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  1. Adepticon 2017- Hoth Open (my second year in attendance) ...this might be long- grab a coffee Last year I did miserable, I flew a Dengar/Bossk list which was storming through my local shops and had a great record but only managed two wins at 2016 Adepticon/Hoth Open. I've always been one to not conform to the meta, and to my fault, it costs me victories. I chose to fly a Palp shuttle with a few imperial aces at the Chicago 2016 regional later in the year. I placed the best I ever have just missing qualifying/making the cut, but did get a playmat. I was thus convinced if you don't bring one of "THE" meta lists you will fall and not enjoy the 12 hours on your feet. Life got in the way and I started getting my groove going again as of late and knew 2017 System Open Series was on the verge. I started researching lists and fell in love with Paratanni. I brought it fully built to practice at the local shop I play and BAM- "nerfed". Well, I flew it anyways and I don't think that the Manaroo errata did anything to the way I ended up flying it. I kept in formation and flew to a victory. I was satisfied and knew this is what I was bringing to Hoth. But then, my non-acceptance to conform caught over me and I felt like I didn't want to just be "one of the masses" flying this thing someone else built. After toying around with this new, non-stolen, all original list a few times with friends, it came out looking like this: Chopper Hera Ghost title Dorsel Turret Tactician Fire Control Zeb Phantom title Captain Rex Ashoka Tano Captured TIE Rey Black Market Slicer VI Sabine's Masterpiece Without going into too much explanation, the list is tons of fun. The option to BMST during activation OR start of combat is pretty nice. Chopper gives stress on a crash and bring a token over from Rey- start of combat, 50% chance to deal a damage card. It's pretty sweet and most of my matchups had PS8 or lower. It's a very forgiving list and does have a lot of moving parts, but might be decent for a beginner. It pilots itself. HOTH 2017 Rounds 1-4 Were amazing. I went up against Imperial aces, Miranda and Ghost, rebel alpha strike and then Corran Horn regen. The rebel alpha strike was by far the toughest, it was the fourth round just before the break and was very tense... things went my way and it ended with a win. I was sitting at 4-0... unheard of for me. The stress was too much to handle for push the limit lists. Anything that had a negative of giving the opponent stress from their own cards totally went against them. I dealt a face down damage with the slicer early to Echo and then caught him for a killer shot to end him in one attack. Getting someone in range two arc with chopper is awesome- tactician goes off twice giving me a good target for the BMST. Same thing happened to Corran. He started regenning shields but was sitting with a damaged card- I managed to push a card under the shield before combat and ended his flight. So- here we are, sitting towards the top of the board at 4-0 going into Round 5. Kanan/Biggs. I couldn't crack him. I waited and waited and waited like I was on all previous rounds, banking tokens on Rey and when I finally made my move, it didn't work out. I lost to a really good opponent and he was supposed to beat me. 4-1 3 Jumpmasters. This was it, I needed this one- I knew it was going to be hard and wasn't looking forward to the pounding the ghost was going to take. I took out one Scout and then, Boba Fett destroyed my dorsal turret- so crushing. I continued on- but was limping the rest of the way, struggling to find a way to make anything relevant. A great match and came down to the end- but lost. That makes two people I allowed get their 5th win. Mindlink. Fenn/Ventress/Palob. I had this, then I didn't, then I had it again- a great match. Round 7. My stress was doing wonders, if anything just inhibiting movement. Chopper had one hit to die- phantom still docked. Fenn managed to shoot a direct hit crit into Ashoka before Fenn was torched (Slicer tool helped AGAIN). Ventress had one hit to die. Palob is full. Going into this specific round I'm referencing, I knew Palob was going to kill Chopper with his ion cannon. Chopper was directly in front of Ventress and Palob was in front of Chopper I was thinking about points and was wondering about a great many things... I NEED THIS FIFTH WIN!!! I can't have this be the Atlanta Falcons and some epic collapse. Well... I lost and after the match was over... my opponent and judge (also a friend from the community) told me about how I chose NOT to eject the phantom right in the path of Ventress so she could die with the critical she had (bump and take a damage). My heart sunk. I got so far. And to lose to Ghost Biggs, Boba Fett the way it happened and misplaying the critical on Ventress (missing it, rather)... I felt so defeated internally. I knew I built something unique, if not super thematic minus the Rey crew. It's all Star Wars Rebels. I happen to love the show. It was at the top tables for quite a while. Friends and bystanders seemed to be intrigued with the build... "How did you manage to get all that in the 100 points???" I feel really good about the build, not so much the flight. Should this list pop up somewhere, I'd like to think I influenced someone on it- try it out, it's fun, forgiving and seems highly competitive. I think I'll keep it around for a while.
  2. Oh yes- totally agree. A few waves ago I was toying around with "Phoenix Squadron" which was double tap Hera and A-wings. What I enjoy for Rex is the nuisance he is. Get him to fire at the largest threat (which may be same target as A Score to Settle) and help the Ghost survive maybe one extra round. I used to fly 12 point Academy pilots. For 14, Rex is pretty good- reducing attack dice is nice.
  3. I just decided to swap out Sabine in the Attack Shuttle for a 20 point Ezra Bridger with A Score to Settle and Phantom title. This leaves one point left over for Hera on the Ghost as crew pilot- perfect- thank you guys!
  4. I like using the autoblaster on the ghost as well- however, when looking at the tactician/chopper ability- the added range 2 benefit is crucial and also then it fires 3 dice at range one instead of 2. I like either choice but maybe with this specific build, the dorsal just works better. Zeb is so ideal with Chop. It is also a risk as well due to the low PS he flies at. The only thing I could change up would be to downgrade Sabine and take a different pilot in the Attack Shuttle. Rex is already naked. I need a turret on the Ghost (we've discussed this). I'm trying to link Ahsoka up with Chopper/Tactician to have potential added damage. Even if the BMST doesn't go off- it's only one point and the stress alone should give lists trouble... ex. Paratanni or plainly Mindlink. Beyond the cool aspect of the Rebels theme, I just think it's crazy to have four named pilots, one of which is a large base all messing with the opponent's list and seemingly pumping out some damage. *cough* *cough* I'm trying to sell myself here... lol
  5. I was going to take Paratanni to an upcoming event, but I think I'm leaning towards this one that I created myself. Let me know what you think, please: Chopper- VCX-100 45 points Ghost title Fire-Control System Dorsal Turret Tactician Hera Ahsoka Tano- Sabine's TIE 21 points Adaptability Sabine's Masterpiece Black Market Slicer Rey Ezra Bridger- Attack Shuttle 20 points Phantom title A Score to Settle Captain Rex- Sabine's TIE 14 points
  6. Chicago area here- would love to form a group or just play casual!
  7. Man, I thought what I built was unique! Its darn near the same... Except for one point, you MUST have Greedo on Bossk. Cancel crit to give extra damage, and it is a crit anyways. Kath has predator. No glitterstim on Bossk, going with feedback array... Nice against Soontir who wants to boost and barrel into your range one blind spot.
  8. Due to some more practice and taking into account from this thread, I've decided to move on from Expose/Youngster. It hurts the already brittle TIEs way too much. Sometimes the dice go off and the red are on fire- but not often enough and doesn't make up for only two agility with no shields. My list was 99, I only own three Crack Shots- so I've decided to drop the 19 point Youngster in favor of backstabber (another +1 dice booster) and upgrading an academy to a "Crack" Squadron... lol 99 points Howlrunner with swarm tactics 20 ​​(not enough love for the swarm here on this thread- the PS effect has saved me many times) Scourge with crack shot 18 ​Mauler with crack shot 18​​ Backstabber 16 Crack Squadron 15 Academy Pilot 12​​​
  9. If I go with squad leader (which is really nice and makes sense) I have to dump crackshot. Who to pull out if adding wampa? Maybe mauler since wampa and scourge work well together?
  10. I really like the look of this!
  11. Ya, I don't have that many! LOL- The expose does hurt sometimes especially with the no focus or no evade and reduced agility with return fire. I still want some way to make Youngster work somehow.
  12. Not a bad idea- your reasoning is partly why I prefer to have Mauler Mithel instead of a naked Zeta Leader which could get the extra dice anytime. I think Mauler does what you're saying- keeps opponent aware of range and spacing. I might tinker with the Backstabber- but I just might want that extra PS, though. Who knows...
  13. I'm happy to see the new TIE's from the Assault Carrier expansion. I really hope TIE Fighters can make a come back and an Imperial Swarm would be feared once again. I worry about playing against Brobots having only two red attack dice. So, with the design of this list- I can, if flown correctly, fire 5 red attack dice at PS7 maybe 8 with swarm tactics at those pesky two ship lists. The key always remains when flying a swarm or TIE Fighters in general is the positioning and placement. Having 5 dice is nice, but never being able to fire it is worrisome. Here is what I'm thinking of flying for the upcoming Store Championship season. Please provide any comments, positive or negative along with improvements you would make. Thank you- 99 points Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics (20) Scourge with Crackshot (18) Mauler Mithel with Crackshot (18) Youngster with Expose (19) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12)
  14. I didn't run the double aggressors bit its just above in my original post.
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