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  1. RLogue177

    CEC Ship Designer

    I love you both.
  2. RLogue177

    Kyber crystals gaining new Mods

    Could be an interesting idea. Is this for a Force and Destiny style game, or is it something for all Force-sensitives in all of your games? Your four examples are triggers? I'd like to see an example of a custom crystal tailored for one of the characters.
  3. Looking through Fully Operational this morning and I've run across a weird thing to reconcile. Explosive Compounds and Devices section of the new stuff, pp. 40. Under the Blast Radius topic, it says explosives do not have a Critical rating. The Shaped Charge entry, however, has Vicious 1. Nothing in the text description for Shaped Charges addresses it. How do you use Vicious if you can't cause a Crit? In the Baradium Charge text description, it talks about being +50 to critical injuries and critical hits if you're in Engaged range of the device when it detonates. I think it's odd to begin with that explosives don't have Critical ratings, but then there are two bits in the descriptions that support explosives having them. Am i missing something?
  4. A ship that you plug a purrgil into!
  5. How about... He is researching how to revolutionize hyperdrives and hyperspace travel by using kyber crystals as a power amplifier or a power stabilizer.
  6. RLogue177

    Can the clones breed?

    The Deserter is clarified in the book The Clone Wars Episode Guide, written by Jason Fry. There is a sidebar note that reads, "Suu Lawquane was raising two children alone before she met Cut -- a man with a mysterious past, yearning for a family to call his own."
  7. RLogue177

    Adventure suggestions

    Have you looked at the AoR beginner set?
  8. RLogue177

    problems of a heavy

    Encumbrance 20?!
  9. I don't. I'm down here in Clearwater, FL.
  10. He is studying Linnaean taxonomy of gundark species variation on different worlds by measuring their ears.
  11. RLogue177

    The Count Dooku-Yoda Conundrum

    It's a narrative resolution. Dooku's attempt to crush Ani and Ben fails or rolls very poorly. Descriptively, everyone decides Dooku moved a bunch of metal but Yoda countered it with his own power.
  12. I like this idea. I just read through the summaries of the story and the mission in the wookieepedia. There's a lot of good potential there. One of my friends who will be playing in this adventure has seen my list of characters. He feels it will be super uninteresting for whoever is "stuck" playing R5-D4. I can't disagree with him, per se, but I'm struggling to come up with an alternative character. Any ideas? I want a secondary character from the movies - someone recognizable.
  13. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Took awhile to get around to it. Sorry about that!
  14. RLogue177

    Fighting a force user

    "And how would you beat him?" "With a stick. While he slept. But on a horse, with a lance? That man is unbeatable." Ambush him. Sneak onto his ship when they're all asleep. Unless the Gank, you know, has some need to fight fairly.
  15. RLogue177

    Force infused weapons

    Stats for the ancient Sith sword were given in the FnD basic set. In the adventure, antagonist Malefax has one. The stat line for the sword is similar as the regular ancient sword, but not quite the same. Replaces Defensive 1 with Pierce 1. +1 Damage, 2 Critical instead of +2 Damage, 3 Critical.