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  1. I'm still waiting for someone to take pictures of X-Wings next to some leeks.
  2. I've played 400 vs 400, but I have the urge to do 2k vs 2k, over a weekend sometime, on 4 x 12. This wil llikely mean a lot of convincing from my local hobby store to allow this.
  3. I already have my twelve. Actually, thirteen, so I have an extra
  4. This thread just made me miss SWG, and the flying that was available there
  5. UltimateZing

    Will it fit?

    That plano has a big compartment on the right side that will hold falcons and firesprays without an issue. The profile of the lambda means it can be laid on it's side. If you put it in one of the rows, it will bow a bit upwards, if done with the engine up, but it will fit it. I shoved about 8 lists worth of stuff into one of these for nationals/Gen Con, which included two falcons and four lambdas in it, plus tokens and everything.
  6. Got a location on this pickup game area? I will be more than happy to drop by sometime in the next two days
  7. It's late here, but anyone still roaming the convention hall who would game at this hour? Completely willing to get one in before the tournies tomorrow.
  8. I was hoping this thread was for talking about who all was going and how to meet up. Sad sheep. I say there is no reason we can't hijack this thread and turn it into that. I'm going to be there and Will wear a name tag with my user name on it. I'm starting to think I should just get a label with mine on it, for future Gen Cons, as I go every year. And yes, this should be turned into a meet up thread!
  9. I will be open for a casual game or two more than likely as the con goes on, given the impending blow out that is due Thursday at Nationals.
  10. I've had 12 Rebel Aces pre-ordered for a few weeks now, Haven't done my pre-order for Wave 5 yet, going to wait and go for the boat on that one (something about that being $500+ for 12 of the both)
  11. Played in the local one today, so would say start keeping an eye out for more popping up.
  12. I have 3 as well, though I will be picking up 9 more when it comes up on priority on my buy list
  13. The thread necro has made me remember that I need to get a photo of everything together though. Which will be a this week project.
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