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  1. Hoth for sure. Campaign could start before Episode V with the heros as the first to explore it as a potential Rebel base. Maybe encounter a Wampa and or pirates at a secret base on Hoth. Then they travel back to report but there are side missions with bounty hunters or the Empire. Then they start the base on Hoth. Maybe there is an Imperial spy they have to get before the spy reports the location of Hoth. Maybe they have to track the spy off Hoth before the spy reports if they lose the mission. Then maybe a mission to get the parts or locate the supplier for the ion cannon on Hoth. Then a conclusion fighting off the infiltrating snowtroopers to save some command staff during the Battle of Hoth. Anyway, I can see a Hoth campaign and would love it.
  2. Mine are the same, so far, if there is no time limit for the mission and Imperial objective is to wound all, there is not much imperial player can do, considering rebels can just rest up and heal HP every time they get low. After they survive initial assault, they have relatively easy time going on carefully planning every move. Attack heroes that have activated and have strain. If there are a few choices that fit this description attack the one that you think will not go first in the next round. I have a lot of trouble wounding heroes too so now that I think about it maybe my advice is bad. Any other advice for Imps needing to wound heroes?
  3. You could also start with the tutorial mission. It gives the players a chance to play a game and learn some things before locking down a character for a campaign. Maybe they want to switch up after seeing how the game is played.
  4. The most heroes they can bring is four. Edit: Actually it does not say that anywhere in the rules that I could find but I think the assumption is they are balanced for 4 Rebels or buffed if fewer. If you want to play with more than 4 I saw a great thread on that here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/130074-help-playing-campaign-with-5-rebel-players/ Also, don't forget you will be able to spend threat to bring Imperials back to the board.
  5. Assuming there are no walls in your example and A and B are figs then I'd say C can draw LOS to D. And D cannot draw LOS to C.
  6. For an agenda forced mission it will be played after the upgrade stages so they will be upgraded. But they do not get upgrade stages before the next mission after the agenda forced mission. For a story forced mission it is played immediately, before any upgrade stages. Then they do upgrade stages (which could potentially entail an agenda forced mission).
  7. I agree. Leia is awesome. Would love to see her in the game ASAP. I can see actions that grant buffs, moves, action, focus. Maybe something like you have to spend a threat to target her with LOS so she's stymying the Imps even if she is not combat capable. Lots of possibilities. BTW did you see there's a new Leia limited series coming out soon from Marvel by Mark Waid? Help me FFG. You're my only hope!
  8. Forensicus and powda, Appreciate your help a bunch. Yes I do get that for sure.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with you but this gave me pause: “A figure’s action cannot be interrupted while the figure is in a space containing another figure.” Especially considering this is not referring to spending MP, spending MP not being an action: "Spending movement points is not an action and may be done at any time during the figure’s activation." Edit: I just thought of something. Interrupting an action while the figure is in a space containing another figure could be referring to the move x and attack action some figs have so that's probaly what they mean there. Unless I hear otherwise I'm going to say "ending movement" means you perform another action, whether you have MP you spend later or not.
  10. Yeah it gets absurd on the margins. For example here A has LOS to B but B does not to A. This really frustrated my Rebels one game. I don't think this is correct. I think both A and B have LOS to each other. On p. 16 of the RRG (second bullet under LOS) it says, "If a wall does not cover an entire edge, then line of sight may be traced to, from, and through that edge." So, since the line below B does not run the entire length of the square below B, B can shoot at A from that corner. You are right. I corrected the diagram. I meant for it to extend. Thanks Major Mishap, powda, Budgernaut, and El_Tonio for pointing that out.
  11. Can you move into an occupied square. perform an action, and then move out? It's unclear to me from the rules. Here are a few passages that might apply: “The definition of “moving through a space” is that the figure can enter the space as long as it does not end its movement in the space.” How do you define “end its movement”? What if I still have movement points left I plan to use? “After a Massive figure ends its movement in spaces containing at least one other figure, the Massive figure cannot move any more during this activation.” This suggests you can “end your movement” but still have movement points. “A figure’s action cannot be interrupted while the figure is in a space containing another figure.” This suggests you can take an action while in a space containing another figure.
  12. Yeah it gets absurd on the margins. For example here A has LOS to B but B does not to A. This really frustrated my Rebels one game.
  13. If it helps a wall can block depending on where the shooter is. In this example: A has LOS to B and C B has LOS to A and C C does not have LOS to A but does have LOS to B Soontirbeblownup, I struggled with the written LOS rules too. I understood the examples but I could not see how the examples are an application of the written rules. Here's what I came up with to help me with corners: 1. By default a corner does not block. 2. Going through a corner blocks LOS if the line splits walls and/or blocking terrain edges that meet at that corner so that the walls and/or blocking terrain edges are on both sides of that line. 3. A line to a corner is considered blocked if, when you draw a line from that corner into the target space, the full path goes through a meeting point of two or more wall and/or blocking edges. I asked FFG about this and they said they will get back to me.
  14. "During a campaign, when the last Imperial figure in a nonunique group is defeated, the Deployment card is returned to the Imperial player’s hand and can be optionally deployed later in the mission." I'd say this applies if the card is from an initial, reserved, or open group. "A figure can be reinforced only if at least one other figure from its group is on the map." So you can't reinforce without having the card deployed already. Yikes: Soon beat me too it but I'll keep this here as it's a little more inclusive.
  15. ScottieATF, That's a really good point. No sense picking an open group that has restrictions that might make it useless. For example if at the end of a mission they never come back outside an AT-ST is no good. Or if they are going to be too mobile an eweb is not as good a choice.
  16. felkor, Thanks. Yeah I guess that's my main question. Do I run the risk of flubbing something about the mission/game if I do not read ahead. Sort of like, is it modular and not the proverbial military manual "Step 2. Before doing Step 1 be sure to..." I'm going to try next mission that way. Sounds more fun to get a curveball as the Imp player too.
  17. Should the Imperial player read all of the mission text before it's played? IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED "FLYING SOLO" DO NOT READ SPOILER There are tons of other examples like that. For example I might read ahead and know that I get 6 threat when they open a door. That might impact how I spend threat earlier if I want to save up for an AT-ST or something. IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED "AFTERMATH" DO NOT READ SPOILER So I guess the possibilities are: 1. Read ahead and show no mercy 2. Read ahead in order to be prepared to run a smooth game but do not "game" that knowledge 3. Do not read ahead but possibly not know something important Here's RAW: "The Imperial player may examine any information in the Campaign Guide at any time."
  18. I'm away from the game right now but I think I remember looking through these and I don't think they have many, if any, rewards for a Rebel win (but I might be thinking of forced missions) so for the Imp losing them is not as big an issue. Certainly better than losing a character side mission where the Rebels get goodies. Not sure if they are harder; it just might be there's more upside win or lose for the Empire. Plus it's one fewer side mission they can do to get their rewards so there's that right there. Unless they just skip it and the Imp player automatically gets the reward. They can't be too hard or the rebels would always skip them. Skipping them just gives a reward but an Imp win gives that reward plus more and it's one fewer side mission for the Rebels to get their goodies. It would be a poor choice not to skip them if indeed they are extremely hard for the Rebels to win. I suppose the point in the campaign is a deciding factor too. Buffed rebels with a lot of wins/xp/equipment might take it on to try to deny the Imp player and waste his influence. If they have not been faring so well and have not optimized they might shy from it, especially if they are eyeing a juicy side mission reward they want. If you think they will just skip it but you really want them to play it to then maybe don't spend the influence. If you think they'll skip it and that's what you want, go for it. The one for Vader is worth it IMO but there are other ways to get him. I would check the reward for synergies with your plans to see if a given Agenda side mission is worth the influence. Also see what you might deny your Rebels maybe even late in the campaign when they only have one side mission left to play. Of course it's relative to the other cards you drew and if you've been getting a lot of wins and influence.
  19. Yes. Cheep thrills for the deployment cost, especially if you can stick him out of LOS. Comboed with a AT-ST is good too. Thematically not sure if he should be giving orders to Vader though unless it's Tarkin!
  20. Gunner070, Hi. Our group just came across this so I thought I'd share it as an aside to save you time and not at all to be snooty. Defeat means you do wounds equal or exceeding the wound rating. So if you wound a healthy hero up to its wound rating you "defeat" the hero even though they do not withdraw--they just flip. It's an important concept becasue some things trigger when you defeat a figure and my players thought defeat meant to make them withdraw. Just thought I'd save you the 10 minutes we wasted going over this. A hero can be defeated twice.
  21. I was wondering this too. If Imperials occupy the square the Rebels want to interact with and all adjacent spaces (either with multiple figs or the AT-ST), I don't think they can interact with the square but I might be wrong. It really depends on the definition of "end its movement." The rule is: "The definition of “moving through a space” is that the figure can enter the space as long as it does not end its movement in the space." I'm not sure if "end its movement" means they do not have any more movement points or if it means they stop moving to take an action. If the former they can move into the occupied square, interact (or take any action), and move out if they have the points to get to an unoccupied square or an ability that moves them. If the latter then they would have to interact from an unoccupied square, and I personally think this is the intent.
  22. I think those are for skirmish for now. When they release the Rebel Trooper ally pack it might have a side mission card that has the rebel troopers as a reward. Edit: I guess you can get them in the base game.
  23. Yeah I'd place a spoiler note above that! Just saving you some flak!
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