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  1. Can you please tell me if it is possible for a Black Crusade character to obtain two different pieces of equipment, each of which being the same item (e.g. power sword), and avoid the negative modifier for the amount of items during character creation? For example, my character has a 20 Infamy. It is possible for me to obtain 2 pieces of equipment. I want to get a power sword as the first piece and a power sword as the second piece. Can I do it? Or is it required to obtain both swords as a single piece of equipment with the rarity modified by the minor amount of items?
  2. "Chains of Judgement" was reneamed in "Hungry for slaughter" as it's macnhine spirit call him so. It's aggressive and bloodthirsty spirit witch want to hear a music of war again.
  3. I'm GM and our partie plays 9 sessions in Yekaterinburg (Ural mountains, Russia). Warband Crusaders of Horus consist of: - Sorcerer Dendemekh, former Thousand Son, now - Word Bearer. - Chosen Sabbat Trask XII from Word Bearers Legion. Tear apart in melee combat any foe, even Gray Knight. - Lord of warband, champion Cir from Lunar Wolfes (not Black Legion). Respect Horus far more than Abaddon. - Heretek King of Swarm Laeran - former Adeptus Biologus techprist. Posessed by idea to built up an swarm of termites combined with servitors. - Former acolute of Inquisition Kelly Blackwood - insane acolyte one of the phaenites Inquisitors. Daemon in she's mind twisted her perception of reality. She see on the place of CSM loyal SM, in Chaos worshippers - faithful God-Emperor servants, and so on. All partie whaite when she see the trutn and butthirt of character. - Former Rogue Trader Lein Eriksson (twisted Ericsh) - seek truth about whom blood sealed his Trade Patent. This secret was too danger and forbidden, and he connect with rather outlaws: criminals, chaos trells, dark eldar and another interesting persons. This lead him to attack an Navy and in prison, where all partie meets. And some NPC: - Choosen Ciro (see Broken chains) from Alpha Legion. - Champion Chark Shidar from Word Bearers, Gifted by Gods with ash wings. - Dark skitarii Ro-Mu-13. Untypically AdMech servant - smokes, jokes, and flirtates with Kelly. Slaanesh worshipper. - Former acolyte of Inquisition, adept Damian Dorn. Latest join NPC, catched by warband and turned to Chaos.
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