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  1. Hi everyone, This podcast from Board with Life features the Edge of Empire game I ran at Gencon called "The Rodian Raid". http://imboardwithlife.libsyn.com/pod/gencon-night-owls-ep-02-whoops#PhEHUuP0RMoufqYL.01 The part about the Edge of Empire game starts around 50 minutes in, but the rest is entertaining too. Enjoy
  2. My comment would be that generally, shields in Star Wars don't seem as selective as this house-rule would make them. Like, shield operators could not single out incoming fire from one enemy while ignoring fire from another enemy, by choosing which attacks to "Reflect". At best they can angle shields to a particular direction, or zone in game terms. I do like the idea though. It really seems like a better way to mimic shields.
  3. The Edge of the Empire game I'm running at Gencon went live last night. There are still a few tickets left. It's called "The Rodian Raid". I've ran the same game at Gencon for the past couple of years and each time, one or two people who didn't already have the book bought it afterwards. It's from 8pm-midnight on Friday. I figured I'd let y'all know since it'd be cool to meet some of you.
  4. I wonder if these characters are going to be advanced compared to other beginner characters. From the description they sound pretty capable and honestly they would probably need to be better than starting characters to ensure that people can really experience playing a Force user.
  5. I always thought you would represent a Corran Horn in this system by simply not paying experience for Move and putting a lot of xp into Misdirect.
  6. Do other people let their players have Sense constantly ongoing, like a Force die constantly committed to upgrade the difficulty of incoming attacks? I haven't had it come up in my games yet, but I'm still debating how I would handle it when it does. On one hand, I don't see any reason why someone couldn't. On the other hand, I don't like the idea of people avoiding the action cost for that nice benefit.
  7. This is exactly what I was getting at. I was never suggesting that a specialization be necessary to be dark side. I was simply suggesting a universal spec as a way to keep the darker themed abilities out of the basic careers. There's no reason why it would need to lock you on a path. If you buy abilities that give you conflict, simply don't use them if you decide to start behaving yourself. You might've "wasted" some experience but you can always go out and earn more. I realize that won't work if the abilities give you conflict for simply having them rather than for when you use them, which I would like to see changed. Another reason I brought this up was, what about abilities like Sith Alchemy? There's not really a neutral way to use that and as far as I know, there's not really a "light side" opposite to it for a dual application. But it would be silly to keep it out of the game on the basis that everything needs to be neutral and have a dual application. It's also not something I would want to see in one of the careers because I think the careers should stay neutral.
  8. I don't see a universal dark side spec as necessitating that people "buy into" the dark side. Absent a dark side universal tree people don't need to do that, so with the addition of a dark side tree that won't change. This would more be a tree for some of the esoteric and specifically dark side techniques that people might rather avoid within their own careers if they are not interested in being a dark character, like potentially Terrify. Then, if someone wants to have the "dark" talents, they can go into this tree and take them without having to buy around them in their own tree. If someone wants to be dark side but doesn't want to buy into this tree, they can do so by how they play their character. And if it is a universal spec, all careers would have equal access to it.
  9. There's been a lot of talk about some sort of padawan-esque universal tree for characters from other books to gain force rating and gain access to some lightsaber abilities without having to buy into Exile or Emergent. I for one am not a huge fan of that idea for various reasons. However, what if there was a universal spec for a dark side adept or marauder of some kind? People have complained with good reason that having "dark" talents like Terrify prominently in the Agressor spec diminishes the overall value of the Warrior career for Warrior characters with no interest in the dark side, especially since the other careers' talents are neutral in regards to Morality. What if Talents like Terrify were instead worked into a dark side universal tree, and taken out of the talent trees of the careers? That way, people that want those spooky talents can buy into the universal spec, regardless of their career. Likewise, people that want nothing to do with them can ignore the dark side universal spec and focus on the specs in their career. This universal spec wouldn't say "gain Force Rating 1". The assumption is that you would only be pursuing dark side force abilities if you're already force attuned. Sorry if this has already been proposed.
  10. This is probably where I'm coming from too, especially with Improved Terrify. An average check to almost completely shut down a character seems too potent. It is a lot stronger than Scathing Tirade so it feels like it should either be toned down or more difficult. It's also ironic how a Niman Disciple would make a great Agressor. Those two specs have some good synergy.
  11. All the cool force users use the force for sniping. For this... I feel like this is one of those things from EU that I don't really want to know about.
  12. I'm glad Unleash is more deadly, but I wish they got rid of some of the range upgrades. That goes for almost every power with range upgrades.
  13. My bad. I thought I had seen something about downgrades removing dice when there are no more challenge dice to be downgraded. I looked again and you are right. Still, there are the other concerns I have, such as everyone being just as easy to terrify as everyone else, barring the Intimidating talent and destiny points.
  14. I really don't like the static difficulty for Terrify, especially when it is combined with Intimidating. it becomes very easy to do for only a few strain. As far as I can tell, the only way for a target to make it more difficult is to have ranks in Intimidating themselves. Does that make sense? Obviously I don't think so. For one thing, it ignores the normal rules for Coercion where Coercion is opposed by Discipline. A small child (low Willpower/no Discipline) is just as easy to Terrify as a Jedi Master (high Discipline and Willpower). Further, a talent like Confidence that makes fear checks easier to overcome doesn't make you harder to Terrify, which doesn't make sense either. Terrify is a talent that relies on fear and intimidation, but exists separate from the normal rules for both. The only reason I can see for that is that it targets multiple people, and the designers were reluctant to try and devise a way to set the difficulty based on some combination of multiple Discipline skills. That's a very meta and disappointing reason for the talent to work the way it does. Perhaps it could work sort of like Auto Fire, where you pick certain targets prior to rolling and then the difficulty is the highest Discipline skill amongst them.
  15. I actually really appreciate the way FFG has handled the betas. Selling the beta books ensures that people who actually buy rpg books are the ones testing the game. If it were free, they would be getting opinions from people who have no intention of being actual customers and as such might not provide the most sincere feedback. Sorry if that's been said already. I honestly didn't read all of this.
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