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  1. Battlescribe data files updated: Index.bsi file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108106866/Battlescribe%20113%20Data/Star%20Wars%20X-Wing%20Miniatures/index.bsi Index.xml file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108106866/Battlescribe%20113%20Data/Star%20Wars%20X-Wing%20Miniatures/index.xml
  2. If you're too honest, avoid playing Jinteki. You need to learn to bluff to make a Jinteki deck really work. You have to be able to sell that the card you are putting down is a trap when it's an agenda, or vice versa. Watch your body language, try to figure out if you have any "tells". Do you look uncertain when you install/advance an agenda? Do you look confident or smug when you install/advance a trap? Mix that up a bit. The important thing is you maximize the runner's uncertainty about the cards. The more uncertain the runner, the more likely he is to make a mistake. Against Jinteki, a mistake can prove fatal.
  3. paradox23 said: The first part of the card is all you need to read to know that deadeye can be used. You keep your focus token as well, just like you would have kept the target lock, so that's pretty handy too. Yep, you don't even need to have target locked beforehand if you have Homing Missiles and Deadeye. You just point your A-wing in the general direction of your enemy, Focus, then shoot your Homing Missile. AND you still have the focus token on the ready to spend on the attack or to keep for defence.
  4. For example, lets say on your move you move with hard right one, which is a white maneuver. On your action, lets say you use daredevil and you move hard left one - you now get the stress token.
  5. I never said my list is for tourneys. I also don't think its a hard counter to your list, its just a list that I think would probably give your ships a run for the money… the strategy heavily dependent on closing in fast and shooting first, and if none of your three ships go down immediately I would probably be toast. Which is, in my humble opinion, what makes this game a lot of fun for me.
  6. Take note that you are allowed to go through enemy ships, so unless you have TIEs at the 3 turn, 3 bank and 2 turn endpoints as well then I would agree that the x-wing has no way out.
  7. I don't know… If I saw that list I'd probably pull this out: X-Wing (70pts) X-W •Luke Skywalker (35pts) Focus, Target Lock, Unique Pilot Ability Stealth Device, Veteran Instincts, •R2-F2 X-W •Wedge Antillies (35pts) Focus, Target Lock, Unique Pilot Ability Engine Upgrade, R2 Astromech, Veteran Instincts A-Wing (30pts) A-W •Tycho Celchu (30pts) Boost, Evade, Focus, Target Lock, Unique Pilot Ability Stealth Device, Veteran Instincts
  8. You know the ones… small rocks that are not depicted on the obstacle token itself because they are too small and too easy to avoid if you weren't to busy trying to avoid a collision with another ship I know that they exist because I watched Armageddon.
  9. Wouldn't that only happen if the ship you are going to overlap is already on the obstacle token? Maybe in the process of trying to avoid the ship in the obstacle token your pilot hits one of the many smaller rocks orbiting said obstacle.
  10. Maybe you can think of it this way: The combat phase may be split into rounds but in real time the two fighters firing on each other take just a few seconds… so maybe Horton fires first and while the ion cannon shots (which we know will hit) are travelling towards Turr, Turr fires while doing a boost action! And in the middle of the boost action it the ion cannon shots hit and shorts out Turr for a couple of minutes! How's that sound?
  11. Also, if your opponent is familiar with the rules, he or she would most probably happily remember on your behalf that you already did the same action.
  12. ArcticSnake


    I think I get it… since there is no space to use the four notches on the base of the ship, you just use two of them and rotate your ship as far as you can but still keeping the template between the only two notches that is on the template.
  13. I can't imagine that it's that easy for a small, maneuverable fighter to ram another small, maneuverable fighter if they have the whole of 3d space to escape to. Even the falcon is maneuverable enough to avoid getting rammed. I would say that only big, lumbering starships would be prone to kamikaze attacks.
  14. Coming as a player who likes running one or two y-wings, my take on this is if your opponent is focus firing on your y-wing and not on the more flimsy x-wings they are doing their job. Give your opponent the awful choice between firing on a y-wing at range one or an x-wing at range 2 or 3, or better yet, maneuver your x-wings to flank while the y-wings tie them up at range 1. Believe me, the y-wings can take a beating as long as the x-wings keep on pounding.
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