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  1. Not sure if anyone is having same problem. I have tried ordering ticket 3 times and keep getting a failed message after try to pay with credit card through paypal.
  2. I think need to explain more in detail (sorry don't remember the name posting while waiting for class in school) its a a Cthulhu Mystery where you place eldritch tokens and then remove them, but they don't get discarded from the board. I still have no clue what they mean by that.
  3. I agree most likely be a small box and hope its like the first one and adds to all the decks to mix things up. And I also agree I really wanna go up against Hastur.
  4. hmm that is unfortunate. I just had it connect through my facebook and that worked fine.
  5. Its print on demand, however, stores are able to get print on demand products as well. So if your looking to buy through your local store you can.
  6. For any of the new players that go on here and post for help. I have to point out that the community is much larger at Cardgamedb and although people randomly check here as well, for getting the most input and to keep the community together be sure you check out the site and say hello.
  7. bump. I would love to find more players willing to play on octgn/
  8. Another question you got to ask yourself is how many "official" tournaments are you going to go too? The game has a lot of content and if you have a friend or two to play with the game is so worth it. I live in MN and even I only can make 2 or 3 actual tournaments a year. I wish I had a local player that I can play with on a regular basis. The game has so much content that if you even have just one friend to play with I highly recommend it.
  9. Hastur isn't the best faction right now. However, they have a lot of great tools that can make them a great support faction for another. Use their cancels and spot control to add to another faction. I am also really excited for their box and wish was before Shub because they are just on the edge of being really good just need a few solid characters. They have a lot of good effects from events and supports just need characters that can stand toe to toe with other factions.
  10. http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html I am pretty sure that it is more active there then this site and with a smaller community then the other lcgs I want us all to be communicating with each other. So hope you all at least check this site out and post in the Call of Cthulhu forums over there.
  11. Yea it made sense after he explained it. I was just thinking if they weren't removed from the game board then could just keep encountering the same space, but not how it works so that is good. I lost badly because had to defeat Hydra with my second Mystery and never was able to gain an artifact ):
  12. ahh so we still discard the tokens that are on the card but leave the remaining ones on the board?
  13. Yea I play all of the lcgs (besides invasion) however, I don't see this even as game competing for those spots. this is a game I can play with anyone not just someone that understands the lcgs and can play this game more on casual level....I will say though the draft rules really helps the game, it will probably be the only way ever play just more interesting that way.
  14. The Cthulhu Mystery says "..... as an encounter....put that Eldritch token on this card. .... do not discard the eldritch token from the game board." Sooooo the wording of this is a little weird. If i am removing "that" token how is not removed from the game board. Also, if don't remove it then if have enough clues can just re-encounter it next turn? seems to easy that way. So if can someone help me out an ASAP because wanna play tonight or in the morning and just drew this mystery during setup.
  15. Yes I have given up a fight right away before but when someone plays lets say a 4 strength character and a 2 strength support its almost impossible to get to 6 strength with one character most of the time. What do you mean exactly by matching during he corresponding phase?
  16. Subject basicly states my question. I have played a hand full of games and want to start adding some of the expansion parts to the experience. (got the expansions when got the base game for great reduction). I am thinking to start with all the normal cards to add to the experience so not always the same cards, especially the super crises cards (you see everyone very quickly with just the base game). Also probably the Pegasus ship and mutanity cards (just so don't have to worry about taking the cards that deal with them) and maybe the CAG. I am just wondering what is the most highly recommended pieces of the expansions. I think the cylon leaders is the thing I want to try the least but not sure which of the other board pieces besides Pegasus should think of adding. (oh besides the updated cylon location and probably updated air force one (presidents ship i can't remember the real name ha)).
  17. Me and my brother have really liked it. It is very quick which is nice when we don't have time to play a full lcg game can get like 3 games in. But yes I have already found things in rule book that doesn't make sense. Like how you technically can't play a character if it can't match your opponents strength we house ruled it that you get to play cards tell your end of turn if you can match strength. Like if someone started a battle played a big guy with a support the other player with normal rules would already almost always lose, so we let you play out your turn if you can match strength. Idk if that is the correct rule though. I am not positive about the balance we haven't played a ton yet but there does seem to be 3 very powerful decks and others that are just ok. But, the last few times we have used the draft rules it is fun even with only 2 people drafting which is not what I was expecting.
  18. I just bought it (: I am looking forward to play it. The fact has rules for a draft with the box is amazing!!!
  19. really any new player should probably go to cardgamedb.com instead of trying to get help here lot more active.
  20. woooo didn't reliese this was so close and got a regional hmmm how long does it take to get a passport... probably to long dang... next year!
  21. the problem with the framework to people is it isnt the same as magic. to me it is actually more straight forward if haven't played magic before but if you are use to magic then it will seem complex because it is different.
  22. All I gotta say is if your supporting FFG attacking Octgn I got a problem with you. Sure you don't own a windows but no reason to punish other players. I pay ffg a ton of money with playing and buying all the cards for 5 lcg and some board games. But I don't have large group to play with regular and online is my only option as do I feel is for others. So anyone supporting getting rid of octgn because only "fair" that seems pretty selfish to me.
  23. Everyone needs a draft starter pack and each person needs one draft pack per person. Also suppose to draft in groups between 5-8
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