundabout suggestion to make the game reflect the movies. Obviously attackers in the movies want to use red bolts becasue their lives are on the line and it's the best survival choice or best chance to take down the target. PC choices and motivations should mimic this, not be in spite of their actually being a better tactical choice. In the end I can't force my PCs to not set for stun but the rules could make it academic that the choice reflects the source.
  16. Yeah this is actually one problem I have with the way reflect works (requiring strain). Why don't we see all attacks against lightsaber wielders in the movies set for stun if in range? Might be a good call to say stun can't crit but I brought that up in the EotE beta and the thinking is it can.
  17. Thanks. I'm not seeing how that's clear, but I really would like to. Is it in the rules somewhere? If there is a general limitation on talents, which are a huge part of the game, that should definitely be explicit in the rules. Especially for Talents requiring such a high cost. Since Talents are so big the absence of a general limitation rule actually makes me think the opposite. It might be RAI but that would be just a guess. There are actually a lot of instances in this game that could be cleared up like this. Can you use and stack the benefits of maneuvers more than once, activate weapon qualities more than once, talents more than once if you pay the price and the text does not say otherwise?
  18. Yeah I meant just Reflect. Improved requires the threat so that's out of the question if you made the roll. Anyway Donovan set me straight from the devfs themselves. New question: Since you can use Reflect more than once on a single check, can you do so more than once on the same hit? Like spend 6 strain to reduce one hit by 6. I was thinking you could but then I saw there's an adversary talent where Reflect costs no strain so that would be crazy. But there is nothing that says you can't use it more than once on the same combat check or more than once on the same hit.
  19. Gotcha. The Lightsaber combat check hit can be your own. It's a mad world! All the more powerful that some adversaries do not need to spend strain to activate it.
  20. Thanks. Yes it is more powerful on one attack but note that you can only use it a number of times per turn based on FR. So if your FR is 1 you can use it once. If you are attacked twice... It's faster becasue there is less calculation per use and it is used less. In that round where you were attacked twice if you use the RAW Reflect on both you are calculating damage reduction, damage, soak, strain... twice. In this alternative you use Reflect once, it probably misses and then see what happens on the next one. In the end probably the same amount of damage for less fiddling. As for strain I just think it's not right for the Talent. And the FR limitation is a big limiting factor. And Strain Reflect selects for Stun weapons, which we do not see much in the source. As for applying threat, this is mainly to stop autofire, two-weapon, linked, weapon qualities, etc. From my perspective there's a lot to mitigate before you get to spending threat. But I use pretty powerful foes throwing lots of advantage to cancel before they get to spending threat. And that's only if they don;t want to use it to cancel successes. All this is admittedly more powerful than RAW. Maybe less than you think. But I like Jedi to be special and I've got to say the party in my game only has one force user but they are all some very powerful characters.
  21. Ghost, thanks for setting me straight. Do you allow Reflect to be applied to hits from Improved Reflect? In particular I'm looking at the "hit from a...combat check" requirement to use Reflect.
  22. FYI, I just read and it clearly says they are additional hits so I don't think Reflect on the initial hit reduces them. I think you have to activate Reflect again for each hit.
  23. Right you are. So using Reflect one time does not reduce any additional hits. Thanks.
  24. OK I just read some things and I think the long and short of it is that Reflect only applies to one hit. I do not think by RAW additional hits from linked, autofire, and two-weapon are reduced when you use Reflect to reduce the initial hit. Not sure about RAI. _________________________________________________________________________ REFLECT When the character suffers a hit from a Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy), or Gunnery combat check, and after damage is calculated (but before soak is applied, so immediately after step 3 of Perform a Combat Check, page 148), if the character is wielding a lightsaber, he may take the Reflect incidental. He suffers 3 strain and reduces the damage dealt by that hit from the attack by a number equal to two plus his ranks in Reflect. This talent may only be used when the character is wielding a Lightsaber weapon. _________________________________________________________________________ Notice the bold. Now... From Linked: "The wielder may spend [2 advantage] to gain an additional hit...” From Autofire: “Each time the attacker triggers Auto-fire, it deals an additional hit to the target.” From Two-Weapon Combat: “Each hit deals its base damage, +1 damage per uncanceled success.” So actually I don't think one use of Reflect reduces any additional hits regardless of their source. Now you might be able to active Reflect again to reduce the additional hits, but that costs each time. Note that making the damage zero does not necessarily turn a successful check into an unsuccessful one for that requirement regarding weapon qualities, which is interesting. Either way this is not the way we play it. We just have Reflect apply flat failures or threats.
  25. Here's how I see it: Hit with a double-bladed saber: 2 successes, 2 advantage, damage 6, breach, linked Reflected Damage 8 (6 damage + 2 successes) - 3 (reflect) = 5 Apply soak: 5 - 0 (no soak becasue of breach) = 5 Linked damage (based on bold above) = 5 - 0 (no soak becasue of breach) = 5 Edit: This is not right so I'm crossing it out so I don't mess up anyone's game. Hit with two sabers: 2 successes, 2 advantage, damage 6, breach Reflected Damage 8 (6 damage + 2 successes) - 3 (reflect) = 5 Apply soak: 5 - 0 (no soak becasue of breach) = 5 Second weapon hit activated. The initial Reflect does not apply (need to use it again) Damage 8 (6 damage + 2 successes) = 8 Apply soak: 8 - 0 (no soak becasue of breach) = 8
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