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  1. Thank you. I promise promise promise the two new Force powers will be up this weekend. Things are finally settling down for me here and I can devout more brain to the things I love.
  2. The new Consular specs and signature abilities are up. The two(!) new Force powers will be done in the next couple days as can be done. Links to everything in the first post. Quick links to the new things right here... Force and Destiny Specs in green and tan Force and Destiny specs in traditional red and blue Force and Destiny specs in printer-friendly gray scale
  3. Someone has gifted me images of the pages in question. (Thank you very much.) I am working on updating the pdfs this weekend. Will possibly even have it all done and uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning. Gand, are you just wanting a blank sheet with 20 boxes on it? Do you have Photoshop? I could just send you my master template .psd file to modify as you like for your spec.
  4. The article specifically mentions the Android setting. So I am really hoping there will be an Android setting book. Also, I'd love a Runebound setting book. Android and Runebound are both worlds that I've been hoping for RPGs for. Setting books for Genesys? I'll take it! Oh yeah... Hopefully Genesys clears up how Defense is used.
  5. If anyone wants to shoot me scans of the three specs and the force power (or good, flat pics of the pages I can read), I can create the sheets for them forthwith. I mention this option because now it looks like I'm moving back home to Florida in the next three weeks, and I'm going to put a hold on the book being sent to me until I get back home. If someone wants to do this, that's great. Message them to me. Thanks.
  6. Thank you all for the kind words. Obviously, i didn't get it done this weekend. The book is on order though. As soon as it gets here, I'll be working on the sheets and getting them up ASAP.
  7. Yeah, I've been super busy. Haven't even gotten the book yet. New job. Spent last week training in Pittsburgh. Back home in Phoenix now with more training this week. Other personal stuff going on that's been weighing heavily on me too. But, no worries. Perhaps as early as next weekend I can have the new DoH specs up. Thank you very much for asking. I'm happy to know at least some of you use and appreciate the specs.
  8. The gungan player in my group and I brainstormed a bit about gungan culture and society, and we decided that the warriors sometimes used macuahuitl swords. So his character, Loko Deeps, had an heirloom macuahuitl passed down to him and ended up smashing many stormtroopers with it. Loko Deeps character art by our forum's own RodianClone
  9. Sorry, it is more-or-less beyond my skill and/or software abilities at this time to make them editable or form-fillable. Basically, I build the sheets in Photoshop, smash 'em flat, save 'em as .pdf, and smash those together into one file. I very happily share the end result with the community, but I create these for me, and they're good enough for my purposes. I have been toying with the idea of redoing them all again in Publisher so they can be text-selectable or editable or what have you, but that is down the road a little. If you (or anyone else) wants something custom made, I can make it happen. Maybe you want purple and teal instead of red and blue. Or maybe you've rebuilt the pilot spec for your game and want that spec sheet in my style. I can do these things for you. But I am very hesitant to give out my raw, unsmashed .psd files.
  10. Threats on a knowledge check could also be used to step up some danger for the team. They're digging around in matters that someone would rather they didn't. On one or more Threats, the group is now being followed. Or they turn down an alley only to be met by a tough who threatens them if they persist. Or their place is broken into and ransacked...
  11. Actually, Harry flipped a Destiny Point and created "Lando" on the spot. The GM ran with it.
  12. "... to find or scavenge..." To find might use Perception, or Streetwise, or Survival. Which one would depend on the setting or the method used in the search. To scavenge might use Mechanics, or Computers, or Skulduggery to retrieve some specific bit or gain usefulness from junk. "... items or gear..." One could argue the intention here is not to find parts, but to turn non-useful stuff into a useful item or gear. A player may need a comlink, for example, and may want to apply her Utinni! to her attempt to scavenge a working comlink out of a mess of electronic junk.
  13. fist, do you have a movie or TV show gunslinger you want to model yours after? Gunslinger and Performer could make an El Mariachi from Desperado. (And a couple guys who take Heavy and Performer can make the rest of the band.) Gunslinger and Archaeologist could make a Rick O'Connell from The Mummy.
  14. Fixed. Thanks for pointing out the typo! If you see any others, please holler out.
  15. Thanks! I will check it out and fix it tomorrow.