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  1. A quick spoiler of the PCs for The Highwayman: https://imgur.com/gallery/WkMsUpL
  2. MotO has a section for "If your players played Dark Tides..." and one for "If they didn't play Dark Tides..." It's laid out so you don't need a lot of connective tissue between the two. In my game Gaku survives Dark Tides and continues to play a part in MotO, even though it's not written that way. The main connective stuff are the rumors and leads that put the characters back onto Kitsu Sokori's path, which are all given to the GM at the front of MotO. I have a few smaller adventures set up in between the two printed mods, and it won't cause many problems from what I've seen of the beginning of the mod. I haven't read all of MotO yet, as it's still a few months from hitting my table, but I hope I've been a bit helpful.
  3. She plays a good sized role in MotO, so I'd say keep her alive and you're good to go. Or not. I'm not your dad.
  4. @sndworks Small note, the Beta came out in October 2017, not March 2018. Not a huge problem, just thought you'd want to fix that.
  5. Since they haven’t posted the Rulebook yet, can we get a card and token count for those of us who haven’t gotten ours yet?
  6. The standard, as RAW, is 1 xp per hour of play. But you're free to distribute xp at whatever pace you choose. As long as you and your players are content with the rate of advancement it should be fine.
  7. Arkham Horror is a week behind what their usual timetable for "Shipping" is. If HoT follows the normal times it should be in stores next Thursday, the 8th, and you should have it by Wedensday at the latest.
  8. Yep. Looks like a Halloween release maybe. Sadness.
  9. Just saw they moved HoT to Shipping Now...so *fingers crossed* it should release on November 8th!
  10. I pr-eordered the day it was announced in August, and still don't have my shipping info.
  11. We're never sure around here. But I think we were all operating under the assumption that it would follow typical FFG timelines once it switched to Shipping Now. But they haven't given an actual Release Date, so it could be pushed back a week.
  12. Going by typical FFG "Shipping Now" status, I was expecting to get my Pre-Order shipping notice Monday or yesterday, with an expected delivery of today (as per past pre-orders), but still no word. Did anyone get their pre-order shipping info email?
  13. I have two Spotify playlists I put together. This one for non-combat: https://open.spotify.com/user/jasonmflow/playlist/06TrMILOKXPgl38bYTBFFC?si=t4liqZa-Sr-lv7MeKYXsfQ And this one for combat: https://open.spotify.com/user/jasonmflow/playlist/4wu2VXMvl3EigDXtVRyJUk?si=zDV1NHi0Qdy_OYfhL6phSg
  14. Got my preorder is preparing to ship email this morning from FFG!
  15. Just got my "pre-order is shipping soon" email, so that tracks with the 10th/11th.
  16. I went ahead and ordered from FFG a few months ago for this, mainly because when I've preordered something directly from them in the past it arrives on the Wednesday before it releases in stores. ?
  17. Three articles in 8 days! And it's still showing up as "At the Printer"?!? Fingers crossed for another website update error...and the Corebook is about to start shipping!
  18. I'm picturing the Quixotic Jedi as an eccentric person that has studied a lot about the Jedi Order, but spends all his time now wandering around telling people fanciful tales about "His" Jedi Order. He'd obviously have to buy one of the Force-Sensitive specs (whichever is more appealing to the player), but for his primary Career and Spec I'd go Colonist: Performer. It would give him all of the Knowledge skills, but also provide all of the Social skills to really spin a good yarn. Plus, some of those Talents just scream "Quixotic Jedi" to me. Distracting Behavior, Intense Presence, and Deceptive Taunt are perfect, plus Biggest Fan would be great for convincing people that he is totally a Jedi. Just my two-cents, but that sounds pretty fun to play....maybe I'll just steal this for my next character. Good luck, Mark.
  19. I chatted with the designers on Sunday at GenCon and they told me, that FFG is trying to get it out in October....but it may slip further into Q4.
  20. I got to demo Force and Destiny with Andy Fischer last weekend at GenCon and had this exact thing happen. I was playing the Jedi Warrior Sho-Chii Knight. The Jedi Artisan at the table Imbued my weapon to reduce the crit cost of my saber to 1, then I charged and attacked a squad of 5 stormtroopers. I rolled a Triumph, 2 Successes, and 3 Advantage. I looked at Andy, and he said, "Do it." So I narrated taking out 4 stormtroopers with a few quick flicks of the blade. Now, this could have been because it was a lightsaber or because it was a demo and he knew we were experienced with the system, but I got the impression that if it's awesome and doesn't break the game it should totally be allowed.
  21. With a universe as deep as Star Wars, plenty of planets are going to be omitted. Mon Mothma's home world of Chandrila isn't even included and it is a Core World
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