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  1. How about using bad motivator talent 😂
  2. If you stat it, they can kill it!
  3. I was thinking of running some fighting fantasy adventures with the Genesys pre-gen characters and the adversaries from Edge of the kingdom, other conversions should be pretty easy on the fly.
  4. I do exactly this, and then watch as the player works out if it's worth spending a destiny point on, which adds some tension and puts the player squarely in control of the encounter.
  5. But with a good co-pilot (and the flat co-pilot action difficulty) you can downgrade the difficulty considerably, allowing a freighter to out manuvre the pursuing tie fighters.
  6. I finally got to grips with vehicle rules whilst playing the race in Jewel of Yavin, one of the most complicated vehicle set peices I have ever run. It really helped to just treat the piloting roll as the fly/drive manuvre, leaving the pilot with either a 2nd manuvre or an action. Flying faster allowed the pilot to pull ahead but increased the chances of messing things up for that round, which makes sense. Co-pilots had a choice of either helping out the pilot, doing damage control or firing the guns. The co-pilot action really is a boon to the pilot and helped to downgrade the piloting difficulty of most piloting rolls, making it easier for the pilot to fly faster and better.
  7. I do remember playing it back in the day and making a pretty good couple of sessions out of it, but I probably adapted it as I went as I do with most adventures. So fun but not overly memorable. I guess a lot of it comes out of what you find fun and interesting at the time, I mean Aurin actually really liked Onslaught on Arda 1, whereas I thought it was full of holes and too many GM fiat moments to make it workable. As long as we all enjoy when we play then it's ok to have different views on the same adventure.
  8. The speed junkiee and the Wookiee headed back to the main ship in port town, whilst the slicer headed back up to thier other ship docked on one of the standard landing platforms at the main commercial port, he was confronted by three of Stim's soldiers (from the D20 radio adventure 'Enemy of my Enemy'), whilst the old Jedi Elaiza waited by the port town ship hoping to persuade the group to hand over the Jewel. It was interesting running the split group but having both encounters play out. As the thief made his way down the wind tunnel and then back up through the station, an emergency announcement from Lando signalled the start of the Empires occupation. One thing I didn't expect was for Elaiza to be invited on the ship to rendezvous with the thief and the Jewel. It will be interesting to see how this plays out whilst running the next adventure on Vanqor, especially as they are likely to be 5 days ahead of the other ship due a better hyperdrive.
  9. The gala went as planned, lots of plotting and fun interactions with the bidders. They got the final bid up to 315,000 credits. So, the racer hired the club next door to the museum to act as a distraction for the thief if needed. The thief hid in the store cupboard after faking a delivery for the gift shop and then hid until the gala had finished. Dr Strange, the group slicer/medic snuck off to get the banking droid and transferred the funds to an account belonging to a rebel contact. The thief came out of the storage cupboard and followed close behind the security detail, and then when the groups Wookiee marauder set off fireworks out front as a distraction, he darted into the Jewel room, disabled the security screen with a well placed ion shot, grabbed the Jewel and then flipped a destiny to activate the thiefs disappearing act signature ability, absconding down the garbage shute. It was great fun.
  10. This site has some really good reviews of the original west end games adventures, and other articles, to supplement the excellent work of Aurin
  11. Yeah, it's a surprise move from FFG, not sure who the audience is really. I loved the D6 version, the sourcebook expanded the Star Wars universe far beyond what was in the movies and was so immersive that I spun lots of adventures off it. Back in 1987, at the age of 13, I picked up both books for £10 each. Will I buy these? Despite everything its certainly tempting.
  12. I am finally getting to this set of adventures as I get to the next stage of my EotE campaign, so far these all look pretty solid and will be fun to run my players through. The sourcebook side of things is also really well put together, many thanks. I was wondering if the new options, or adversaries, have been compiled ready for upload to Ogg's generator? That would really speed up my encounter creation and tracking for these one-shots.
  13. I don't usually have a problem with this as most adventures are set so that either the PCs are sent on a mission or hired to do a job or stumble on to a situation. This feels very old school in that the PCs arrive and are the only ones with the skills to help solve all the problems, my players will ask "why isn't anyone else going for help"? And I need a clear answer to make it believable.
  14. I have skimmed the adventure in prep for introducing it to my edge group, they were going to be captured by imps and then freed by the spy and asked to take details of the attack to the station, but the adventure has raised a question for me - why are the PCs the ones to solve the issues, get the station defences ready and to get help, why isn't anyone else capable of doing this? Does the adventure clearly and adequately spell this out?