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  1. It has a cardboard insert that covers all corners, so the cards are fine. Also, I work in a game store, and we just got these in. Should be perfect to hold Arkham cards for awhile. http://www.ultimateguard.com/en/boxes-cases/arkhive/arkhive-400-xenoskin.html $35
  2. I am planning on getting this one. Should be able to hold quite a bit. http://www.ultrapro.com/product_info.php?products_id=3984
  3. Word on BoardGameGeek is that they are Imperial Assault packs.
  4. I ordered all 5 yesterday and just got shipping notice. So we will see what actually shows up.
  5. dashrendar

    Wave 4!

    The original place I got this info and pic mentioned it. Which is my guess what the X-wing variant means. Probably just means a re-paint with new characters.
  6. dashrendar

    Wave 4!

    The pic is really bad. but here are some the items. Tantive 4 Rebel Transport Varient X-Wing Jek Porkins New Epic tournament rules. http://ow.ly/i/2TJJf/original
  7. I'll take this down if needed, but here is a lot smaller version. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd97q115djyqw6q/Shadows.pdf
  8. Dash Rendar will be a playable card! That's all I needed to see!
  9. Can he do different colors? Would be awesome to also have a red range ruler and differnt color maneuvering pieces for each side.
  10. cert13 said: This is the reason i will ALWAYS own VCR just to remeber when Han shot first and just how special it was when I saw the way it used to be… This is how I remember Han shot first.
  11. The 360 arrow on the falcon is interesting. hopefully this means the turrests can actually fire like that. What about Slave 1? What is the backwards firing arc for on him? Maybe for the tail gun?
  12. dashrendar

    Vassal Mod

    Ok, great mod! only played with it a bit, but so far I like what I see. Only complaint. not having the details on the cards. I understand the reasoning for this. but it is annoying. I personally have 14 ships, so I have everything. But my buddies dont. I'm not gonna sit there and tell them their stats every 5 mins. The stats and details need to be on the cards also.
  13. dashrendar

    Vassal Mod

    AidenDouglass said: Ok, the module is up on the downloads page along with the extensions/expansions. edit, nevermind. found it.
  14. Natesroom said: I'd love to see the Outrider made famous by dash rendar Would also love to see this! Although I may be biased a bit.
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