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  1. In one game, the PCs managed to crash-splash their ship on a water world. It was staying afloat, but they certainly needed and wanted to get back to space ASAP. As they assessed the damage, they were soon surrounded by a bunch of friendly and obviously primitive aquatic people. The people very curiously watched the PCs for awhile before approaching and offering some fish. One of the PCs, a Rodian, decided he was going to strip down and jump into the water. He frolicked for a bit with the people. The PCs' NPC protocol droid came topside to see what was going on. One of the players asked the droid what it might know of these people. I had them roll the droid's Outer Rim skill. The net result was one Triumph and one Despair. The droid said, "I'm unfamiliar with this species. But they're probably man-eaters," and went back into the ship. The Rodian player looked at me and asked, "wait, was that the Triumph, or the Despair?" I simply shrugged and mentioned that his new friends were tugging on him... probably to play some more. He got out of the water so fast!
  2. Maybe the second edition version will say to flip a Destiny point instead of making a Medicine check.
  3. I wonder what is different. I print mine, of course, directly from the .psd file and not from the .pdf. I wonder if it happens in the compressing that smallpdf does to make the size of the .pdf files manageable.
  4. He receives an urgent and dire message saying he *must* come home to... save his mum, or whatever. High school reunion... something. Now he must decide between the dire and urgent threat, or keep to the exile.
  5. I like this one. I've been looking for some sort of drop ship. Is the art from something in particular, or just art?
  6. Let the players make up something reasonable (or even fantastic), and have them roll their dice. GM: "buzz droids." Player: "uhh... (channeling LaForge) if I reciprocate the dynoflow from the S-foil capacitors back into the magnaheat exchangers, it should electrify the skin of the ship and disable the buggers." GM: "cool! Give me a hard Mechanics check."
  7. I used Lando at the beginning of a campaign once to give the PCs their ship. He was incognito and used the name Gryphon Starchaser. He lost his ship to them (on purpose) in a game of sabacc. The ship, a YT-1300, was a real lemon and he wasn't finding any legitimate buyers. A short time later, the PCs were carrying cargo (some furniture) to the Organa family mountain retreat on Alderaan. In a daring get-away, they managed to save Bail Organa's life from the Deathstar. A trio of TIE fighters pursued them in their escape. Just as they were exiting the system, the Falcon was entering the system. They convinced Bail to go into hiding and begin a campaign of guerrilla style attacks against the Empire. On occasion, he would have a job for the PCs, but not too often.
  8. Just tag certain melee weapons as Agility-based. Rapiers, foils, dirks, whatever... use Agility instead of Brawn. Done.
  9. I'm also hyped for this one. Looking forward to running it. I don't care much for their Sentinels setting, though. I'm thinking of using the City of Heroes MMO setting and filling it out with a bunch of my own creations.
  10. Kashyyykian monkey-lizards. They make fun pets when caught and tamed, but in the wild? Lock everything down.
  11. Definitely supposed to be passive. I'll fix it this weekend. Thanks!
  12. That would be super helpful. Then it would mostly be just plugging in the text. (I think.)
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