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  1. I would say that pound for pound, Strange Remnants is the best for it's price, as you get the extremely important focus tokens, some really cool investigators, and a really interesting elder god, in addition to more cards for the location deck. Honestly, I would get it in addition to Forsaken lore if you can find it now. Hope that helps!
  2. I think those will be used in a future expansion down the line in the campaign. That's usually what LOTR LCG has done.
  3. Looking good! Looks like this will be similar to the first adventure pack from the grey heavens. Loving the heroes as well! Liking the objective allies, although it sucks that they are immune to player card effects...
  4. I think what also really works with the Caldara Archetype is Elven-Light. because it works the opposite like most cards (play from the discard and it goes into your hand), you essentially have the choice with Arwen to either draw a card or get a resource (as it costs 1). I've used it to great effect, and Lindr also works with the archetype, as you will be emptying your hand regularly. Now all it needs is better combat or defense. Perhaps with the Spirfindel Ally that will be coming out, the archetype will be even better!
  5. Yeah, Lindr seems like he'd be good in a mono-spirit deck, where card draw is somewhat hard. Perhaps in a Caldara deck?
  6. Seems pretty cool. How do you find the card draw? Does the lack of it hurt the consistency?
  7. I have a giant 4000 card white cardboard box that I keep all of my encounter cards, unsleeved, with white plastic dividers. However, I may have to get some more space, as I'm running out of room.
  8. Unfortunately, Edge Entertainment (FFG distributor in Spain) does not allow to show pictures of the spanish cards of this game, and I will respect this. But I can say that Amarthiúl art looks like Aria Stark in Game of Thrones tv show... (even Amarthiúl is male...) No Problem! Are we getting any other allies in this pack? Looks like Dunedain is getting better and better!
  9. I think the reason Dori is subpar is because Dwarves can be quite powerful, and defense is one of their weakness. Now, what you can do is use Dori with Dain, and Dain has a 5 defense, which can be used in a pinch, and for smaller enemies, you can use Longbeard sentry. In the meantime, focus on ramping up dwarves to quest, and that should be a fairly competent dwarf deck that can be played solo as well. Just a thought.
  10. Lore I know doesn't have resource acceleration per se, but it does have a lot of cost reducing, probably most powerful of which is Grima. With Keys of Orthanc and Wormtongue, you can get a fair amount of resources in just lore. And Spirit can help with Grima's downside of the threat increase. I should see how well this actually works...
  11. Just beat the quest with a Sam/Tactics Merry/Lore Pippin Ent deck on normal. got a cluch Tighten Our Belts on the first turn, and was able to get three ents in play (including Treebeard) on the second turn. Spent about 3 rounds on the first stage, ammasing an army of tree people, and then went to the second stage. Got almost overwhelmed by the threat in the staging area (including 2 sharpshooters in there), but my high hp allies prevailed, and I took out the trolls one by one and won eventually. This was fun! Can't wait to hear what the next challenge will be. I really like this as it gives me a reason to play the game by myself as I await the expansions.
  12. I finally beat the quest using a modified deck that was in the release article. At first, I thought it was hard, but that was because I didn't read the rules for building the capture deck right, and was stuck with two heroes for the whole of the game. But it's not bad! I like the feeling of slowly getting your stuff back, and then building up for a big finish. Hope all of the cycle's quests have the cool feeling as these ones! As to harder quests, I do prefer easier quests in that what I really don't like are "instant death unless you have test of will" cards, which are often what makes quests hard (although helm's deep was hard regardless).
  13. Ambush seems kind of dope. I am glad that traps are getting a bit of a buff, and I also like that there's more of the dunedain type of ranger synergy in that as well. Can't wait!
  14. I'm loving the ranger of Cardolan! The stats are fairly average, but you can reduce the cost with attachments (or through brute resources, because you are probably using leadership) Also, in a pinch, you can just get a blocker/ attacker for a round! This is awesome! I also like that he's not unique! Ohh... Can't wait for the pack to get on Amazon Prime...
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