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  1. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

  2. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Well, dang it! I'll fix that tomorrow. Somehow that template had the older legend in the corner there. Thanks!
  3. RLogue177

    Cyphers and Mask Now Shipping!

    I don't have the book, so I cannot answer any questions. However.... I have completed my treatment of the new specs and the signature abilities. You can find them, and all the other specs and Force Powers, in my thread over in the Edge of the Empire side. Spec sheets and Force Powers
  4. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    The new specs from the Spy are done and uploaded. Links here and in the first post as usual. Age of Rebellion specs in traditional red and blue Age of Rebellion specs in tan and green Age of Rebellion specs in printer-friendly grayscale Enjoy! As always, please point out errors and typos.
  5. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Thank you very much. I'm glad you are getting use out of them. Also, thanks for pointing that out. That is fixed now.
  6. Try mine. I'm a couple books behind on it. I'll update it soon. Vehicle and Ship Mods Spreadsheet
  7. RLogue177

    Left side of the Gunner Tree?

    Yep, Gunners Mates (Guns). They do shoot the 5" guns on the ships, but they're also the guys who are in charge of the ship's armory, where the heavy small arms are: the grenade launchers and machine guns. They're the guys on the ship most trained on those. (On aircraft carriers or gator freighters where there's a contingent of Marines, the roles will be a little different. I'm talking about frigates, destroyers, and cruisers.)
  8. Rio is awesome. Skinning a xexto isn't a bad idea; make a xexto suit. This is what I was thinking... BR: 2, AG: 3, IN: 2, CU: 2, WP: 1, PR: 2 (No real reason to give the hit to Willpower other than I didn't think any of the other stats seem to fit more. Rio seems likely to go along with just about anything and is very chatty. So maybe there's a Willpower issue with his people. Agility being the bonus stat seems pretty reasonable give how agile Rio was. And it would lend to him being an excellent pilot.) Wounds: 10, Strain: 10 (Nothing special there.) Skill: 1 Coordination (Just observing how nimble he was in the cockpit of the AT-hauler. Special Ability: Additional Limbs (Duh.) XP: 80 (Both xextos and besalisks come in at 85 and are fairly similar, except they both take an additional one-step hit to one of their stats.)
  9. RLogue177

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    The fyrnocks. That's what I thought as well!
  10. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    I started a compiled ships spreadsheet, but i'm very far behind on updating it. I also have a compiled vehicles spreadsheet, which is only a couple books behind. I'll link them... but be warned that they're not complete and up-to-date. They will be at some point, but I have other projects ahead of them. Compiled Vehicles Spreadsheet Compiled Starships Spreadsheet
  11. RLogue177

    You can't save everyone...

    Meanwhile, the NPC was just brought back from death. I'm sure he's pretty far out-of-it to continue his mission, and he thrusts the explosives into the PCs' hands and asks them to complete the job. The PCs could urge him to try anyway, and he would, but, out-of-character, the PCs must understand that his difficulty will be higher and/or upgraded. The GM calling for a "cinematic moment" is a great idea. I will use that in the future. I think I would flip a Destiny Point to use it, so the players could see it as a bonus to pause and listen for a moment too. There's always this "fear" in the back of my mind when thinking about the players mechanically shoving their way past the villain monologue or the dying NPC, so I think this is a super way to pause the action to tell the story. In my own game, I don't allow my players to increase a Skill by more than one rank, or Talent or Force Power by more than one tier at a time. That way, they can't simply save up points and rocket through what would be a more reasonable and natural progression.
  12. Is this an Edge of the Empire game, or a Age of Rebellion game? Or, maybe a combo. Do you want a serial game, or an episodic game? Who is the villain of the story, and what are they trying to accomplish? "The Empire" is okay, but I think it should be narrowed down to a single individual, like a nasty, nihilistic moff or a weapons R&D director whose department is not meeting its goals. If the villain is, more or less, the entirety of the Empire, that's not very accessible to a small group of PCs in an EoE game. In an AoR game, the PCs have bosses sending them on the mission-of-the-week against the Empire, which could tie into the theft, but it's not as cohesive. How are the PCs invested in what's going on? Their current situation seems to be "escape the self-destructing ship." Once that happens, then what? Are they going to pursue the theft purely out of altruism? That's pretty nice of them. Are they being paid to chase the thieves down? Is it revenge? All good reasons to care, but how many hurdles will they have to jump before they think it's too much. Maybe they're being coerced into action. Some of these can be answered by asking what the theme and tone of the campaign is. Just a few thoughts to help prime the pump.
  13. RLogue177

    Why did Obi Wan say this?

    Droids cannot think - from a certain point of view.
  14. RLogue177

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    What's that card say? 210 points? (Darn these old eyes...)
  15. RLogue177

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    Looks like you get three regular Guard for 75, and can add a Guard with an electrostaff for an additional 25. Special Forces slot.