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  1. Thanks. I'm with you on the AT-ST placement. As for redeploying the AT-ST after it is first defeated I can see an argument that the rule that the rebels control it never goes away but I'll have to read it again closely.
  2. See the Rebel Upgrade Stage rules: "If more than one Item deck is listed on the campaign log, players shuffle and draw six cards from each deck." Also if Jyn has Smuggler's Luck: "After revealing cards from both available decks, Jyn’s player chooses one of those decks from which to draw the extra card."
  3. Hi. A few questions for those Imperials who have run Desperate Hour: **SPOILER ALERT** 1. Does the Imperial Player deploy the AT-ST that the rebels control? By this I mean does the Imp choose where to place it given the placement parameters. Since the base is big there are a lot of options for that one point. It says deploy first and then it says the Rebels control it so I'm thinking the Imp player places it. 2. If the AT-ST the Rebels are controlling is defeated the deployment card goes into the Imperial player's hand by rule. If the Imperial player deploys it is the rule that the rebels control it still in effect? Thanks.
  4. 1. If you get a reward of a deployment card that has two versions, say the rebels troopers, do you get both versions? Are there written rules on this? 2. What are the rules on players reading the side missions? I know players are not allowed to read the campaign book but I don't think there are written rules on the ally pack side missions, right? Thanks.
  5. First thing I thought when I saw the box is "I'll bet there is no Fett mini." Found out I was right. So I'm trained to know better. Is that a good thing? Always a shame when something you like just confirms how the real world works. And Star Wars has the power to push greed to the limit where with other properties it might cost sales. If it upsets you all you can do is make that known, don't buy it, and most importantly don't be that way yourself.
  6. And as I said, the people we see it used against in the movies generally don't have absurd Soak Values. Luke's probably got a soak of 5 at best, presuming Brawn 4 and concealing robes (+1 soak), which compared to Palp's having Willpower 5 and Discipline 5 and likely having the Strength Upgrades and a Force Rating of at least a 5 means he could very easily replicate what we see done to Luke in the movies. Same with Dooku against Anakin in AotC, with Anakin at that point probably having Brawn 3 and concealing robes (again +1 soak), with Anakin being "taken out" for a few rounds to allow Dooku to face Obi-Wan in a one-on-one match. Against non-twinked PCs (which is the vast majority of them), the power as written is just fine, since it's dangerous to the PCs without being a one-shot kill. Which is also handy because it is very possible for PCs to also have access to this power, so it needs to be set-up that it doesn't one-shot the PC's adversaries as well. I think the example is a negative. You have to show where armor stopped it. Vader's armor did not. A PC with that much power should expect it to do exactly what it does in the movies. If there is a need to balance the encounter I can make an adversary that can rebuke it. Much like my high soak PC. Most attacks don't impact him. That's what he wants. So if a stormtrooper shoots him nothing. Does him no good when he's in a cockpit or has to decrypt a code under pressure or is under Force influence or...
  7. Ok well his soak is like 12 or 13. I asked him last night playing another game. He's going to email me the details. Anyway sorry for all the number crunching I caused. I think I got confused with his WT for some reason. OK so there is something between not being able to hurt this PC and insta kill. If you are really concerned it not be insta kill then you should focus on the fact that it can crit at all because wounds don't kill in this system--only crits do that. So to say it shouldn't insta kill is not a valid reply to wanting it to be able to wound more effectively. It's a valid reply if I said it should be +50 on the crit chart or something. In my opinion the power is weak compared to what I see it do in the movies. The ability to get through soak more would help.
  8. I'll ask him, but calm down. To each his own. I let PCs take care of themselves and trust them. If they are within the system I don't have time or inclination to be police man. I've gotten to him (damaged armor and then hurt him, stun and talents that ignore soak, soak doesn't matter in a starfighter). Either way I don't think "energy" damage like lightning should be mitigated by armor or muscles whether the soak is 2 or 20.
  9. Still I have a PC with a soak 20+ 12+. Not doing anything to him with this power--one or five uses. Yet I can get to him with weapons with the stun quality. That makes him nervous and he would laugh at Unleash. Edit becasue my mind needed a soak.
  10. "A hero cannot choose to suffer [strain icon] if the amount of [strain icon] he has suffered would exceed his Endurance. This includes suffering [strain icon] to gain movement points or using abilities with a [strain icon] cost." I'd say no.
  11. Thanks, so to be precise, even beyond the notion of being able to attack an object if the mission rules say an object can be attacked, the target of an attack can be an object despite this rule: "Target When declaring an attack, the attacker chooses a figure to attack. This figure is referred to as the target." Is that right?
  12. Can you activate Blast when hitting an object? It's clear if you activate Blast after hitting a figure it affects objects. But can you activate Blast when hitting an object to affect figures? Some rules: "Blast The Blast keyword appears on some cards. If the target of this figure’s attack suffers one or more H (damage), each figure and object adjacent to the target space suffers H equal to the Blast value. For example, “Blast 1H” causes each figure and object adjacent to the target to suffer 1H." "The Blast and Cleave keywords can affect objects. If a figure is in the same space as the token, the figure and token are considered adjacent for the purposes of Blast and Cleave." "Target When declaring an attack, the attacker chooses a figure to attack. This figure is referred to as the target." "An ability that refers to a target can be used when attacking an object, but an ability that refers to a figure cannot." ---------------------------- Blast requires a Target to activate. One rule seems to say a Target is a figure. But another says an ability that refers to a Target can be used when attacking an object. Admittedly I can be confused but these seem contradictory or paradoxical. Any help really appreciated.
  13. In one mission Vader gains a special action to open doors at range.
  14. I like "Feed" a lot but needs tightening. Maybe: [special action icon]: Make an attack. For this attack remove all abilities above that cost [surge icon] but gain: [2 surge icons]: +2 [damage icon] and recover 2 [damage icon] if this attack defeats the target figure. But you could not use it in a campaign!
  15. The rule is "A figure can spend one movement point to move to any adjacent space." So I'd say that move costs 2 points. Not sure about the eweb moving horizontally but I suspect the answer is yes.
  16. That is terrible advice for the imperials... for the rebels thats good advice because you have a chance of killing a figure before it activates. For Imperials its about focusing fire on a single rebel till its wounded then focusing on the next. Guarding objectives and overall trying to delay the rebels. The Wookiee, Jyn and Diala have abilities that cost 2 strain if you can put 1 strain on them it may force them to rest before using it twice. Bleed and Stun may not seem strong but it costs the rebels an action that may not seem important in the beginning but near the end of the time limit it will have added up. In our group the games have all been quite close with the imperials winning more often but usually only because the rebels failed their last skill test they needed. I'm saying if you are looking at three more Imperial activations in a round and you need to wound all Heros to win you should use those attacks on the one player that has activated. To wound them you're going to need to hit them with several activations in a row without him getting a chance to rest or double rest and/or move for cover in between. If he has an activation to take they can just activate him and rest or double rest or move and you wasted the attack(s) and are back to square one. Mind you this is in a wound all heros situation (not timed). I'm saying gang up on a hero when there is nothing they can do about it if you want a good chance to wound him.
  17. When the players choose a mission they can only choose active missions. If it's a side mission they choose from the two active side missions. These become active in the post-mission clean up. There might be another side mission the Imperial makes active too. If it's a story mission they choose from the active story missions. There is almost always just one (but the rules imply there can be more probably through expansions). These become active from the result of the previous story mission.
  18. FYI, there is a point where you do two side missions in a row and you do the Finale after a story mission.
  19. 1. Check out the post-mission clean up steps. If you just resolved a side mission you draw another to "reload" so there are always two. 2. When you play a story mission you will get a story mission card to put on the table. Leave it there and play it the next time a story mission comes up. They cannot choose it as a side mission. They choose from one of the two side missions if they are playing a side mission. Then they add a side mission as active. Then they play the story mission that's on the table.
  20. The mission results will tell you what story mission to make active. Usually there is only one story mission active so they will have to pick it the next time a story mission "choice" comes up. After aftermath do the clean up steps. That will make two side missions active. They will have two side missions to choose from when it comes up (maybe more if the Imp bought any). You do not start with any agenda cards. You'll earn Influence to buy them at upgrade stages. Some are ongoing, some you play immediately, and some you can play when you want. However do note that as the Imp you choose a class deck and you start with one card from it (the one with not XP cost).
  21. The thing I was wondering is if the partial spaces of a tile count as a space of that tile. And sometimes you deploy to a named tile. Does that include the space where just a quarter of the space is on the tile (where it connects to another tile)?
  22. In a Leia Ally pack there would presumably be a side mission card. Here's something like what I'd like to see: "Princess Rescue" The heros start out in cells with none of their equipment. At the start of the mission Ally Leia infiltrates and springs them (see what I did there). Why Leia? There can be fluff reasons. There is a trooper or two guarding their weapons and Leia (the only one armed) must take him out to put the access card in play. Meanwhile there are things for unarmed heroes to do focusing their non-weapon abilities (skills, commands, movement, force powers, etc.). Then the heroes can weapon up ( maybe this is about round 3). Then they have to blast through a horde of troopers that shows up and exit with Leia. Imp can only pick troopers or officers or Vader.
  23. Aahzmandius_Karrde, This is pretty deep into the rules but technically I think you could use the interrupt you describe to interrupt a character moving through an occupied square as long as they are not taking an action. The rule is "A figure’s action cannot be interrupted while the figure is in a space containing another figure." In your example the figure in the occupied square is not taking an action. It is just moving and by the rules "Spending movement points is not an action..." So the character being interrupted is in a square with another figure but it is not taking an action. The rule does not say "A figure’s action or movement cannot be interrupted while the figure is in a space containing another figure" or simply "A figure cannot be interrupted while the figure is in a space containing another figure." So by rule I think you can use an interrupt on a figure in a square with another figure as long as they are not taking an action. Note there are actions already in the game that cause you to move in the course of the action and therefore you might be in an occupied square while taking an action that way. So even though spending MP is not an action, the action like Fenn's to "move x and attack" is an action that could get you in an occupied square during the course of an action.
  24. I like them in the game but as deployment cards in a campaign I need to see more before I get over my first impression. So far I took down Han in a heartbeat and that seemed lame becasue well it's Han Solo afterall. Making the heroes more capable feels odd. Maybe a hero pack of classic characters would fit the bill.
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