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  1. Thanks for doing this and the Q&A at Gen Con as well. Heroes of Terrinoth. Love the game and it's predecessor (warhammer quest adventure card game). Is this game a one and done or can we expect some form of expansion? Seems like a lot of effort to go to the trouble to re-skin a game/game system that was crying out for expansions and then do no expansions on the re-skinned game. Would love to see it. The underlying gameplay system is fantastic and fun.
  2. Over at Boardgamegeek one of the guys who developed the game posted last week that the game is done and currently at the printers. I'm hoping for copies to be available at Gen Con so I can grab one there as well. We shall see.
  3. 1) If you look in the rules reference on page 11 the first bullet point under Locations reads: When a location is revealed, players spawn a number of faceup and facedown enemies, based on the spawn icons presented on the active location card.
  4. If he's coming back then you're spending way more successes to kill him then it would to add four progress. Yes of course.....we are talking about being at the end of the Peril Track here. Before the end though it can make sense depending on the situation.
  5. Not sure if you were doing this but each time you defeat Odious Grump he goes back to his nemesis lair AND you get to add 4 progress tokens to the current location so there is a benefit to defeating him even if you are just trying to explore to win.
  6. I think they may have stayed away from calling it a LCG because the game has no deck building to it at all. I can see this getting a steady stream of expansions though just like Descent or Imperial Assault as long as sales of the game can justify it. That would be good enough for me.
  7. Thanks for the information both of you. It helps in my decision if I need to pick this up or not.
  8. I could be wrong, but I thought it was the newly announced co-op that will be used at GenCon. Hmmmmm...... I am not sure what other announced co-op you are referring to but I am not always up to date on stuff. Could you point me somewhere please. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if this is the Co-Op adventure that will be used at the GenCon Co-Op events in a couple weeks?
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