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  1. Nothing. It was looted of Jedi loot a long time ago. Sorry to say. However, there may be one or more things there of more recent vintage. Have a talk with yourself about what's go on with this place since its fall. Who or what has come and gone over the centuries (millennia?) since it was used by the Jedi. Also, place anything you *want* the players to have there.
  2. Starting a new campaign (years ago), one player rolled up a Force user who had a little dark side in him. After the first session, he decided Friday nights would cut into his clubbing, so he left the game. I explained that his character had been taken/kidnapped. Thinking that was simply the character's "out," the other players didn't bother investigating. A few sessions later, the character came back as a fully full-on dark side Force using NPC. He became one of the group's primary nemeses. They hated him so much....
  3. Westerns are a lot of fun. Dealands in its current form is a setting book for the Savage Worlds rules (which are actually the evolution of 1st edition Deadlands rules), but I prefer the mahclunkiness of the classic system. Dogs in the Vineyard is interesting, but I never caught into it.
  4. 40 years here! I started around this time in 1980. I was a wee lad of almost 12 and a school buddy introduced me to AD&D. Some of my favorite oldies from long ago... Traveller. 1st edition. Mostly for the character creation and the way your stats and a planet's stats were in code. Well, code-ish... Boot Hill. 1st edition. The first non-D&D game I ever purchased. Fun, fast system. I love westerns. Twilight:2000. 1st edition. My first experience with a truly crunchy system. Loved the character creation. Loved trying to figure out vehicle armor. Oh, and rules for dysentery! Good luck. You're on your own. Rolemaster. 1st and 2nd editions. I met Rolemaster in 1992. Never played D&D again. Of course, I haven't played Rolemaster since... 2005? Love crunchy systems. The crits were a hit. I really enjoyed the feel of fantasy as presented by RM and their canned setting Shadow World. I miss Rolemaster. Champions. 4th edition and beyond. Another fine crunchy system. Character creation is extremely fiddly. I loved throwing handfuls of d6s on every attack. Super game! I miss Champions. Deadlands. 1st edition. Back to westerns but with a horror twist. Loved the system. Had a very unique feel to it. The setting was simply fantastic. I miss Deadlands. 7th Sea. 1st edition. Pirates. Swashbuckling. Sorcery. Light horror elements. A wonderful setting with a fun system. This is the first system I played where players had some real narration rights. Sometimes I miss 7th Sea. I still have all the Deadlands and 7th Sea books. The rest are long gone. I've decluttered my gaming library over the years. I kinda wish I still had the Rolemaster books, but I don't cry myself to sleep about it. I recently picked up Champions Complete, which is the latest version of the 6th edition rules.
  5. It's a one-shot game, not a campaign. I'm just looking to nail down the sorts of things the villain, who is one of their own, is going to do to gain Dooku's attention and favor. The plot is fairly simple. The young Jedi knights arrive on Kamino. The rogue one sets about doing villainous stuff. The PCs have X amount of time to foil those plans and catch the culprit. I'm going to have six pre-gen characters and five players. The character that doesn't get picked is the bad guy.
  6. Bariss Ofee. Pong Krell.
  7. The Clone Wars. You are a newly minted Jedi knight, but you are having a crisis of faith. You secretly researched former Jedi master Count Dooku and have become sympathetic to the Separatists. You want to reach out to him and switch sides, but you have to gain his attention... You are being sent to Kamino with a few other young knights to join clone units being shipped out to various fronts. Now is your chance. Your plan is to sabotage the facilities at Tipoca City, sow chaos, perhaps garner some Intel, and escape, making your way to CIS territory. What sorts of sabotage and mayhem do you engage in? (This is for the antagonist in an upcoming one-shot I'm running. The PCs will be the other young Jedi knights mentioned above. They will need to run damage control and catch the falling knight before they can escape.)
  8. These are wonderful, but I am confused how to save them to my computer. It wants to save as a webpage. It wants to save a folder as well, but the folder seems to be filled with nonsense. I'm not seeing any images.
  9. "You jump into hyperspace and make it partway, but are pulled out early because _______." General hyperdrive malfunction. It overheated, or a spring sprung that should have sprang. Mynocks, or maybe some yournocks, chewed on some cables at the previous spaceport. Ghosts. Unexplained quirk. Monkey-lizards are loose in engineering. "How did monkey-lizards get on the ship?!" Malfunctioning navicomputer. Deliberate sabotage.
  10. Wizardry 4. You played Trebor (or maybe it was Werdna) who was an evil, evil sorcerer imprisoned on the lowest level of the dungeon. You break out of your cell and have to explore and fight your way to the surface.
  11. I just subscribed to your channel and watched the Hills Have Eyes episode. Fun stuff!
  12. Sounds a bit harsh to me. A single die roll that is completely random and without regard to how healthy or tough the character is. I feel like a better way might be a Hard Resilience check. Threats and Despairs can be used to impose blindness or even death. A slab is pretty safe for the occupant. Falling over, sliding around... These sorts of things should not impose a penalty out of hand. The costs of slabbing someone should not be too expensive, or otherwise it doesn't make sense to imprison this way. I might say the carbon freezing process costs a hundred credits maybe. The electronic gear in the slab is maybe a hundred more credits. Maybe 200 more. Then the slab has no maintenance cost; it maintains itself.
  13. Try this link. Let me know if it is not working. Compiled Talents It is an Excel spreadsheet. There are three pages to it. Page one is the list, page two are the descriptions (minus dice symbols), and page three is the bibliography. It is currently unfinished; I need to crack down and get it done.
  14. I do have one. I'll post it up again when I'm at my computer. It's the excel spreadsheet I use when I'm putting together specs.
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