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  1. RLogue177

    Advice on Overland Challenge

    They encounter outcasts from the settlement. Why were they exiled? Are they baddies? Do they have religious or political differences from the settlement folks? What can they tell the PCs about the settlement? How do they survive out here? Maybe they want help to restore their place in society. Maybe there's something dreadfully and outlandishly wrong with the settlement, but their warnings sound like ravings.
  2. RLogue177

    Best places to go lfg?

    On your phone, download the GameFor app. It has ways and means for finding players, finding local gaming shops, finding groups, setting up your own groups to look for players trying to find you... It's about a year old, I think, so it hasn't seen a ton of use yet, but I've discovered a few shops in my area that I had no idea existed. Also, I've set up a group for finding Blood Bowl players, and I'll be starting a league soon. The developer is always open to suggestions on how to make the app more useful.
  3. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Oh. I don't know how that works. This week sometime I'll message you and we can experiment with it.
  4. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    You're very welcome. Enjoy! The links to them all are in the first post on the first page of this thread. Whenever I update them for any reason, the links automagically update. So, they're always current. If I update them, I post a note here.
  5. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Check the links in the very first post on the first page.
  6. RLogue177


    See those tw'leks over there? They sell healing goop called sanavi. It's like bacta, but better. The rumor is they're exploiting or enslaving some primitives on some world somewhere to get that stuff super cheap. They're making a mint though. Speaking of slavers. Follow that Zygerrian over there if you want to see the local auction. Nasty business, but what can you do?
  7. RLogue177


    There's a kiosk in the market owned by a couple Trandoshans. They sell clothing made of wookiee hair. No, not wookiee pelts - just the hair. They call the material kashmyyyr. There was this wookiee a few months ago, real insulted, thought he would take those guys down and picked a fight with them. The next morning he fled the port, clean-shaven. Ever see a bald wookiee? They don't look right without all that hair.
  8. RLogue177


    A black market arms dealer who operates right out in the open. He has a kiosk in the local market square. A bar/cantina owned by a former bounty hunter. He just wanted to open a gin joint, but the place has become a popular hang out for bounty hunters. See that cantina across the way over there? Everyone knows the guy that owns the place is an Imperial spy, but he doesn't water down the drinks and his prices aren't too bad. That's a fine Z-95 you have there. Nurg'l the Hutt runs the local starfighter races. The course runs through the asteroid belt. Yeah, we know there are a lot of monkey-lizards running rampant around here. There was this guy a couple years ago "selling" them. Meanwhile, the guy was a thief. He trained the critters to steal from their new owners and bring the loot back to him. He got caught, of course. Now those things are loose everywhere and they breed like scavrats. There's a 100 credit apiece bounty on them if you're short on cash.
  9. A rakishly handsome PC uses flirtations and promises of tickets to a big, local gala event to charm his way past a starport security officer. Meanwhile, it's all a ruse. He's just looking to flee on the next transport out. Is that a Charm check (the flirtations), Negotiation check (the promise of a bribe), or a Deception check (he has no intention of backing up his words).
  10. The PC needs to get into the records room of the local Imperial garrison and do some data swapping. She dresses in an ISB officer uniform she acquired from elsewhere. She enters the base using falsified credentials, and she makes her way into the records room. There, she commands all the personnel to clear the room. Is this a Leadership test, or a Deception test? Or player choice?
  11. "The Chedak Mark 6 is integrated into a combat helmet with visor." It's a very fancy scanner that you wear on your head. The helmet itself provides no Soak or Defense, but I'm sure Chedak produces many variants of the helmet to fit almost anyone's style and functionality. They can range from riot gear style helmets to helmets that work with full sealed-system laminate armor. Since it was "designed for military applications," you could probably even find stormtrooper and scout trooper variations of the helmet, although those might have the Restricted tag applied. In other words, if a player wants to pick it up for their character, they can describe the helmet however they wish, even describing it as simple headgear with goggles (no helmet at all).
  12. The PCs would be private contractor spies? I kind of like that idea. The campaign might take a spy-for-hire approach in the beginning but then develop into a cause the PCs can become invested in and get behind. Or the campaign might continue its mercenary theme throughout. Lots of different ways to go.
  13. RLogue177

    Spec/Talent Sheets

    Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.
  14. RLogue177

    Silliness in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

    On occasion one of the players will do something (anything works really), and I'll take on a deadpan serious expression, pick up my pencil, and write a random sentence or two in my notepad. They wonder what I'm writing down. They wonder how their action may have been significant. Gets them every time. An alternative to this is to roll a d6 (or whatever), visibly count out to the person whose "number" rolled up, and then write down the random notes. In a Deadlands campaign once, I introduced the "pale chip" Fate Chip without any pre-warning. The players were, of course, familiar with white, red, and blue Fate Chips and the black Legend Fate Chip. The first time one of the players did something heinous or evil-ish, I gave him a pale chip. It stumped them and they began watching what they were doing more carefully. In a similar fashion to what kaosoe described above, I began a Rolemaster campaign with mid-level pre-gen characters and an introductory adventure to teach them how the system and magic worked. It was a very deadly scenario wherein the characters faced higher level foes and threats. After the PCs had made their real characters and were progressing along, they eventually ran into the same mission their introductory pre-gen characters were on. They remembered how deadly it was, and they became instantly more focused and invested in the adventure. And they found the corpses of their pre-gens where they lay slain. (I think I may start my next SW campaign this way too.)
  15. RLogue177

    HELP, please!

    Unless he wants to be King of All Endor and wear a shiny hat.