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  1. I tend to like to try and go for maximum customization potential (I tend to go with 3-4 of each x-wing ship for example). I don't feel the need to have enough to have multiple armies built at once though if that makes a difference in this game.
  2. I tried this game out the other day and enjoyed it. I don't actually know anything about the rules for army customization though so I am not sure if 1 core set is enough or if there is an advantage to buying multiple.
  3. I am very happy with the book. I bought it at Gen Con and am really liking what I have read so far. Should have a group up and running soon and to me the $30 is worth being able to play the game early.
  4. I played the demo at gen con and then bought the book. Granted I didn't have to pay the shipping but I am happy with my purchase. This is basically a finished game system that nay have some minor tweaks made to it. I am happy to pay the $30 to have early access into playing the game.
  5. Edit: Nvm just reread the passage I was thinking of and I had read it wrong the first time.
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