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  1. I love this game, but I'm having a hard time getting it to catch on in my area. I wish fantasy flight would market this like a miniature game, I'm sure people would take it more seriously.
  2. Sure, just modify your deployment zone (ex. standard deployment is 3" instead of 6").
  3. So… if I have a unit is in cover, behind sand bags, and no enemy model can draw a line of sight to a miniatures base… then even if they score 3 hits, no damage can be assigned? or is this something you determine with terrain set up with your opponent, like… sandbags cannot completely obscure models, only walls and etc etc etc….?
  4. Looking good man! How'd you get that runny rust look?
  5. Thanks Lotus! Heres my new favorite walker… Playing with AK's light rust a little more… used it a little more sparingly on this model. I think I'm going to pick up the medium rust pigment and darken some areas up more. I also tried a bit of dry brush sponge for battle damage, paint chipping. I think it came off pretty well for my first attempt.
  6. This turning out to be really cool. Paint them already! :-p
  7. Update: Put some work into weathering Hans….
  8. Any groups getting together on a regular basis? I'm up for a little travel.
  9. Alright, after a few games… I can say the Rhino and his Hammers are my *******. The constant suppression is key. Basically if they are in LoS, I shot at them. When they weren't in line of sight I kept my distance so that I couldn't be engaged. This strategy works well for non-scenario based games, but they can really control the field with their presence. I kept a good portion of my platoon together as well. The Kommand platoon was backed up by Lara and her Flak Grenadiers. Basically he would try to move into position, and I'd respond on my turn with my command squad with an attack, forcing him to react-move or become suppressed leaving him open to flak G's and Lara. Rinse repeat. While the rest of my army pushed upward. Thanks for the input guys! Love this game.
  10. 1.) Unit (A) fires on unit (B). If (A) has range with 2 of 3 Panzerfausts, do I only fire 2? Or is it if I have LoS and range to at least one model in (B) I may fire with all weapons that have range to that model in (B). 2.) So forest in this game never block LoS correct? they only obscure therefore only provide soft cover? 3.) Blitzkrieg order. Does the command unit gain a reaction token for issuing this command to a unit? 4.) If you bring a command unit do they grant you an additional order during the command phase? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer!
  11. Thanks Shadow4ce! So I am working on the weathering effects, but its a bold new territory for me… so its taking some time. I did get a chance to paint up my command unit!
  12. @itsuncertainwho: Lara and Flak grenadiers have been my go to choice for most of our engagements, and they've done really well, but he's caught on. Guess I just need to out flank him or something. @Dakkon: I think snipers are going to be my next purchase for sure. I'll have to give it a try. @blkdymnd: I've tried suppressing them, but with Rhino in the group their getting the inspiration bonus, and rolling off most of the tokens all of the time or! he just uses his radioman in his command squad for the regroup action in the command phase. But I do see where that can really hinder them, so I'll keep trying! Thanks guys!
  13. My buddy and I are fairly new to the Dust universe, but so far its been a blast. We split the core set, and I took Axis. We also purchased an M2,M3,M6, Recon Infantry, and Command unit for each faction. So far, I can handle everything but, RHINO and his HAMMERS. These guys are chewing through everything in my list. Now we tend to play with alot of terrain, it makes the game much more interesting, but with their incredible speed and jump ability their always in either cover or out of LoS, and when they do unleash upon me… I can't react because of their jump rule. How do you guys handle them? It feels like my only options are fielding either the gorillas or zombies…
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