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  1. Thanks for the tip. I gave him a level of Adversary and a little kick to his initiative roll to get in the fight early (it says he is warned if there is a fight on the bridge I think). We had 5 PCs so they were always going to win the fight. Spoiler: I had Malefax hold their mentor hostage and threaten to kill her which neutralized their combat strength and made them come up with an alternate solution. The one they came up with was pretty awesome. Malefax held Romund over a jagged column and threatened to drop her if they did not leave. One PC activated jump and made a tough skill check to grab her out of the air. Pretty epic. Then they toasted Malefax pretty easily but it lasted a good number of rounds with Adversary and Destiny point spends. But Pon is a beast. Edited grammar slightly.
  2. We ran the game last night and had a blast. One thing I wasn't sure about is when you declare a Force power but it doesn't quite work. In this case a PC used move with the size upgrade. They wanted to move the bad guy up into the air. From what I remember from the beta I called for an opposed check. Discipline versus Athletics. The PC passed that check (it was a great roll) but only rolled one Force pip (needed two). So the use failed but it felt bad to say nothing happened so I let him pull his weapon away. In general if a PC declares something that might cost 2, 3, 4, Force points but is a few short after the roll (but passes the opposed check) should you let them do something else with the Force power/points they rolled? Thinking back I would say no. I did warn him he needed to roll two points. But that might limit what a player tries and that's no fun. Conversely what it I say I’m moving one stormtrooper but roll well on the Force dice and could activate a second move. Can I do that even though I did not say I was going to?
  3. Only if you'd like to see defense work as it does in several other ways in the game already. Clever people, and I expect nothing less from FFG, can see degrees to solutions.
  4. The game has a mechanic for lessening the chance for being hit. Upgrade difficulty and/or add setback. There are tons of things that do that so they lower your chance of being hit at all--if it's one shot or ten or in the heart or on the shoulder. Talents, armor, spending a DP, certain maneuvers, cover, etc. all can keep you from getting hit at all. I just think LS defense should too. Wounds are 100% a physical proposition. They are healed by stim packs and stopped by soak (based on a physical stat) and armor. If the devs want me to think otherwise then they would not have included strain. You cannot get a crit without a wound. I'm really not sure how we got here from there, though. It's like we're talking about a completely different topic. I'd just like to talk about deflect and parry stopping hits like they do in the source. I don't think they do. Other things in the same game do.
  5. I'm cool if that works for you but I see otherwise. Of course it's an abstraction. everything in the game is. That's a pretty easy place to go in an RPG discussion. I see this parry/deflect issue going to the whole "hits aren't hits and wounds aren't wounds" argument but it never really comes up when we are talking about the precise armor on an x-wing. I'd rather talk about how the mechanics model the source and I think they do not. Also the book clearly says a hit is a hit so if you're going the abstraction route you really have to refute what is written.
  6. Say you hand wave three shallow hits. How do you explain the three crits that could have come with them? And FWIW I still think sabers could do with a custom crit chart.
  7. To say deflect and parry are not weak in this system is disingenuous. They are. Then the argument is, "should they be?" I don't think so. It's not that secret of an art. Luke was defecting them blind with minimal tutelage from Obi Wan. If the system wants to restrict parry and reflect under the premise that they are hard to learn then it has no business trying to model Force Lightning. Parry is particularly annoying. How many hits should you be able to take from a lightsaber? A LS hit is almost always an all or nothing proposition in the source.
  8. I went to the F&D Beginner Game product page and clicked Community and got to this beta forum. But there is an F&D Beginner Game forum elsewhere. Just thought I'd let people know it exists: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/forum/431-star-wars-force-and-destiny-beginner-game/
  9. I think the SWLCG they made is really excellent--probably the best Star Wars game they made. This is all the more frustrating because I was extremely disappointed they abandoned co-op.
  10. I'd rather see them show their stuff with a new game designed for Star Wars. The rehashes for the RPG and Imperial Assault have not been as impressive to me.
  11. You make a really good point there. Everyone loves Boba and bounty hunters are a big part of Star Wars. Edge of the Empire can scratch that itch nicely but you have to think it can get pretty dark being a real bounty hunter. I guess co-op and heroic are not always the same but I'm ready to see them come together in a Star Wars game. Something like Mice and Mystics with it's good story and campaign and bit of character leveling.
  12. +1 for co-op Star Wars card game (or anything really, maybe an Imperial Assault mod). Would love a game that puts a bunch of friends together in Rebel camaraderie against the evil Empire. That would be very old-school Star Wars. I'm not in to these darker trends of being the villain or anti-hero. At least not for Star Wars or LotR or heroic properties. That fits more for Song of Ice and Fire or the like. I just like the vibe of coop games and being heroic. More fun and social for me.
  13. Fenn you rascal. Looks like Tray needs to rescue your butt again. Honestly when I read the mission I thought it would be hard for you guys. I thought maybe 75/25 in favor of Imps. Then after the first few rounds I thought your chances were a lot better. Then it went out of control more than I anticipated. Getting to the clearing is never going to be good. Jyn couldn't know. I deployed a lot of cheap stuff just before you got there. Believe it or not it might have been better to get there even earlier before the 2 officers and Nexu. In that sense Vader did his job. It is winnable I guess. Someone did it. I'd say 1 in 10 chance for the Rebels.
  14. Thanks mulletcheese. That's some hope. Maybe having the troopers helped. I can't remember how the scenario rules were but the troopers might have given your Rebels another activation with the AT-ST, which might have helped. My guys didn't ever get allies.
  15. Thanks. I appreciate the report. Glad you had fun. I think the Rebels I play with were expecting it to be hard. But then they took down the first Weiss and a Vader I sprung on them in very short order so their hopes rose (which might have been part of the problem). But in the end it was overwhelming. I think they were looking at some solid tactics and honestly much better rolls than me and thought they were following the formula to victory. I think they got to the clearing a round too late and too wounded. And they never moved the AT-ST. I think that's key to move to the clearing quick and have the AT-ST provide a round or two of cover behind you. Still they were looking at overwhelming odds. I think it would be better if Weiss #2 either didn't get the +10 health or only activated as a normal card (once per round).
  16. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate those points. I think my most valid question is, has anyone gotten a Rebel victory in this one? I'd really be curious to what other players experienced in this finale.
  17. In my game I was the Imperial and the Rebel players I game with are very experienced and strong gamers. In fact they consistently make excellent decisions and fewer mistakes than I do. I often find myself thinking, "If they do XYZ that will be best for them." and then that's exactly what they do. As the Imps I make more errors than they do. In fact in my last game one of them had to remind me that I forgot to activate an imperial guard much to their detriment. Anyway I say all that to preface this as a good group of gamers, yet "Desperate Hour" was a slaughter. Rebels lost. In short I don't think this scenario is winnable unless they reach the clearing unwounded by round 5 AND they have the ability to stun Weiss very regularly. Even then there is an overwhelming amount of other firepower and of course some Rebels can get trapped on the other side of the door. Seems pretty much unwinnable even without the Imps deploying a bunch of cheap cards to buy more activations for Weiss. We had fun with the game along the way but the finale was one of the worst boardgame experiences I've ever had. In the end I wish the game was co-op and had challenging but winnable experiences because as the Imp it feels like you just make cheap plays and "game" the game rather than just play Star Wars heroes. Ugh, it basically sucked real bad. Anybody have Rebels that actually won Desperate Hour?
  18. They don't have to alternate activations after all have gone, fyi.
  19. OK thanks. I'm not really sure what is involved with playing a card but it sounds like you have to show it to everyone. Couldn't find any word on that in the rulebook.
  20. As You Wish says you can play it at the start of a round to add Vader to your hand. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/imperial-assault/core-set-previews/preview-10/as-you-wish.png When I "play" a card do I show it to all players? Do I place it in my play area? It says to discard or shuffle back. So when I play it do they know I added Vader to my hand even though I won't be deploying him until the next Status Phase at the earliest? Sort of anticlimactic. Anyway, I'm just looking for info on what it means to "play" a card. Thanks.
  21. You close the OPEN door closest to Luke. Once the first one is closed the next open door is the OPEN door closest to Luke.
  22. Ally it is. Yeah I'm thinking getting next to the AT-ST and using stunning attacks is good. Since it only gets one action it will have to get rid of the stun on one hero's turn. And if you are adjacent it will have to move on another hero's turn since it can't target adjacent (that is if they want to attack with their new toy).
  23. I think it's still defined as an Imperial figure though. Nothing says it's not and it is in the Imperial player's Reserved Group. "During a campaign, all figures belonging to the Imperial player are Imperial figures. This includes all Deployment cards with an [imp] or [hunter?] icon." Thematically they took control of the Imp figure. The question is do they control the next AT-ST that comes along? Edit: Does it call it an ally? I'm away from book. If so this is what I'm looking for: "When an ally is defeated, it is removed from the map and cannot be redeployed for the remainder of the mission."
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