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  1. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Like Tramp says, they are the signature abilities for each of the careers, and they are detailed in the individual career books. They are "super talents." Basically, they attach to the bottom of one of your career specializations (talent tree) for your chosen career. The arrows pointing up from the signature ability indicate which two talents on the bottom row of your specialization you have to own to connect the signature ability. Then the signature ability itself can be made more powerful or more efficient by purchasing the upgrades for it. In the example below, we are attaching the Narrow Escape signature ability to the bottom of the Scoundrel specialization. The character has the Smuggler career and can only attach the Smuggler signature abilities to Smuggler specializations. No other signature abilities are available to the character. Narrow Escape, as indicated by the two up arrows, has to attach through the two center talents on the specialization. In this case, you have to purchase Natural Charmer and Soft Spot.
  2. RLogue177

    Customization and Conversions

    I 3d printed an AT-AT. It's not quite big enough. I'm going to scale it up a little more and reprint it. It'll make a cool terrain piece if nothing else. I think I'll bust this one up a bit and bury it in rubble as a downed AT-AT terrain piece. Broken up and buried a bit should camouflage its bad scale.
  3. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Also, had a request for printer-friendly gray scale Force Powers. Here you go! Force Powers in printer friendly gray scale
  4. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Thank you for pointing that out to me. It changes two items total, one on each spec of Imperial Academy Cadet and Force Adherent. I have made those two corrections and uploaded the new versions. Links to everything I put up are in the first post of this entire topic, but quick links to the universal spec PDFs are here as well for convenience... Universal specs in traditional red and blue Universal specs in green and tan Universal specs in printer-friendly Mr. Grey scale
  5. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Here you are! The "Scoundrel" career specs in all three color styles. Enjoy. Scoundrel Career Specs
  6. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Done! Sorry, I forgot to post them up. Here is the fresh link. The freshiest freshest link. Force Powers
  7. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    I can upload the "Scoundrel career" specs tomorrow. We can work together to customize a spec or three, absolutely. Message me what you're thinking, and we'll see what we can get done. Just to clarify, though... Your downloads were corrupted on your end, or are you getting corrupted files from my dropbox?
  8. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    The new specs from Unlimited Power are now in my dropbox downloads. Links here and in the first post of this topic. The two new Force powers will be tomorrow. As always, please point out any typos or incorrect info. Force and Destiny specs in traditional red and blue Force and Destiny specs in green and tan Force and Destiny in printer friendly grayscale
  9. Working on it today. Should be finished a couple hours from now.
  10. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Sure, if you want. It will speed things up a bit. I've already paid for my copy, but I probably won't see it till the 8th or 9th.
  11. RLogue177

    Moving the AT-AT home rules

    I'm interested in the stats you came up with for an AT-AT.
  12. I don't get the condition token part. Is the token just there to indicate (so you don't forget) that the unit deploys later in the battle? Or does the condition token have some other purpose? Does it matter which token is used? There are six different ones.
  13. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    You want just the blank .psd template I use? That should be okay.
  14. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Yeah, at some point I'll redo them correctly. Probably after the last three books hit. But for now, this is it.
  15. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Thanks for the heads up. they are linked now, and I've cleaned up that first post so the links are hidden under the text. Thank you. Not at this time. I make these using Photoshop, and they end up as big, many-layered .psd files which I smash flat and save as .pdf files. Then I smoosh those together and crush them and post them. Beyond that, I don't really know what I'm doing... LoL. And I'm really hesitant to give out my unsmashed files.