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  1. Hmmm... If Move is used to disarm an opponent, does the person get some sort of check to resist it?
  2. The player says, "I'm going to use Move to slam four dudes against the wall." Unfortunately, only rolls enough pips to slam two dudes against the wall. Can he slam two dudes against the wall, or is he unable to slam any dudes against anything?
  3. The other three PCs aside, I just want to address the two Force users in my game. It's time they face a dark side user, but I don't want to accidentally make him too powerful. The two PCs have grown pretty powerful compared to the sort of foes the group has faced so far. They've got many sessions and lots of XPs under them. One is a Mystic (Seer) with Influence, Move, and Seek. The other is a Guardian (Armorer) with Bind and Sense. Neither have a proper lightsaber yet. The Guardian has a training lightsaber. Dark forces have taken a notice to these two and they're sending an acolyte to kill them. Of course, I don't want to unintentionally create an NPC that's too much for them to handle and they actually get killed. I want a challenging fight that makes the two players realize they're taking their first steps into a larger world now. The acolyte will strike when the other PCs can't help their comrades. If need be, he'll send other others to attack them at the same time the Force-users are getting attacked. I do want this dark acolyte assailant to be more of a physical character. He's going to fight them with a corrupted-crystal-lightsaber. (Corrupted crystals are in Disciples of Harmony.) However, I also want him to have a Force power or two up his sleeve as well. I am very open to suggestions. Species, lightsaber form, Force powers, talents... I think a non-human would be more cool than a human for this NPC. I do know what I don't want for a species: not a Twi'lek, not a Rodian, not a Togruta, not a Shistavanen, not a Trandoshan, not a Karkarodon, and not a Kyuzo. They have encountered all of these in recent sessions. Whacha got!
  4. Here's a fun thing, if I'm distilling all the information correctly. In the description for repulsor fist in LNH, the last bit says that you can still make Brawl attacks without using the repulsor fist's benefits (like when it's recharging), and it is simply considered an unarmed attack. So, for the two rounds the fist is recharging, or for any attack that you didn't want to use the fist's abilities anyway, you can benefit from Iron Body and Supreme Precision Strike.
  5. Do these non-weapon talents work with cyber hands/arms?
  6. Seppie droids

    We played today, but we didn't get this far into the story. Last time we played, the session ended at the beginning of a huge battle in a warehouse. It took our entire session to play it out today. The five PCs, four rival level NPCs, and five minion groups. It was sort of a three-way battle over 98 packets of muon gold and a briefcase of credits. The PCs won and made it out of there with the credits. One of the rival NPCs made off with the muon gold. So much fun! Maybe next session, the PCs will encounter the droid situation. And if not, that's okay. They'll eventually go there and the droids will be waiting.
  7. Seppie droids

    That's a great point about Handling, and I agree with it. I'll back it down to 3. Thanks! I thought consumables included fuel, but I guess not. I'll make that a 0. What?! I've missed some adversary decks? I guess I have. I've missed three of them. Well, they are ordered now. I was wondering when they might come out with more. Thank you. I think you're right about the Skill Jockey being too much. Handling gives boost dice as it is. Skilled Jockey 1 does seem like overkill here. They're not phenomenal pilots, just fast, small, and agile. I don't mind the missile payload for this scenario really. I think the satellite that houses them has a finite resupply of the missiles. In this instance, the deployment satellite was put in orbit for the purpose of destroying any ship that came to the system, and that's only happened once - with the scout in the Jumpmaster. The vultures will close so fast on the PCs' ship, that they'll only get one missile launch off before they're in Close range anyway. I'm okay with this. Solid advice, both of you!
  8. Seppie droids

    They will be encountering some vulture droids when they enter the system. They'll be deployed from one of those satellites that house six of them. One will have been destroyed some time ago, it will be a minion group of five vultures. The scenario is that the PCs will enter the system and discover some wreckage debris. the debris is what remains of a Jumpmaster scout ship and a vulture. Meanwhile, the vulture deployment satellite will scan them and launch the remaining five vultures it has. At Short range, they'll fire a volley of missiles, then close in to Close range for dogfighting fun. (This is what happened to the Jumpmaster years ago. He didn't make it, but managed to take out one of the droids.) This is what I've come up with. Vulture Droid Hull Type/Class: Droid Vehicle/Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid Mk 1 Manufacturer: Baktoid Armor Workshop Crew: droid brain Passengers: None Encumbrance Capacity: 0 Hyperdrive: No Sensor Range: Short Consumables: 2 days Customization Hard Points: 0 Cost/Rarity: R 10,000/8 Silhouette: 2 Speed: 5 (2) Handling: +4 (+1) Armor: 1 HT Threshold: 4 SS Threshold: 8 Defenses: 0/0 Starfighter Mode Weapons: Four Forward Mounted Heavy Blast Cannons (Fire Arc: Forward; Damage: 5; Crit: 4; Range: Close; Linked 3), Two Forward Mounted Concussion Missile Launchers (Fire Arc: Forward; Damage: 6; Crit: 3; Range: Short; Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 3, Slow-Firing 1, Linked 1) Walker Mode Weapons: Two Forward Mounted Concussion Missile Launchers (Fire Arc: Forward; Damage: 6; Crit: 3; Range: Short; Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 3, Slow-Firing 1, Linked 1) Note: Speed and Handling in ( ) are in walker mode. The missile launchers in both modes are the same launchers and share the same Limited Ammo supply. Vulture Droid Brain BR: 2 AG: 3 IN: 1 CU: 2 WP: 1 PR: 1 Skills: Cool, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Vigilance, Gunnery Talents: Skilled Jockey 1 (remove ■ from Piloting checks; Full Throttle (as an action, make a hard Piloting check to increase Speed by 1 for two rounds.) Abilities: Droid (does not need to breathe, eat, or drink and can survive in vacuum and underwater; immune to poisons and toxins).
  9. Seppie droids

    For the most part, and this is what I'm doing for tomorrow if the PCs find this base, I'm making them minions. Compared to B1s, the B2s will have 6 soak (instead of 4) and 6 Wounds (instead of 4). 3 Brawn (instead of 2). And replace the E5 blaster rifles with built-in dual blaster (Damage: 8, Crit: 3, Range [Long], Linked 1) So, very similar to the B1, but uparmored and sturdier and with a better weapon. They won't be facing the B2-HA variant that has the built-in rocket launcher.
  10. I know we have stats for basic B1 droids in the EoE core book. There are IG-100 Magnaguard stats in the FnD core book. T-Series tactical droids are in Lead by Example. Where are others? I thought droideka were somewhere but I can't remember where.... Do we have stats for B2 droids? The PCs might be discovering an old Separatist base when we play tomorrow, and I'd like to put bunches of droids in there that slowly come back online after 20 years of dormancy.
  11. I might suggest mining episodes from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Athena, and all the rest of them were colonial warriors, not just starfighter pilots as they were in the reimagined BSG series. To that end, there were many episodes that took place planetside and made use of a variety of skills and stories. Of course, many episode stories also relied on, or had acts, starfighter battles. This is what the Battlestar Galactica wiki says about colonial warriors: "'Colonial Warrior' is a universal term to describe the highly-skilled Viper pilots and soldiers of the Colonial military. Warriors are extremely versatile in many combat roles, and are well regarded for extremely unconventional thinking for special missions."
  12. Awesome. So it's a free maneuver. Fair enough. Thanks!
  13. You can trade an action for a maneuver, but you're still bound by the rules for maneuvers. That is, (1) you are still limited to two maneuvers during your turn, and (b) a second maneuver costs 2 Strain to make. There doesn't really seem to be a benefit to trading an action for a maneuver. Is the gained maneuver supposed to be a free maneuver? Am I missing something?
  14. Environment and Initiative

    Ahh. Simplicity.
  15. Environment and Initiative

    The way Successes and Advantages work in initiative are pretty well explain, but how would a Threat work? Or, would you use it like any other Threat rolled in any other check?