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  1. First, it's not completely mine. I stole the idea from this guy... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/112129/imperial-assault-custom-insert I absolutely loved his design, but me being me, I had to tinker with it and make it my own. I'm in the beginning stages so below is my 1st level. You see that I like to keep my tiles separated by numbers except the large tiles. Which are separate and resting nicely on top of the other ones in baggies. In this level I have all the tiles and all the Imperial mini's. I currently have room for the upcoming imperial character packs except for Weiss. I don't know what to to about him. And room for more tiles when they are released.
  2. I am not a mathmatician so this may be a dumb question. But... How is it that Vader and the AT-ST have the same dice pools, 2 red's and a yellow, and their averages are different?
  3. As someone else said earlier, I am already planting the seeds I need to so that when the time comes they will have to make the choice. I have designed this one year story campaign for my players where they are ultimately looking for someone/something. The Galactic Civil War is taking place around them and they will be affected by it. As the story progresses, others (primarily the Empire at first but others as time goes on) find out what they are looking for and try to obtain it for themselves. So far in the campaign, my group has already had a few close encounters with Imperials and have, unknowingly, helped a rebel sympathizer. This campaign will end with them finding what they are looking for, a big climactic GCW battle where the players get to choose what side they are fighting for (if any) and what side will ultimately end up with who/what they found. Based on their decision will determine what side they will fall on in the GCW. And conveneiently this campaign will end right about the time the AoR book is being released.
  4. I too run a Halloween/horror game each year. Sometime within the next week or so, I am going to post an EotE adventure I'm creating with a horror theme. It's not zombies but more of a murder mystery/mob hysteria/ancient evil type game. If you are interested keep an eye out!
  5. My two cents is that it depends on the type of game you are running on whether your group splits up "more than normal". If you normally run dungeon crawl, linear style games then the group will stay together more often. But if you design and run more dynamic sandbox type games then the group will split more often. So, depending on the type of game depends on the normal splitting up or not.
  6. Oooh, I like that. At first glance, I might suggest figuring out some way to isolate the characters from the rest of the universe. Something like they had to land their ship a considerable distance away (lets say a main colony on the other side of the asteroid) and once there, the miners disable any escape pods or transport vessels and destroy the radio system. Oh, wait - even better. Leave the complexes one transport shuttle intact - but sabotaged. When they get the bright idea to leave (if they do) have an NPC prep the ship . . .which then blows up. The sith needs, in addition to the donated life force, some good ol' fashioned fear to get his batteries charged. That should top him right off! My players will most definitely be isolated. I usually start my games en media res, so most likely the opening scene will have the shuttle expode or damaged or something. I'm still working on particulars but I have about 3 weeks before I am running this one.
  7. I also run Halloween themed game every year. Mine usually aren't Star Wars, as my Halloween games tend to be incorporated with whatever system I am running and this is the first time that my Star Wars campaign has collided with Halloween. Here's what I am thinking... A Hutt that the PC's know hires them to do a job. The Hutt owns a somewhat profittable mining operation on a barren mining planet or asteroid. Recently, mining on the planet has stopped. The Hutt wants to know why and hired the PC's to find out why and then "convince" the miners to resume exporting his product. When they arrive they find that no one is willing to work in the mines. The miners all claim that the mines are haunted and the ghosts are killing people. While investigating the PC's find out that a few months ago a lone miner had gone missing. A few weeks passed and another miner and then another. A total of 10 miners have came up missing and/or killed over the last few months. Of the miner's whose bodies have been found they have been brutally murdered. A few miners claim that you can hear the voices of dead miners and other horrible creatures calling them to their deaths in the depths of the mines. OF course they are all scared and refuse to go and once he PC's clear out the ghosts the miner's will go back to work. The PC's eventually learn that it all started when a lone miner found a hidden cave. This cave was not like the rest. Instead of naturally formed, this one was ornately carved with polished rock. Upon finding what was in the cave, the miner lost his sanity. The the mad miner soon crept back to the nearest mining camp to take a sleeping victim. But instead of the mad miner sacrificing the new offering to his unseen master, the second miner was also recruited. Soon the two (or however many I need) miner's were abducting and sacrificing miner's to this unseen presence buried deep below the surface. About the time the PC's find the coven of insane miner's they are performing their last sacrifice to waken the unseen master. The PC's rush stop the ritual and keep the sleeping master at bay. If the ritual is completed (which will most likely happen) the PC's will have to face an ancient evil Sith who's been in a trance for thousands of years. This Sith has been sending mind altering telepathic messages to his disciples coercing them into bringing him offerings. It's goal is to siphon enough "life energy" (or something) from them to awaken. I don't really know if this fits into what a Sith can do and I"ll probably have to make up what the Sith does combat wise. But I this it will be good creepy Halloween fun for my group Hope my gamer's don't read this.
  8. I think the answer is in the question. They said THEY want to go. So Why DO they want to go? Let them come up with the plot hook... Then run with it.
  9. Another exciting session last night. More Thrills...As enemies from the past resurface! More Intrigue...As Trandoshan and Wookie are forced to work together! More Action...As climactic firefights erupt on the small planet of Formos! Here ya go and as always, comment and critiques welcome!
  10. Someone once asked me to share a detailed description or outline of my intro adventure to my campaign, A Dark Black Past. So I did. This adventure is a lot more fleshed out than what I normally write for my adventures. I normally only jot down a few notes, maybe NPC stats, and then just run with it. Running my games off the cuff, based on what may players/characters do and react. But this one adventure is a bit different and what started as simple notes eventually grew to be completely fleshed out adventure. Before reading the adventure I have a few disclaimers; 1) I am not a professional writer. So there will be mistakes and maybe continuity errors. 2) This adventure was tailored explicitly for my group and it may not work for all groups. And while it may seem like railroading... it is. But my group can handle it because I rarely do it. 3) There are all kinds of plot hooks planted for use in my campaign but I feel that they can easily be adapted or fleshed out for any group. 4) It's long... LONG! So long in fact that I did not want to post a wall of text here. Instead I wrote it up on my blog. Well that's about it... HERE IT IS Let me know what you think and if you plan on using it.
  11. Well, I was writing the notes up for this epic campaign when Sweating Bullets came across Pandora. Hearing that one line was the "A HAH!" moment of inspiration that gave a deeper meaning to my campaign and the title. Next session is this Wednesday! WOOT!
  12. I just noticed these questions. 1. no, I used this app for my ipad. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crawl-creator-story-teller/id494406923?mt=8 2. I'll private message them to you. 3. No I haven't. I actually forgotten about OP until you mentioned it. I may transpose my campaign to there, but I doubt my whole blog. I have a really short attention span for games. While I do plan on running my EotE campaign for a really long time, my blog helps me talk about my other gaming adventures. For example, another friend is trying to get me to play Infinity, so I'll probably bite and write about it on my blog.
  13. Act 3 begins... but this time told from a different perspective. Our next session is 9/11.... I hope no one takes this the wrong way as I mean no disrespect but its an odd coincidence that our session is going to be played on 9/11. We meet every two weeks so it happens to fall on that date but, during this next session the crew of the Krayt Fang will encounter the twin Twi'leks they encountered in the first session. So, enjoy this installment and always comments and critiques are welcomed.
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