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  1. 1 hour ago, Buhallin said:

    I'm not saying what we got with Heroic didn't make the game harder, it does...  I just don't think it does so in an interesting way, and the fact that they had to do it without any changes to the components or even core rules points to it not being considered during design.

    Hey you make some great points here and I agree with this in particular. It would be nice if any given villain were even more scalable. I think that’s what they are going for with modular encounter sets, expert cards, level 1/2/3 villains  but that missed the mark for some I guess . And I’m disappointed they abandoned the modular encounter difficulty rating. 

    My main point is that they are trying for inclusivity and that’s ambitious and I think they did a good job. There are a lot of tools to tinker with in this game.  I hope there’s still room to get what we all want out of the game.



  2. TLDR: I think it’s too harsh to say this is a design failure. There’s something for everyone.

    In the article about the new modes one thing I read loud and clear was:


    The Marvel universe is one of inclusivity and variety, having a little bit of something for everyone, and this philosophy is one that we strive to emulate, ensuring that players of every level have an experience they can enjoy.

    I read that as confirming the IP is going to bring in a lot of first-time or novice LCG players who are going to need some thematic gaming options and fun experiences for variable abilities.

    I think to the extent this is a design goal they’ve done a pretty masterful job. I will admit that this is pretty late in the game to message that, though, and the expert fringe might have been served with that info earlier on.

    I know there are highly experienced expert LCG gamers here and/or those with the time and wherewithal to dial in the meta precisely. By definition a LCG is begging for you to sort out the meta and this game rewards those efforts. Game-over bombs that are unavoidable regardless of skill or investment in meta thinking are not the kind of difficulty anyone really wants in an LCG, by definition. But it also should not only be winnable by experts or force you to reference a deck-building DB.

    I like the balance this game brings between putting in effort building a deck before the game and making decisions in game. But I do admit I’m not for running the same engine every game and expecting x win percentage from it.

    Also it seems to me that for Marvel LCG the gaming configuration has an outsized impact on outcome. Single player, single-player multihanded, and 4-player are very different when applied to some scenarios. And then you can add or subtract an alpha gamer for varying mileage on top of that. Seemingly more so than other LCGs (for my money) so I recommend exploring that.

    Keep in mind they are trying to make a game for the player who does not necessarily want to equip Black Widow with Jarnbjorn and sort out the meta from there. But also for the gamer who does. It’s ambitious and difficult but they’ve come close to the mark IMHO. I find FFG games in general to be on the hard side historically but I’ve seen a bit of a shift and I do admit this is a noticeable one (but not fatal or lazy).

    But I’ve run the game with first-time LCG gamers and with prebuilt decks and we’ve won and lost and always has fun. Iron Man out of the box is a challenge for novice even if they have an analytic mind. But not overly and in the end is rewarding to figure out.

    The game totally has the capacity, as is, to accommodate more difficult scenarios. I’m sure we will see them. If anything they should stick with a difficulty system and label product as such so people can make their buying choices from there.

    I hope for the gamers that are not finding a challenge in this game that FFG can accommodate you further with more challenging scenarios or variant rules but it would be a shame to leave that inclusivity or more casual gamers like myself behind. I think that’s what they are trying to do here and I appreciate the outcome of this difficult goal.

  3. FYI the card does not tell you to advance but you shuld. That's just a general rule:

    If the amount of threat on a main scheme is equal to or
    greater than its target threat value, the scheme deck
    advances. Remove the scheme from the game, and advance
    to the next stage of the main scheme deck.
    If the villain completes the final stage of the main
    scheme deck, the villain wins the game.

  4. The Rules Reference 1.1 online has some additions including a clarification on this:



    In Marvel Champions, each player takes on the role of a Marvel Hero, represented by the identity card. Essentially, the player is their identity card while playing the game. • While interpreting card text, if the word “you” can be interpreted as referring to the player, it should be interpreted as such. For example, Interrogation Room reads, “After you defeat a minion, exhaust Interrogation Room…” Any time the player controlling this card defeats a minion, the ability may be used. • If a specific character is required to interpret an ability using the word “you,” the identity card is the character that must be used. For example, Toe to Toe reads, “Hero Action (attack): Choose an enemy. That enemy attacks you.” As attacks are directed against individual characters, “you” refers to the identity card of the of the player who played this event.

  5. Hi. I was hoping someone could please help me out.

    1. When you flip a card is that considered entering play? So when you flip from Criminal Enterprise to State of Madness do you put the two counters on State of Madness? I'm almost sure you do but the card as a physical object was already entered play even if it was not that side.

    From RR:

    The phrase “enters play” refers to any time when a card
    transitions from an out-of-play area into play. Playing a card,
    putting a card into play by using a card ability, or revealing
    a card from the encounter deck are all different means by
    which a card may enter play.

    2. In a 4-hero game does each hero really discard 6 cards at setup or are 6 total discarded among all the heroes? There will be 6 infamy counters: start with 2 and then add one per player. I'm thinking it's odd that in a one-player game you are going to start with cards but in a 4-player games most or all will start with no cards.


  6. I like some app games. Mansions, Imperial Assault, and Descent with app work for me since they make the games coop and that's my preference.


    However, I do think theme should be considered when making the app/board game decision and I find the world of Tolkien to be decidedly antithetical to the screen life. I wish this particular game required no screen time. If I can handle the Silmarillion I can handle a scenario book. For this game I'd prefer all analogue. But I have it and I'm enjoying it.

  7. I think it should counterattack Aragorn (unless Aragorn stunned it too).

    If Aragorn's attack did not apply stun then the exhausted elite can counterattack.

    An elite cannot counterattack an attacker who stunned it after the specific attack where it was stunned but it can counterattack a later attack despite being exhausted if that later attack did not stun it.

    Exhausted is a persistent state with rules for removing it. Stunned does not appear to be a persistent state as there are no rules for when it is removed.

    RR Page 32:

    Stun: This attack exhausts the enemy group. If the group is elite,
    it also cannot counterattack this attack.


    Edit: Just saw MeeKey beat me to it.

  8. Hi. really enjoying the game but I have a question I was wondering if people could help me with please.

    The blue peril in the Goblin Problem says

    "Spawn 1 Goblin from the enemy discard pile engaged with each hero."

    I'm just not sure how to interpret this and I'm not seeing help in the rulebook. Do I take a random Goblin from the discard pile for each hero and engage it with each hero? Or do I take just one random Goblin from the discard pile and engage it with the active hero? Or something else entirely?


  9. Bespin Gambit is my fav. Very cool tiles. Good adversaries. Good campaign missions. Davith is a good hero. Stealth is a cool condition.

    Next is Jabba's Realm. Excellent campaign and missions are a bit different from the standard.

    Hoth was not as fun as I'd hoped.

    Twin Shadows is not as cool as Bespin IMHO.

    Haven't played Heart of the Empire campaign yet but I do not like the map tiles.

    Favorite allies are Obi Wan and Echo Base Troopers.






  10. On 7/6/2017 at 11:07 AM, ManateeX said:

    The only exception to that is that sometimes some of the small blister-pack characters need map tiles from their associated expansion.  The mission that lets you earn Boba Fett in campaign, for example, needs tiles from the Twin Shadows box.  If you want to use Lando in the campaign, you will need tiles from the Bespin Gambit.  (Note that if you're into skirmish instead of campaign then you can use the characters without the map tiles).

    It's true that you do need expansions for certain Ally/Villain Packs but you do not need Twin Shadows tiles or deployment cards to play the Boba Fett Villain Pack campaign side mission. But you do need Twin Shadows for the Skirmish mission. Just thought I'd say that in case someone was interested in it for the campaign. That said, the Agenda set it's in is not great IMHO and the mission has mixed reviews. A few other issues too. But Boba though.

    Also, RedJak's Automated Imperial Variant is pretty solid for solo/co-op play: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1724080/redjaks-automated-imperial-variant-raiv-v1-under-n

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