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  1. Canton Games said: Starting on January 10th, Canton Games will be hosting weekly Netrunner nights. We'll be there to teach and play, so everyone is welcome to join us. If we can get a big enough crowd, we'll apply to host regionals. Canton Games 2101 Essex St Baltimore, MD 21231 410-276-2640 So, I'm guessing they'll always be on a Thr night then? :-/
  2. Toqtamish said: cipheragentnine said: Any scans availble for a look somewhere? there is some on BGG. Cardgamedb will have good quality soon as he gets some scans made. Saw those earler, but there are only scans of the runner cards… I'm sure CGDB will have them all up soon, if nothing else.
  3. Hey folks, when is the next time you all plan on playing on a weekend? Unfortunately, I work during the weekday nights. I can make it up to either Jenkintown or KOP…
  4. Hey Josh, you weren't on IM and I saw others posting on here anyway. How about Saturday? I could get downtown basically any time in the afternoon.
  5. Take a page out of the classic Netrunner CCG: MORPHING ICE AND HIDDEN RESOURCES. Great mechanics!!!
  6. Anyone in the Baltimore/DC area for casual play and all that? Might be interested in the tourney, too!
  7. Any current or future Android:Netrunner players in the Mid-Atlantic region? Such as the Philly, Baltimore, DC areas… I played the original NR a long time ago and am looking forward to this! But, what good is it if there is no one to play with :-/
  8. Just wanted to share that there is an Android: Netrunner Reddit page (a social news/BBS-type site, for those unfamiliar with such things). Wasn't sure how many of us here at the forums were aware of it… http://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner Also, hoping for morphing ICE and hidden resources! I loved those mechanics way back when :-P
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