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  1. I like some app games. Mansions, Imperial Assault, and Descent with app work for me since they make the games coop and that's my preference. However, I do think theme should be considered when making the app/board game decision and I find the world of Tolkien to be decidedly antithetical to the screen life. I wish this particular game required no screen time. If I can handle the Silmarillion I can handle a scenario book. For this game I'd prefer all analogue. But I have it and I'm enjoying it.
  2. I was looking into this too and found: LtP p.13 Enemies become exhausted either after the app activates them or after they attack. 35.4 An exhausted enemy cannot be provoked. 21.5 Elite enemy groups can counterattack if they are exhausted.
  3. I think it should counterattack Aragorn (unless Aragorn stunned it too). If Aragorn's attack did not apply stun then the exhausted elite can counterattack. An elite cannot counterattack an attacker who stunned it after the specific attack where it was stunned but it can counterattack a later attack despite being exhausted if that later attack did not stun it. Exhausted is a persistent state with rules for removing it. Stunned does not appear to be a persistent state as there are no rules for when it is removed. RR Page 32: Stun: This attack exhausts the enemy group. If the group is elite, it also cannot counterattack this attack. Edit: Just saw MeeKey beat me to it.
  4. Hi. really enjoying the game but I have a question I was wondering if people could help me with please. The blue peril in the Goblin Problem says "Spawn 1 Goblin from the enemy discard pile engaged with each hero." I'm just not sure how to interpret this and I'm not seeing help in the rulebook. Do I take a random Goblin from the discard pile for each hero and engage it with each hero? Or do I take just one random Goblin from the discard pile and engage it with the active hero? Or something else entirely? Thanks.
  5. Bespin Gambit is my fav. Very cool tiles. Good adversaries. Good campaign missions. Davith is a good hero. Stealth is a cool condition. Next is Jabba's Realm. Excellent campaign and missions are a bit different from the standard. Hoth was not as fun as I'd hoped. Twin Shadows is not as cool as Bespin IMHO. Haven't played Heart of the Empire campaign yet but I do not like the map tiles. Favorite allies are Obi Wan and Echo Base Troopers.
  6. Hey FFG, I just wanted to say thanks! This app is really great news for me. I'd been frustrated with the lack of co-op/solo among your Star Wars suite of games but better late than never!
  7. It's true that you do need expansions for certain Ally/Villain Packs but you do not need Twin Shadows tiles or deployment cards to play the Boba Fett Villain Pack campaign side mission. But you do need Twin Shadows for the Skirmish mission. Just thought I'd say that in case someone was interested in it for the campaign. That said, the Agenda set it's in is not great IMHO and the mission has mixed reviews. A few other issues too. But Boba though. Also, RedJak's Automated Imperial Variant is pretty solid for solo/co-op play: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1724080/redjaks-automated-imperial-variant-raiv-v1-under-n
  8. Signed. The number of scenarios is really the only place I see where this great game falls short.
  9. Thanks LordPyrex. I missed that about dice in the RR. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks. We need all the help we can get so we'll take the extra dice. Thematically I don't like the evade check for pushing a monster specifically. I'm actually not evading it at all, much like an attack. Thanks for the link. I think that clears it up pretty definitively. "Involuntary movement is movement generated by an effect that does not use the phrase “may” or “up to,” For example, “move 2 spaces away from the Ghost.” • An investigator who moves out of a monster's space involuntarily does not resolve an evade check." For Push: "Resolve Movement: The monster or chosen investigator moves 1 space toward the chosen space." So the pushed investigator is moving involuntarily and therefore makes no Evade check.
  11. Hi, We've played a few times and love it. We came up with a few questions and if any vets on here can help I'd really appreciate it. 1. On a test if you add dice that takes you over 5 dice do you roll the extra dice over 5? RR: "Clues, Darkness, and Fire are not limited by the number of components provided. If there are no remaining tokens of the needed type, track those tokens on paper or with a small object such as a coin. All other components are limited by the quantities provided." 2. Do you have to make an evade check before you attempt to push a monster? 3. If you push an investigator and that investigator "chooses to move willingly" does the investigator need to make an evade check to use the move granted by push to move out of a monster's space? In other words is this pushed investigator moving voluntarily? 4. If you push an investigator and that investigator "chooses...to resist the movement" does the investigator need to make an evade check to use the move granted by push to move out of a monster's space? In other words is this pushed investigator moving voluntarily? For the last three: RR: "If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check against the monster in his space." "An investigator that moves out of a monster's space involuntarily does not resolve an evade check." and "Determine Willingness: If pushing another investigator, that investigator chooses to move willingly or to resist the movement." Thanks for any help!
  12. 1. From the rules "In a campaign, players are limited to the number of figures included in the game. For example, the Imperial player is limited to six regular and three elite Stormtrooper figures, even if he owns multiple copies of the game." Otherwise yes you can have more than one elite deployment. 2. For the most part yes you can use them in other campaigns. Expansions and packs include rules for integrating components. Of course villains and allies must be earned before they can be deployed. Earning comes from side missions or if the imp player uses the nemesis class from jabba's realm. 3. Deployment card limits are set by mission. You have initial, reserve, and open groups. These are your hand of deployment cards.
  13. I think when I deploy one for the first time near the end of that mission I'll drop a not so subtle "You've not seen the last of me!" and they'll get it. I don't care if they know who the nemeses are but I'd rather it come out in a mission where they show up for drama/flair rather than before the first mission which is meta. So I think I'll keep it secret until then since that doesn't appear to violate any rule. Thanks for helping me think it through.
  14. Thanks. Well surprises are always fun. I guess I'm wondering when you "earn" something do the Rebel get to know? Sounds like no. In that case technically they will never know who the nemeses are (unless they know the missions well). But if they see Greedo three times they'll figure it out.
  15. When you pick your two nemesis cards are you supposed to show them to the rebel players then or wait until you bust them out in a mission? If the latter are you supposed to tell them they are a nemesis?
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