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  1. Normally I would agree but Spitfire can allocate hits after the check: SPITFIRE Activation: Passive Ranked: No Trees: Gunslinger After the character makes a successful combined check with two Ranged (Light) weapons, each additional hit generated as part of the attack can be allocated to any other target within range of the weapon. Which is where part of the problem comes from. My initial thought was the Wookiee stepped in and took the first hit, the Rodian could then declare that the next hit struck a different target as i would presume the Wookiee took the place of the initial target? But this would over-ride the signature ability, hence why i impose a cost of a truimph, which was then questioned.....
  2. We had a bit of an interesting situation arise last night at the end of the session, I wanted to make a quick GM ruling but there were too many variables and conflicting thoughts that I ended the session with the view that I would send in a Dev question, however in the meantime (and until I can get home to look at my books for specific wording) I wanted to see what thoughts the collective might have on this situation: So, the players have ended up having Elaiza from Jewel of Yavin join two of the party, whilst waiting for the player that actually stole the Gem to arrive at the current location (the group has two ships which always makes planning interesting). Anyway, they all got invited to attend a meeting with a Hutt to discuss the possible sale of the jewel, hear the story of how the jewel was stolen and to talk over a potential job offer. Elaiza was invited along and the party all came together at the relevant time. The Rodian thief quickly hustled past Elaiza, who was aware that he had the Jewel. Elaiza rolled to see if she could keep the 'jewel lust' hidden but failed her cool role, the Rodian saw her change of demeanour, she saw him see this and in a bad choice reached for where her lightsabre normally hung on her hip. I called initiative and the Rodian went first; he drew both his pistols and opened fire (he has lots of the dual fighting gunslinger talents) scoring a solid hit with lots of advantage and a triumph. At this point the Wookiee Marauder who has come to like Elaiza activated his Unmatched Protection signature ability to protect his ally and stepped in to take the hit (I know that according to RAW and a previous Dev answer that this shouldn't be activated as an 'out of turn' incidental but lets ignore that for now!). The problem arose with regards to how many hits can this ability protect the ally from? The wording of the ally protection bit of the sig ability references a single attack, so the Wookiee argued that this was a single attack. The Rodian has a talent that would allow hits to be allocated to multiple targets, lending credence to the argument that the Wookiee would take the first hit but the hit from the second gun could bypass the Wookiee and still hit Elaiza. And thinking about it, the Rodian could choose not activate the second hit which leads me to believe that the second hit in theory does count as a second attack. My immediate ruling was to say that the Wookiee took the first hit (at half damage) but that the Rodian could spend his triumph to have the additional hit to still strike Elaiza. This was then questioned by another player asking if it meant the Triumph was the same value as the two destiny points that were spent to activate the sig ability. It was late, I was tired, and it was at that point I decided to leave it unresolved as I ran out of energy. Has this come up in anyone else's game or does anyone have any thoughts on how to interpret all of this?
  3. lupex

    Star Wars Genesys

    Maybe three skills: control, sense, alter ?
  4. Aren't the odds of casting a spell like this comparable to using a ranged weapon at medium range that has multiple qualities? Why should the magic user have better odds than the other characters to hit/do amazing things?
  5. Or pay the xp to increase the relevant magic skill, that will make it easier to succeed and to generate advantage
  6. A hefty cost that balances out magic with non-magic attacks that usually have a 3 difficulty as standard.
  7. Although activating active qualities for weapons costs 2 advantage, so I would keep this to make spells comparable with weapons.
  8. lupex

    No Article?

    You keep saying that, I don't think it means what you think it means!
  9. lupex

    No Article?

  10. I was thinking of running some fighting fantasy adventures with the Genesys pre-gen characters and the adversaries from Edge of the kingdom, other conversions should be pretty easy on the fly.
  11. I do exactly this, and then watch as the player works out if it's worth spending a destiny point on, which adds some tension and puts the player squarely in control of the encounter.
  12. But with a good co-pilot (and the flat co-pilot action difficulty) you can downgrade the difficulty considerably, allowing a freighter to out manuvre the pursuing tie fighters.
  13. I finally got to grips with vehicle rules whilst playing the race in Jewel of Yavin, one of the most complicated vehicle set peices I have ever run. It really helped to just treat the piloting roll as the fly/drive manuvre, leaving the pilot with either a 2nd manuvre or an action. Flying faster allowed the pilot to pull ahead but increased the chances of messing things up for that round, which makes sense. Co-pilots had a choice of either helping out the pilot, doing damage control or firing the guns. The co-pilot action really is a boon to the pilot and helped to downgrade the piloting difficulty of most piloting rolls, making it easier for the pilot to fly faster and better.
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