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  1. fist, do you have a movie or TV show gunslinger you want to model yours after? Gunslinger and Performer could make an El Mariachi from Desperado. (And a couple guys who take Heavy and Performer can make the rest of the band.) Gunslinger and Archaeologist could make a Rick O'Connell from The Mummy.
  2. Fixed. Thanks for pointing out the typo! If you see any others, please holler out.
  3. Thanks! I will check it out and fix it tomorrow.
  4. Blah. Well, that didn't work. The search continues, mama. The sharing function on the starwars.com crawl creator isn't functioning. But here's a screen shot of it...
  5. Desslok, you are a gem.
  6. What do you want to have lasted all those years? What do you want to be there? Make it so.
  7. What will be the character's job/role on the team? Goon? Thug? Muscle? Boss? Bodyguard? Gunman? Street guru? Creeper? What species are you considering?
  8. I've been doing some compiling for my own references. But this may be of use... Comp Adversaries Look at the tabs at the bottom for different things. It's an ongoing project. It's an Excel spreadsheet. If it doesn't open by clicking the link, just click "open" at the upper right of the error page. I don't know why it does that...
  9. Updated for No Disintegrations. The bounty hunters are in! Quick links here... (But be sure to see post #1 for all the links to all the stuffs.) Traditional red and blue Printer friendly grayscale Alt colors beige and green (to match my custom character sheets)
  10. Try the links in the first post of this thread. This weekend will see the updates for No Dissin'.
  11. Let's say you have a situation like this where two separate conditions might call for both a Setback and a Boost die... The PC wants to shoot a guy. It is outdoors, and it is night time. GM adds a Setback die because it is dark. GM adds a Boost die because the target is standing under a street lamp. Do you add both dice, or does the one kind of nullify the other one and you add neither die?
  12. This thread is great! I came here looking for a homebrewed IG-86, and there are a couple entries to mull over. Thanks! I would also like to see a generic protocol droid and a generic astromech. I guess they would be slightly lesser versions (or maybe just a little bit different versions) of C-3PO and R2-D2. Anyone have anything like that you'd like to share and/or create?