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  1. Sorry, Dax. After finals, life turned toward job searching (and the search goes on), plus my computer took a nosedive. This is still on my to-do list, it just got pushed way down. I'll do my best to come up with something soon.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I've been buried in preparation for finals. I got it. Thank you, Dax. Hopefully some time next week I can start updating my PDFs!
  3. Ah! I understand now. Actually, Google Drive would be great. Thank you again for this, Dax!
  4. That's great news, Dax! Unfortunately, these seem to be links to the old AEG forums, and when I try to access them I just get the error message: "You are not authorised to read this forum."
  5. I don't see much need for a crash period afterward, at least not from a game-balance point of view. The bushi is stuck in one spot, so this isn't something that can be used much during the action of a session. Basically, the Watcher is the ultimate night watchman while the party camps. Maybe just add something about how the technique can't be used again until the Watcher has had a full night's sleep (whenever that comes).
  6. Do you happen to know who the original author of that document is? It's me . I hoped you'd say that! This is great material. Very useful, so thank you for sharing it. I was hoping you could provide some of the explanation you mentioned in another post, such as the "Rank 2 Trait Advancements". I assume that's just what is necessary to quickly bump the NPC to Rank 2?
  7. Do you happen to know who the original author of that document is?
  8. You're very welcome. I love creating things like this that can be shared with the community. Naturally, this project would never have been possible without the brilliant mind, hard work, and generosity of Isawa Nazomitsu.
  9. I realize I'm coming in to answer this question rather late, but I've only just started poking around the L5R community again after quite a hiatus. After seeing this, I was inspired to update the CFS collection for a 4th Edition design (and mechanics, where needed). This version of the complete collection includes ten new ones that have never been in the PDFs before, I'm afraid I never archived any of Nazomitsu's CFS scenarios after #110. So if anyone has them, please let me know and I will gladly add them to the collection. Likewise, if you find anything that needs fixing (e.g. typos, 3rd Edition mechanics), shoot me a PM and I'll try to get it fixed. Challenge, Focus, Strike! – The Complete Collection (#1-110)
  10. (Quotations don't seem to be working well for me…so I improvised. Is there a way to preview before I post?) "Yes, it is likely that the core rules will be duplicated in each of the books, but in all probability, they will include new classes and background information that fit within the focus of that book. Would you prefer one book that tries to be all things to all people, or seperate books that allow people to play the types of games they want to play?" Yes, that's exactly what I would prefer. WEG did it quite handily. It isn't that hard. Give people the basics in the core book, then expand into finer details in expansion books. "It seems that even though you will be able to create pilots, mercenary soldiers and force users (which you've identified as 'core' classes), you seem to have already decided that you don't want to play this game because you feel that you've been stiffed by other games that have used similar models in the past?" That's encouraging, but it doesn't get around the issue I have with buying the same set of rules three times. It's just totally unnecessary, and strikes me as a way to charge more for material that should be either in a single core book, or in a cheaper expansion book. Also, just to be clear, one of my other big issues is the use of what appears to be a "class" system. It's disappointing that characters in a setting as vast and versatile as Star Wars gets pigeon-holed into a handful of pre-selected professions. I certainly hope the careers and specialties are just loose frameworks (though, if that were the case, why have them in the first place?), or at the very least, there is an option for a more freeform character, eschewing careers. "You mention Pinnacle and White Wolf as examples of 'how things should be', but Pinnacle don't seem to be that active in producing their own products (most of the books released for savage worlds are by third parties, with only a few books by Pinnacle themselves), and white wolf seem to be going for a more PDF only approach (although they are doing a 20th anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade) so I don't think that either of those are good examples of business models that FFG should follow." I'm not sure what you consider "that active," but Pinnacle puts out new books fairly regularly, in both print and PDF form. Not to mention that they get licensing fees from those third-party companies, and those products only help to ensure more Savage Worlds core books are purchased. Not a bad business model, if you ask me. As for White Wolf, so they're going more toward PDF only (something I was unaware of)…and this is a problem? Are they producing material? Are they making money? Can customers buy a single core rulebook, then expand upon it as they desire with expansion material? Sure, FFG can't make Star Wars PDFs, and that's unfortunate. But that doesn't excuse the unnecessary inflation of their products. "The way I look at is that I get to play the game earlier than I otherwise would. We know that the full version of the game is being released sometime in 2013, but we don't know when; it's entirely possible that the game won't be released until Gencon next year, but we can play it now - potentially a full year before the game is released." I'm happy for you. I mean that sincerely. I'm glad this works out for you. As I said, I can let go of the $30 beta. I just won't buy it. As for the rest, just try to understand why it doesn't work for me, why it offends my sensibilities as a customer and gamer, and why I might want to let FFG know these things.
  11. DaemonicShaman said: Pirate Spice said: Even worse that many desirable character options aren't available in the initial release (and require buying entirely new core rulebooks to get them). Requiring special dice is unattractive as a consumer. I'm just curious, what 'desirable character options' aren't available? From what I've read, the only options that you cannot play straight out of the book are things like 'full' Jedi, hotshot fighter pilots, and maybe soldiers (although 'guns for hire' are available). "…'full' Jesi, hotshot fighter pilots, and maybe soldiers…" You just named three of the most iconic and/or essential roles of Star Wars. Those are exactly the options I'm talking about. Honestly, I can forgive the $30 beta. Some excellent points have been made here about how there is obviously a market for it. I don't like it. I think it's ill-treatment of customers like me who would otherwise like to help out with feedback. But ultimately, I can get over it, as I play plenty of games I've never beta-tested for. It's mostly the three core rulebooks that gets my goat, on top of the other issues I've named. It sucked when D&D did it, and at least they gave you entirely new material with each core book (PHB, DMG, MM). It sucked buying the same rules for each new World of Darkness line back in the old days. Even back when I played Palladium games, it was frustrating purchasing the same set of rules with every new game. To me, this seems like a huge step backward in RPG development, when other companies (e.g. White Wolf, Pinnacle) have figured out the way to go is a single, inexpensive core rulebook with modular books afterward to enhance the game. That would have worked so well here.
  12. I am sorely disappointed. Charging for a Beta is nonsense. Three core rulebooks is a waste of money and book space. Class-based (sorry, "career-based") systems are usually limiting and unimaginitive. Even worse that many desirable character options aren't available in the initial release (and require buying entirely new core rulebooks to get them). Requiring special dice is unattractive as a consumer. I had really hoped for an interesting game, and maybe this one is. But FFG is doing everything wrong, in my opinion, and making certain I'll never get the chance to try it out. Because I'm sure as heck not paying THEM for the privilege of testing their game for them. Bad move, FFG. Bad move.
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