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  1. It does, or at least states that the game assumes they've had the chance to attain one by the time they reach 150+ XP.
  2. Whilst Enhance is one of my favourites, both Unleash and Bind work nicely, in my experience. And I'm not concerned that the former requires a Force Rating of 3+ - Force Lighting was supposed to be one of the most dangerous and advanced expressions of the dark side, as I recall.
  3. I would recommend making clear your intentions and thoughts regarding lightsabers BEFORE any characters are made. That way, if you say "you won't be getting them easily, or soon" and the player still invests lots of XP into lightsaber form trees, then he can't get angry at you for poor investments.
  4. We need a Gungan sourcebook. With Ewoks and Wookiewoks as optional classes. Also, plothooks for running your own Star Wars Holiday Special.
  5. Another reason, perhaps, that the rules mention that a Force power is always "activated", even if it's not successful - perhaps even a failed attempt means you risk discovery from someone/something that has the ability to sense Force manipulation? So even if you're not successful in Influencing someone, a nearby Inquisitor who is actively searching for you in the Force might feel the ripples created by someone drawing on the Force (even unsuccessfully).
  6. Case-in-point: one of the greatest lightsaber battles my D6 Jedi ever underwent took place in his mind against the spirit of one of the galaxy's first Sith Lords - someone who beat the living snot into our entire party via the possession of an NPC's body, at least until he was exercised by the other Jedi. His spirit then entered into my (fallen) Jedi and put him in a coma, which is when the battle for my character's body and mind began. That combat took hours to write up, and it's length was several thousand words (I forget the exact number). Needless to say, it was extremely epic. However, in this system it would only have lasted around 10-15 rounds - but it's grand scope and detail would not have been hampered at all because of the combat's short duration. You can do almost anything with this system, if you remember to take into account the mechanics of it (Advantages, Triumphs, Despairs, round length, that one attack isn't just that, etc).
  7. Or maybe her ARM ITSELF IS CORTOSIS!!!!!! *cue dramatic music and dancing ewoks*
  8. It's worth noting - though this has likely already been stated in this thread (tl;dr) - that each combat round is about a minute long, IIRC. So the Anakin/Obi-Wan sabre fight would only have lasted about 8 rounds, whilst most others seen in the film are shorter in length. So even using the standard rules, combat can be epic is you seize upon the minute long combat round rule to detail your fight to the teeth. But when you count Parry, Reflect, and the multitude of other talents available, your fights can go on for longer and become even grander. All you need do, then, is throw in an exciting environment and other hurdles, and your combats will be every bit as exciting as Vader vs Luke or Anakin vs. Obi-Wan.
  9. I think everyone here could do with some ice-cream and a hug.
  10. SPOILER ALERT! . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... I'm liking the look of the antagonists; though I would have been far more eager to engage them had the other brother survived. :-/
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