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  1. Thanks LordPyrex. I missed that about dice in the RR. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks. We need all the help we can get so we'll take the extra dice. Thematically I don't like the evade check for pushing a monster specifically. I'm actually not evading it at all, much like an attack. Thanks for the link. I think that clears it up pretty definitively. "Involuntary movement is movement generated by an effect that does not use the phrase “may” or “up to,” For example, “move 2 spaces away from the Ghost.” • An investigator who moves out of a monster's space involuntarily does not resolve an evade check." For Push: "Resolve Movement: The monster or chosen investigator moves 1 space toward the chosen space." So the pushed investigator is moving involuntarily and therefore makes no Evade check.
  3. Hi, We've played a few times and love it. We came up with a few questions and if any vets on here can help I'd really appreciate it. 1. On a test if you add dice that takes you over 5 dice do you roll the extra dice over 5? RR: "Clues, Darkness, and Fire are not limited by the number of components provided. If there are no remaining tokens of the needed type, track those tokens on paper or with a small object such as a coin. All other components are limited by the quantities provided." 2. Do you have to make an evade check before you attempt to push a monster? 3. If you push an investigator and that investigator "chooses to move willingly" does the investigator need to make an evade check to use the move granted by push to move out of a monster's space? In other words is this pushed investigator moving voluntarily? 4. If you push an investigator and that investigator "chooses...to resist the movement" does the investigator need to make an evade check to use the move granted by push to move out of a monster's space? In other words is this pushed investigator moving voluntarily? For the last three: RR: "If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space." "An investigator that moves out of a monster's space involuntarily does not resolve an evade check." and "Determine Willingness: If pushing another investigator, that investigator chooses to move willingly or to resist the movement." Thanks for any help!
  4. 1. From the rules "In a campaign, players are limited to the number of figures included in the game. For example, the Imperial player is limited to six regular and three elite Stormtrooper figures, even if he owns multiple copies of the game." Otherwise yes you can have more than one elite deployment. 2. For the most part yes you can use them in other campaigns. Expansions and packs include rules for integrating components. Of course villains and allies must be earned before they can be deployed. Earning comes from side missions or if the imp player uses the nemesis class from jabba's realm. 3. Deployment card limits are set by mission. You have initial, reserve, and open groups. These are your hand of deployment cards.
  5. I think when I deploy one for the first time near the end of that mission I'll drop a not so subtle "You've not seen the last of me!" and they'll get it. I don't care if they know who the nemeses are but I'd rather it come out in a mission where they show up for drama/flair rather than before the first mission which is meta. So I think I'll keep it secret until then since that doesn't appear to violate any rule. Thanks for helping me think it through.
  6. Thanks. Well surprises are always fun. I guess I'm wondering when you "earn" something do the Rebel get to know? Sounds like no. In that case technically they will never know who the nemeses are (unless they know the missions well). But if they see Greedo three times they'll figure it out.
  7. When you pick your two nemesis cards are you supposed to show them to the rebel players then or wait until you bust them out in a mission? If the latter are you supposed to tell them they are a nemesis?
  8. I would go to the app store app and see if there is a RTL update that has not downloaded yet. You need version 1.3.0. Also, sometimes updates do not download if your storage is at max.
  9. If you go to Collection in the App and tap an item it tells you what it unlocks in RtL. Lieutenants packs typically unlock a peril effect that summons the lieutenant in RtL so if your peril goes up you might see them even outside of the campaign script. "A group that lingers too long and does not bring the fight to their foes may find themselves facing peril effects of increasing severity. Peril effects occur at the end of various rounds, causing monsters to spawn, dealing damage, or generally inflicting harm on the heroes."
  10. Rules Question: Hi. Thanks very much for your time. Can you use the "Rapid Mobilization" mission card to move up to five units from a system if the system you are moving from has a leader? Thank you very much. Reply: Hello, No. Friendly leaders in the system prevent you from moving units. I hope this answers your question! - Corey Konieczka VP of Research & Design Fantasy Flight Games
  11. I think the game is ripe for a few more objective cards and missions cards. In particular objective cards seem a bit thin for replayability. ***Spoilers for objective cards: ***End spoilers If you add a few objectives you need to balance that for the Imps. Maybe project cards and missions and leaders. I would not recommend adding any units. Units are so abstract in this game that should not be a focus. But the primary driving factor for any expansion should be theme since that's this game's strongest suit. So what major themes are missing or pretty light right now? Obi Wan as Force ghost. Jabba/Hutts/Underworld. Ewoks. Jabba/Hutts/Underworld seems most ripe. Edit: Removed my comment about action cards since new leaders would require them.
  12. I played a team game yesterday. I think it works well. On the down side I think it adds more time to the game and it's a little awkward to talk through strategy with the other team there. You end up pointing at cards and things a lot trying to get silent consensus. Rules wise really the only difference is you have to give some thought to order of play and give more consideration to the balance of your leader types. We had to pass on a good general because we already had too many general leaders. Strategy wise one person on your side can pass and not affect the other's ability to go on missions and activate systems. On the plus side I played a Star Wars game with three friends instead of one. Dividing up combat is more fun and less tedious.
  13. Gather Intel is a starting Imp mission card. Attempt in any Rebel system. Draw a probe card for every 4 units at the Rebel base. It's got the elephant face spy.
  14. Ha. Well they probably thought Ewoks would unbalance the game. Judging from Return of the Jedi an Ewok unit rolls 2 red and 2 black or something like that. With a log trap instant AT-ST kill tactics card. If Chewbacca is in the system the Rebels gain an AT-ST unit. Give me a legion of Ewoks and I can conquer the galaxy...
  15. I've looked through most of the cards and didn't see any. Has anyone come across Ewoks? Maybe like an Ewok uprising card or something?
  16. Thanks you two. It turned into a long post so thanks for sticking with it. I really, really wish you could use Rapid Mobilization to move units from a system with a leader in it back to the base but I think the rule is clear: "Units cannot move out of a system that already contains a leader from its faction." "If an ability allows a player to move units, he must follow all movement rules and restrictions." Hersh: I think these rules apply in general, not just during activation. In fact a few cards in a non-activation situation mention that you can make a move even from a system with a leader which leads me to believe that unless an ability specifically overrides these rules or it is a retreat then these rules apply. Any movement from a system with a leader is very powerful. Puts a damper on my plan to hit a straggling Star Destroyer with "Plan the Assault" and get back to the base with "Rapid Mobilization" in one game round. This is trying for the "Major Victory" or "Rebel Assault" objective cards. If anybody has advice on that tactic for these they'd rival Admiral Ackbar in my mind.
  17. Hi. I played one game and am now getting into the "learn nuance" phase of the game appreciation. If any old pros can help with these questions I'd be grateful: 1. Rapid Mobilization: If I choose to move up to 5 units to the Rebel base space, can I do this if there is a leader in the space I want to move the 5 units from? I'm thinking not but maybe I'm misunderstanding. "Units cannot move out of a system that already contains a leader from its faction." "If an ability allows a player to move units, he must follow all movement rules and restrictions." 2. Retreat: Similar question. "To retreat from combat, the player must take one of his leaders from the system and place it in an adjacent system. Then he takes his units from that system and moves them to that leader’s system following normal movement and transport rules." So I can only retreat with one leader and I have to follow normal movement rules. If I had two or more leaders in the combat then there is still a leader in the system I'm moving from and: "Units cannot move out of a system that already contains a leader from its faction." "If an ability allows a player to move units, he must follow all movement rules and restrictions." So can I move the retreating units? If not, what do I do with the leader I just moved? This is what makes me wonder: "Each player can only retreat from each combat once, even if he has multiple leaders in the system." That makes it sound like you can move unti even if there is a leader in the system you are moving from. So, of course my gut instinct is that you can move the units from a system with a leader in it when retreating. And of course that could be abused to jump a couple of systems. My main concern is this interpretation undermines these rules: "Units cannot move out of a system that already contains a leader from its faction." "If an ability allows a player to move units, he must follow all movement rules and restrictions." So if I allow it for retreat then it seems like I should allow it for Rapid Mobilization 3. Structures: If the Rebels have a shield generator and no other ground units and the Imperial moves ground units into that system then do we resolve a combat? The only rule I could find is Step IV of a combat round: "If the only remaining Rebel ground units are structures and there are still Imperial ground units in the system, the structures are destroyed." But we'd have to get to Step IV first so the Rebel would get one ground combat to use tactic cards granted by the Shield Generator and potential leader(s), right? Thanks a bunch for any insight and may the Force be with you, always.
  18. That seems like a simple way to go. So you have them roll their Force dice and after seeing the result they can pick the power and effects? And if a skill check is necessary do that after the Force dice too? I wonder why the written rules are so different. Thank for the reply.
  19. Yes exactly. And that's what we do. And in keeping with my original post about failed checks and "almost" checks, if the Adversary tries the basic Influence on a PC, fails the skill check, but gets 3 Force pips, can the Adversary do anything with those? I'd say not. But if it's a PC doing the same, are they out of luck too? They spent a lot of XP for a two-factor attack when they could have just attacked with a weapon based on one factor. Or what if they succeeded on the check and have some pips but not enough for the range? Can they change the target to the stormtrooper next to them? There are a lot of possibilities: -Failed check but got Force pips -Made check but no Force pips -Made check but not enough Force pips to activate kickers required The last one is the hardest for me. "I try to move the two crates off the cliff." "Oh, you made the check and got the pips for range and size but you only have enough for one crate." Let the PC do this? or "I try to move one of the crates off the cliff." "You made the check and got the pips for range and size and a second crate." Let the PC do this? If so, the PC is only ever going to say the minimum and then maybe change the range, magnitude, targets, etc. from there after the roll and contrary to their stated intent.
  20. Actually the basic strain is very powerful with the upgrades that do multiple strain per point and 2-3 Force Rating. You can do a lot of uncancelled strain that ignores soak to a PC who has already probably spent strain on parry or reflect and you can do it at range. I'm not doing that to a PC without a check.
  21. Keep in mind that the target of a Force power might dictate an opposed roll even if it's not necessary by default. Basic Influence against an inquisitor is not just a Force Die roll and then do strain. It's probably a Disc v Disc roll with the Force dice. If you fail that skill check but have 3 Force pips it seems really forced to let them do anything else with the Force pips. It's a fail. I'm not going to let them use them on the guard next to the inquisitor. I'm for a reasonably specific description before rolling, including target and object. After the roll I require a very good explanation if anything productive happens on a fail or lack of Force pips, allowing for triumph and advantage to sweeten the deal. The GM has a ton of power here and with that we all need to understand implementations will vary.
  22. SgtPimenta, The easiest house rule is to keep Parry and Reflect as they are but allow them to be activated multiple times on one attack, which may even be allowed by RAW but I've been told otherwise. With this option I prefer lowering the strain cost of additional activations (+1 per additional activation). I've got other rules but this is easiest. Here's an example. A LS hit does 8 net damage. With one rank of parry: Activate 3 times. Strain cost is 3+1+1=5. Stop 9 damage. With two ranks of parry: Activate 2 times. Strain cost is 3+1=4. Stop 8 damage. This way that strain really buys you something (stopping that crit +50 or whatever he's about to roll) Obviously strain is a deciding factor and weakness in this system already. Easy to exploit. But even without this rule I have to "hold back" and ask my players to do the same.
  23. That's a good call but I think even the basic power of Influence can be ruled an opposed check by the GM if the target is a nemesis or Force user (again that was just a beta sidebar so the new rulebook might clear this up). I guess you have to make calls, which I'm not opposed to. On one hand I don't want the player to miss out of a bunch of Force pips but on the other hand it feels odd to change the results from the intent too much. It's just a mechanical issue with requiring two things for one action. I'll just have to give thought to being consistent. A small price to pay for a more open rule system.
  24. Spoilers below of course. I ran it with 5 PCs. They were never really threatened in combat but a few things come to mind: I think Belandi can only use heal once per player per encounter and can only use the doctor's kit once per encounter and can only attempt to heal one crit in the session. Important to remember these things. The last fight will be more interesting if they have a few wounds or a crit. If they get a despair or a bunch of threat early spend it to destroy one of their stimpaks. (I hate the video-gamey stimpaks.) My PCs were fully healed after every encounter which takes away from he drama I think. I really worked hard to make it apparent that the bridge encounter could be something other than a combat with the guards. I had the Gatekeeper hound them that combat was a tool of the ignorant and to impress him perhaps they could get by these guards without a slaughter. Making any challenge non-combat neutralizes their numbers. Without too much detail they used the cave and I did not pass up the opportunity to place a nasty creature in there, though it was not a combat encounter. There were boulders moved to block a chase. Make sure to try to jump and focus on one character with the second ice wolf group. The wolves will not win but the final encounter is more interesting if a character is nicked up. Maybe even save the second pack for the person closest to the outside in the final encounter if the pack passes their stealth. I had Malefax on alert so I gave him a couple of blue dice on his initiative roll. I also gave him Adversary 1, which upgrades all checks against him and I used Destiny points for his defense. In the end the 5 PCs were going to make short work of him so I made it so he held their mentor hostage and they had to think a way out of saving her or leave. I spent PC threat defensively (guarded stance, move out of engaged, add +1 melee defense). On one PC Malefax disarmed their lightsaber and a guard grabbed it. One less saber is good. You can do this depending on how the initiative slots play out. The only things I ran as minions were the ice wolves. I added a couple of guards to the final encounter. The last encounter was not too tough for them partly becasue they had a good plan, good position, good initiative, and good rolls. I just went with that. It was just their night. The first combat is scaled to PCs+1 but surprisingly there is little advice for scaling otherwise. If they have 3 sabers and the healer and are experienced players you really could add a security droid to the end (maybe based on the probe droid stats in the included rulebook). Maybe not if some are pretty wounded. Don’t be afraid to threaten (and follow through) with killing their mentor if they think combat strength is all they need. Heck, makes for good RP down the road and a lesson hard learned. There are lots of areas they will be blind to in the last encounter so a nasty surprise is easy, unless they use sense, which is pretty cool too. I wasn't impressed with this adventure at first reading but ended up enjoying it a lot. Give some thought to fun things that can happen if they spot the cave near the bridge. After the first encounter it's a bit forced/clunky to get them to the ruins so give that some thought. Encounter 2 can interrupt Encounter 1 on a Despair but they are far apart and that was odd for me. It's like you have to take control of the PCs with a narrative but my players went with it. Edit: I have not read the bonus adventure so maybe give it a peek before killing Romund in case that breaks something. I'm not concerned about that, though.
  25. Thanks. That makes sense in general but I think there is a slight hitch in some cases. Some applications of Force powers require a skill check but only in certain uses. If you want to use Influence to make someone do something you have to declare that before the check becasue you have to make a skill check. You could roll 4 white pips but still fail the skill check. In that case you would have 4 white pips to do something else with Influence but it would be different from what you initially said and you'd be doing it on someone that just withstood your use of the Force so that's a bit lame. In the beta I think it says most uses of the Force are opposed if it's a big adversary (it was a bit wishy washy here) and usually you need to know specifically what they are doing to know how to build the opposition pool.
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