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  1. Dion is very well spoken and is a great ambassador for the game. GSP videos, from their Quick Tips to their League Night streams, are some of the best X-Wing content out there. GSP has postive productive content that is for beginners and vets alike, can'y say enough!!
  2. Considering that the X1 is the only ship that can carry missles, (which at least 3 out 4/5 ships of the other faction can carry Torps/Missles,) it seems Empire has got find a way to get an X1 on the table to help out against all the other factions Large base ships. Which we don't even have one of...
  3. They should really include the spot gloss cards that are available at System Opens for top tier rewards, got a Quickdraw at PAX Unplugged and it is fantastic!! Really wish they had Capt. Jonus available, he was the only card not there, but sadly was shown on the FFG news article grrrr
  4. Hasbro is releasing a card game for the new SOLO movie, which I assume is a Sabacc style game I hope. In this new pic of the contents are various things from the movie. IF you look at the top green card, it states that the new Heavy TIE variant. It also shows a new capital ship and scout walker variant!! Can't wait too see all these new ships in all of FFG's games!!
  5. I have a question about dice that are forced to resolve out of turn? The card "Doubt #80 SoR" makes your opponent re roll a die and resolve or remove it. Now if I was to force and opponent to re roll a "Force Speed" die that lands on the special, aka 2 turns, would he remove that dice from pool because its not his turn? Or would he take 2 actions right there? Was confused during a recent game. I assumed because its happening during my turn that he would remove that particular die, unlike a shield, damage or disrupt even, or would he bank those 2 actions until his turn began? Hope this is clear what I mean. Any help is greatly appreciated
  6. I love seeing any new releases for X-Wing, but as a heads up, we are still missing the SWX71 sku# from this wave, I really wonder what that could be??
  7. This is the poster from Toys-r-us FF event last night, not sure if its been posted in last 17 pages but there is a FO TIE Bomber in that pic, I really hope thats a new X-Wing ship sooner than later.
  8. Well so far this game is doomed in my local area of New Jersey. The handful of local stores in a 25 mile radius all have had no luck procuring any boxes, as far as I have been told. That is really bad for a game that so many people want to play. If I cant buy any SoR then I'm not gonna continue to play or follow its releases. Neither are the other members of my gaming group. Best part is, FFG puts an article in Star Wars Insider, a global magazine, about their game SW Destiny, and a new player would never be able to find any product to play with. Why pay for all the advertising when its become a niche game accessible to most. Hope you guys come to GENCON this year with thick skin, your gonna need it with all the complaints.
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