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  1. Done and uploaded! Here's a handy link to the... Force Powers sheets As always, please point out any errors so I can fix them straight away. Thanks!
  2. Yep! Coming very soon.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, so thank you for the corroboration there. Any other suggested changes for those stats? Also, as a group of minions, do ships have System Strain?
  4. Do we have stats for vulture droids anywhere? Official, unofficial...
  5. If a PC ended up with two Obligations and bought them down, can the values be 5 and 0? Or do the values have to be as even as possible (3 and 2)?
  6. When making a character, if you roll high enough on the chart, you can begin with two Obligations. You split your Obligation value between them equally. Easy enough. The next part is my question... "Obligation cannot be reduced lower than 5." (EoE, pp. 43, Obligation Cap sidebar) Does that mean each individual Obligation you have cannot be lower than 5, or does it mean your total value cannot be lower than 5?
  7. Thanks! I will tomorrow. And I'll message you.
  8. These are all really great, Nytwyng! I sure appreciate them. I'm starting a new campaign soon set in a specific sector. Can I bother you to make some of these up for the worlds I have notes on? (You can then feel free to post them all here too, if you like.)
  9. Is it the same scale as Imperial Assault?
  10. Some spice is bigger than other spices. In individual doses, muon gold, lesai, ji rikknit, glitterstim, and most others have encumbrance values of 0, and cases of 100 doses have 3 or 5 encumbrance. Neutron pixie, ryll, and gunjack, which coincidentally all come from the Lords of Nal Hutta book, all have an encumbrance of 1 for individual doses and 25 for a case of 100 doses. It just takes more of this stuff to get you high than it does other stuff. (Or it's just a misprint. Don't know.)
  11. If you have a beginning group of PCs, but you don't want them to start with a ship, how many extra credits might you give each one? Assume a group of four or five players. 10,000cr each?
  12. Just saw this today. Is this a thing you still need?
  13. The Return to Hoth expansion box for Imperial Assault might be useful to you. The scenarios take place just after the Battle of Hoth and allows your PCs to be involved in a post-battle storyline. They can certainly be linked into an extended adventure or mini-campaign. However, if you don't play (or collect) Imperial Assault, you might not have use for a lot of the stuff in the box set. So it might be a bit pricey ($60 MSRP) for something you'll have to flesh out a lot for RPG purposes.
  14. Or maybe something more along the line of the narrative rights story-telling route... Player 1: "So, we fly in and meet the guy so we can get our shadowy shadowness on." GM: "Well sure, your contact said to meet you at a certain dive bar once you're in port, but Xantooine is generally a respectable Imperial-leaning port with security, customs officers, bureaucrats... How do you plan on docking with no transponders and being flagged as wanted fugitives? Player 2: "We..." (The players spend several minutes talking in circles about what to do.) GM: "You're being hailed now. A voice on the local comms channel announces himself as Xantooine Customs and says he's having trouble picking up your transponder codes. He's asking, in demanding tones, for your registration and business. What do you do?" Player 3: (Flips a Destiny token.) "Hey, I recognize that voice. It's a buddy of mine from the old smuggling days. I saved his life once. His name is... Dustin Crops... boy... Dustin Croppsboy." GM: "..." Player 3: "What?" GM: "Okay, but you're still going to have to interact with him. I'll give you some boost dice or something."
  15. Your contact at the shadowy shadowport knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows how much to bribe the right guy. Send your contact 5,000 credits and he'll tell you when to fly in and at which port. Did I say 5,000 credits? I meant 10,000.