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  1. Jeffrywith1e

    The Prisoner - our first Genesys playthrough

    "What do you want!?" "Information."
  2. Jeffrywith1e

    Dude's Family Adventures Podcast

    Subscribed. Thank you for sharing. I'll let you know how I like it
  3. Jeffrywith1e

    The Sol System 2088: A hard sci-fi setting

    The link no longer seems to work. Is this available elsewhere? Thank you
  4. Jeffrywith1e

    Genesys Spycraft

    Sorry, what is this AoR Spy Book you guys speak of?!
  5. Jeffrywith1e

    Genesys Spycraft

    I've pretty much given up on 3rd Edition.
  6. Jeffrywith1e

    Genesys Spycraft

    Full on Spycraft, including Shadowforce Archer!
  7. Jeffrywith1e


    Until there is one, or at least an answer if there'll be one- there is our unofficial one here...
  8. Jeffrywith1e

    Genesys Wikia

    I didn't know about the reddit one. Lets stick with that one.
  9. Jeffrywith1e

    Genesys Wikia

    Should we start a wiki for fan made and official resources? http://genesys.wikia.com/wiki/GENESYS_Wiki
  10. Jeffrywith1e

    Discord Server for all things Genesys.

    This is cool. I've never used Discord before.
  11. Jeffrywith1e

    So, any bets on how they might fix defense during an attack?

    I've been sitting on the announcement at work unable to thoroughly read the post until I got home when I read this. The name Genesys is much prefered to GURPS or BRP or EBA or WOIN or even Savage Worlds.
  12. Jeffrywith1e

    So, any bets on how they might fix defense during an attack?

    Brilliant! I have to admit I hadn't seen it, but I think my mind was working it out all day.
  13. It wouldn't be easy to do that in Aurebesh.
  14. Jeffrywith1e

    Spark of Rebellion Full Release!

    Nope. I believe this version is locked in as is. In a discussion about this very topic I came to my own conclusion that the official stats are for the stock mode. where the Spark version is more like Hera's modified ship. More for my own idiosyncrasies.
  15. Jeffrywith1e

    Spark of Rebellion Full Release!

    Are there different 'to print' files for this? Or was that made with the PDF that's available?