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  1. Armenius Orson Carrick said: Completely agree. As an aside, you say here that there were few published adventures for Saga, but I was only aware of Dawn of Defiance. What other ones are there? I'd be keen to check them out. There are adventures in Scum & Villainy, Galaxy of Intrigue, and Galaxy at War. None are that great. "Iridonian Darkness" is a decent KOTOR adventure that was a download on the Wizards site. Wizards brought "The Betrayal of Darth Revan" to a con. It's a fun KOTOR adventure you can run for a good one shot. That's about it.
  2. Loved D6. Saga is great and I'm playing Dawn of Defiance now. It's the 4th Saga campaign I've played or GMed and each has run about a year. I'm looking forward to giving EotE a chance. One thing that could really set EotE apart from Saga are published adventures. Those were too few and far between for Saga. I'm not sure if this is a licencing issue but some good published adventures from FFG would go a long way toward making my next campaign use their rule set--and having my players buy the books.
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