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  1. Pre Tourney Stuff My meta and I had been busy as of late, and unfortunately, that means playing thrones was a rare occurrence. Lucky for us a new FAQ had been released 2 weeks prior so our laziness in deck construction and play testing working to our advantage. After kicking around a few ideas and playing 5 games, we were ready. So we head down to beautiful downtown Indianapolis for my first Gencon with a pocketful of dreams. I brought my entire meta (minus my buddy Louie Vent) so I was feeling confident that Mallesh and I would have a strong showing. I had been practicing learning the art of good melee play but I’m afraid I still lack the skill to sit down at the same table with people I know. Hopefully, if I put enough practice I can win this separate but equal event. Thursday The warm up event! I had heard about this thing last year. I get a cool AGOT deck of cards for playing which is nice, because I get my butt kicked. I can only watch from afar as my dreams of victory go down the drain. I would like to say it was also nice meeting people from the numerous other metas, and those cheaters from DC. A friend of mine who plays L5R finished up his warm up event around the same time, but couldn’t carry all the prize support he got so I help him bring it to the car. Friday Here it is, the event I’ve been waiting for all year. I bring a solid Lannister kneel deck which I hope doesn’t draw too much attention, but alas I finish 2 games: both in third place. I realize that there is still an outside chance I could win the overall title since that doesn’t require me to win either Melee or Joust event so I’m still pretty happy. I’m also pretty pumped to get alternate title cards. Since I come from a meta of 3, so it gets pretty mundane looking at the same old ones. We leave the con a little early to prep for Saturday. After much discussion and drinking we decide to run 2 bad decks that are so bad, they are good. Saturday Since I only have 14 hours to game today, I decide to skip some of the big board game demos much to my chagrin. We did get a nice box for participation which works great since I can put my deck of cards and title cards in it, with plenty of room for other stuff. As for the Joust I don’t’ want to go into too much detail here, since I hate Joust but it seems like everyone was right about Maesters ruining the National Championships. The good news is the tournament was the 2nd highest of all time so I can’t wait to see how big the World tournament will be. I’m guessing even larger, maybe even 200. I can’t focus on that now, because I promised my friend last year I’d win for him. He had made it deep into last year’s event, but unfortunately the pin that he won fell between his car seats, never to be seen again. I fail again, but it was fun. There is always next year, I hope. After the event, we all go out and experiment with alcohol and I find that it is to my liking. I don’t remember what happened after but I was told it got weird, fast. Sorry Rings! Sunday We party a lot and everyone needs to time to recover. I show up on Sunday looking to maybe get in some games or play another tournament of some sort. Lucky for us the decks we got on Thursday are meant to play solitaire on Sunday. Overall, a great time for my first Gencon! I’d like thank all the people I met for the first time this weekend, and express my gratitude for their good mannered play and insight into the game. I’d like to especially thank Ktom who runs this thing every year like a true icon of the community, Also, props to Nate who has been crucial in the growth and guidance of this game. I’d like to thank the other people who make this all possible, not all of whom I talked to, but appreciate their efforts nonetheless. PS. Don’t take this report too seriously. And DC players have been nothing but nice to me, and I have respect for their ability as great players of this game. They do not cheat. I was kidding. OK? Let us move on. The Wrap Up: If you don’t understand, let me shed some light. This report is a joke, nothing more. This is a culmination of the general consensus of the player base I spoke with. I’m not trying to attack anyone because again, I know this is a thankless job and we must be wary of the entitlement us older players feel about a game we’ve been playing for so long. But I’d like to ask a few questions going forward: 1.Will worlds be better supported? Its been talked to death, but we know that worlds will have a smaller turnout. The question is, what makes me want to spend hundreds of dollars to go? I love the community and have nothing but respect for the guys in charge, but to motivate myself go leave my girl right before a major holiday and battle horrible weather I would like to know I can at least get a something nice. FFG is famous for innovation in design and business models. Can we put some of that power into showing a little love for the players? Custom Deck Boxes, power counters, house cards all of this stuff is great. I would be happy to pay $15 for a world level event if top 16 /8/4/2 would get cool stuff for playing a tournament for 7+ hours. 2.Will rolling FAQs become a thing of the future or will updates be posted 2 weeks prior? Again, I’m in favor of updates, hopefully at the start of each month so we have a general idea of the environment before we go on a major trip. I also realize emergencies happen, but hopefully not as often. 3. Is it possible to run more events / new formats at large cons? I can’t speak for everyone, but I only get a chance to play in tournaments twice a year. When I do pony up the cash, I’d like to play in tournaments. I realize the general apathy the player base has for side events, but I can’t help but feel it has something to do with the prizes offered. Gencon had 3 (three) events. If I had known what I know now, I would have saved $300 and just showed up for Saturday and Sunday. I'd like that to change if possible. 4.Please change overall champ to player of the year. This won’t happen but I will throw it out there. Lets change this nonsense of a champion who doesn’t have to win either event to someone who consistently does well at a large events. We have enough now to create a point list: Black Friday, Kubla, Regional Events, Staleck, Gencon and any other event FFG could officially sanction.The highest score perhaps based on top x finishes would win a chance to create a card. And for those who would argue that it favors those of us who spend time and money to show up to more events, I disagree. I would argue player of the year is measured in more than just wins. They have invested themselves in the game and have gone to extraordinary lengths to support other communities. If they win or do well, they deserve to be rewarded. It is a shame when a bad hand or setup can cost you the game, or if the randomness of melee can decide when a clearly stronger player is denied a championship or accolade. Adding Melee when by most definitions is not a competitive event to the formula is silly. This year, It was spelled out that working as a team in melee was frowned on and many people joked and shouted "collusion". It made me feel bad for last year's champ and left a bad taste in my mouth; the day had finally come when we had to police perceived shady play. The irony in my mind is that when I speak with die hard melee players, making deals and back stabbing is fine because its just like the books, just not when agreements are made before hand nobody else knows about…..like the books. Well, I want to thank everyone again, and I don't want this to seem like an attack. I have fun at Gencon and I always am excited to play thrones, thanks all and see you at the next tourney! Billy Jack
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