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  1. Don't see the issue here. For many miniature games pre-sculpted bases are common upgrades. Look at 40k with GW products and so so many third party bases out there. I'm really tempted by these.
  2. Yeah, I'm still kicking myself about that one.
  3. Are airspeeders totally out of the meta already?
  4. The AMGAS crew take on Legion in their first battle report. It's Empire v. Rebels in a fight to the death!
  5. Greetings Fellow Starfighters! (Oops, wrong movie) All Miniatures Great and Small just posted a video battle report on youtube. This was a Star Wars: The Force Awakened theme game that consists of only T-70 X-Wings versus TIE F/O. Can Poe Dameron lead the Resistance to victory or will the First Order prevail?
  6. I think that's very true with Echo. Its also easy to forget your maneuver when you are decloaking. I think that cost the Empire in this game. A couple of extra turns of shooting from Echo could have easily turned this around.
  7. We tested out the 4 Y-Wing with Twin Laser Turrets against a Decimator and some Phantoms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sqim6Lw6dA Are TLT the new OP? find out above! thanks!
  8. All Miniatures Great and Small plays another game of X Wing. This time Scum versus Empire. WE tried out some of the new Wave 7 ships in this battle.
  9. Video Battle report: We put some of the new ships from the 2.0 core starter through their first game. We also added a Wave 7 ship for fun as well. Enjoy and fly casual!
  10. Thanks all. We are finding that Blount and Cracken are making it into a lot of lists so having some unique paint schemes for them help a lot. And on the plus side no one has complained that they look too muck like an X Wing. That would be cool! looking forward to seeing some pics
  11. I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to buy a couple of Extra Z-95s and make some custom markings for Lt. Bount and Airen Cracken. I tried to use the card art as a starting point but went from there. More details on the re-paint here at my blog http://buckaroo13.blogspot.com/2014/07/z-95s-lieutenant-blount-and-airen.html I've also posted my review of the Z-95 on my site as well for those interested. http://buckaroo13.blogspot.com/2014/07/star-wars-x-wing-z-95-headhunter-review.html Has anyone else taken the plunge on repainting the mighty Z?
  12. Nah, they fire from the side, like an X-wing. Those 2 panels on either side, below the cockpit. Those are the launchers.Nope, they are underneath. No torps for you!http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:E-wing_schem.jpg What do you suppose that arrow on the side of the E-Wing, extending from the launcher is if not the path of the torpedoes? That schematic shows only where the launcher is along the length of the E-wing. The fact that the arrow points to the bottom of the launchers doesn't mean they exclusively exist on the bottom of the ship. My E-Wing is a rare model B13, the dorsal Laser cannon is moved to a ventral mount. Torpedoes are moved concealed ports on the underside wing roots. problem solved
  13. Hi Buckaroo, the E-Wing looks really nice, good job - I have to ask though, you mentioned masking the E-Wing in order to paint the squad markings... how in the blue hell did you manage to put masking on a model that small? I'm in awe! Thanks! I didn't take any pictures of masking the E Wing but I did something similar with the X Wings. See this old blog post for an example of the masking. http://buckaroo13.blogspot.com/2012/09/x-wing-painting-red-5.html I use Tamiya masking tape and it's great stuff
  14. Made a little mod to reflect Corran Horn's E wing and while I was at it I fixed a few things that bugged me about the design of the E Wing. More details and pics on the conversion here at my blog http://buckaroo13.blogspot.com/2014/06/ffg-x-wing-corran-horns-e-wing.html enjoy!
  15. Targets in East Valley of Phoenix have them on Clearance but at 27.99
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