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  1. First game thoughts

    I got an award in a tourney once for worst dice. It was Confrontation, a skirmish mini game. Everyone tracked one's rolled in a round (ones bad). I beat the next worst roller by double. I got 54 one's in about 150 rolls. I won a $50 gift certificate, and yes, I bought some dice with the $$$.
  2. First game thoughts

    Unlike ccgs, miniatures don't play themselves. Your ccg deck is usually straight forward, but with minis you've got to know what to do with that squad to win.
  3. Transporting Models

    I've used plano or 'jewelry' boxes in the past for pre-painted stuff. I've never needed foam for these. I only use foam storage for hand painted mini games. As long as you aren't throwing the boxes around, they should keep your minis safe. I picked up a larger (about 1.5' x 1'x 2') storage box with a lid, then I put the plano/jewelry boxes in that. It's got room to put anything I want in it. I have my Dungeon Command in it now, and will put X-wing next to it and still have room for another game.
  4. Is there a release date yet?

    I think it's 'on the boat' until it clears customs, which FFG doesn't have any control over.
  5. Why play this game?

    I get that tactics is a board game. You'd think they'd post them in minis too. Oh well. I'm going to pick up a copy of the rules. Is it a good deal to pick up the tactics core set just for the minis for warfare?
  6. Why play this game?

    OK, the battle builder sounds awesome. Thanks for the info.
  7. Why play this game?

    Thanks for that very informative response. That brings up some new questions: What is the battle builder? FFG doesn't seem to have minis on their site. Where can I find these painted ones? Yes, I do have more money than time.
  8. I've been looking around the site and haven't really got a good description of this game. Can you guys enlighten me as to why I should play this mini game over others? The minis look cool, but I like good mechanics over models, so sell me on playing DTW.
  9. Is there a release date yet?

    My local shop is unreliable at best. I don't want to have to wait forever to get stuff if they didn't order any. How long does it usually take FFG to put out a 2nd run when initial stocks sell out?
  10. Sudden Death - Announced!

    Is there an MSRP yet?
  11. Origins?

    Doh, I meant if they were only going to do one show, not both.
  12. Origins?

    A while back when FFG first pulled out of Origins I talked to one of the guys and he said they didn't like doing both shows since they were so close together and it was more profitable (not his exact words, but you get the general idea) to do Gencon if they were just going to do both shows.
  13. Is there a release date yet?

    The topic says it all.
  14. Expansions Aside, Some Repaints Would Be Lovely

    Yeah, I really wouldn't be interested in clone wars stuff. It does seem like the ship selection is going to be limited, though.
  15. ?

    This one is an area control game by one of the most well known board game designers in the world (Reiner Knizia). I think it's one of his best games. If you get a chance to try it out, do so. I haven't met many people that haven't enjoyed it.