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  1. Jedi Wes talks about the supplements for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG and provides insight how mechanically events from Rogue One played out. Download or listen to the show at Garrett
  2. Jedi Wes discusses what makes a good Star Wars party. Download or listen to the show at Garrett
  3. Jedi Wes joins Threats From Gallifrey to talk about his passion for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG. Listen to or download the episode at Garrett
  4. The best and longest running AP podcast for Star Wars is Threat Detected, found at It heavily edits the shows to make a radio drama feel. Garrett
  5. It’s been two and a half years in the making… and finally I’m proud to unleash Summoned to Star Wars Gamers. This epic horror module completes the saga I started with the Miracle Parsec and published through the GSA. Miracle Parsec can be downloaded at Jim Henson’s Scum and Villainy Babies is at And the two Two Arenas modules are at Finally, Summoned can be downloaded at Summoned tells the tale of a group on the Edge of the Empire hired by a socialite crime lord to explore the areas between Coruscant’s levels, exposing secrets the Empire thought buried, while journeying to a vault the Empire never even knew existed. The Edge of the Empire rules are expanded to include journeying. When traveling on foot or speeder for days, does the watchman blow his rolls, and a swarm of ogres attack? Or does the navigation manager get the group hopelessly lost where the sun hasn’t shone for decades? Summoned was written by Garrett Crowe and edited by Chris Witt. Garrett
  6. Darkness spreads across the Galaxy as an ancient evil awakens from death. It’s up to our heroes to put Darth Maul down for good. This is actual play of the Star Wars Dawn of Defiance Campaign from Echoes of the Jedi, inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons 4e module. Download the episode and get your own Zombie Darth Maul stat block at Garrett
  7. Andrew Fischer, Max Brooke and Sam Stewart Live Tonight!

    Sam Stewart and Max Brooke chat with Wayne Basta about the experience of creating Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars on the Aethercon SRS Podcast. The wait is over. Garrett
  8. Andrew Fischer, Max Brooke and Sam Stewart Live Tonight!

    Yes, Friday we'll release the vidcast to the public. I'll post the linkage here. Garrett
  9. Tune in to the Aethercon SRS Podcast Series Live tonight 9-21-15 at 7:30pm EST to to ask questions of Andrew Fischer, Max Brooke and Sam Stewart about released or announced products, as well as the experience of creating Star Wars RPG goodness. Moderated by Gamer Nation's own Wayne Basta. Garrett
  10. The Threat Detected Podcast Patreon ( just reached a major goal, unlocking the until now unreleased finale to my Hutt Inc Campaign. While I arrange for photo shoots for interior artwork and do the layout, I want to remind old timers about this incredible campaign… and for those of you who are newer to the party… introduce the completely free campaign to you. Hutt Inc begins with The Miracle Parsec. From bodyguard detail of a beloved holovid star to walking the red carpet, mingling with Hosk’s holovid elite… to getting framed by a notorious con artist… there’s something for everyone in this light hearted adventure that lets your Edge heroes experience the dangerous side of fame. Everything you need to play The Miracle Parsec can be downloaded at And don’t forget to support the Threat Detected Podcast Patreon! Garrett
  11. Rob, Tony and Josh join Garrett on this episode of Threat Detected to come to grips with the sweeping changes to the Star War universe. Our heroes confront a villain from their past— right out of Arkham Asylum. Angelic Doctor provides an exciting underwater chase scene. Garrett tries to bring some crunch to Vril Vrakth from First to Strike. Also, discussions about the Coordinate talent and Force Light power. The first half, including the live play, can be downloaded from The second half, containing the round table about the last two years in Star Wars, can be downloaded from Garrett
  12. Rogue One adventure on Roll20 Rides Again

    Two slots still available happy nerf herders. Garrett
  13. Play Rogue One on Roll20

    And then there were two slots. Garrett
  14. Play Rogue One on Roll20

    Four slots left, fellow Rebels. Garrett
  15. I ran Rogue One, an Age of Rebellion adventure concerning the stealing of the Death Star plans, twice I was joyfully surprised by the completely different routes the players took to get through the adventure. I was also thrilled by the amount of people who wanted in on the game. So, let’s run this a third time so more people can enjoy the experience, and so I can see if a third group takes yet another unforeseen route through the iconic mission. Join me 5/23 at 1pm EST for a roll20/Google Hangouts adventure set in a Galaxy a long time ago, far far away. Send me a message if you’re in. Include the email address you use for Google Hangouts. The first seven folks get a spot at the virtual table.