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  1. Thanks, Revanchist7. To answer the OP, yes, it can be activated multiple times, just like it says. When reading Force powers, just like talents, take the trees with a grain of salt. The full write-up is where you'll find the full rules for using them.
  2. I don't see how that restricts the healing to different targets.
  3. Can you post the exact text for the control upgrade? I only have the beta, and the restrictions listed by Decorus aren't in the beta version.
  4. The problem is that Makashi Technique is a Force talent, so requires you to have a FR of 1 or higher. As far as we know, Grievous is not Force sensitive.
  5. Hey, OggDude, I noticed that Pash has a balanced hilt on his blaster pistol. That attachment is melee-weapon only.
  6. To not give them click counts, you can use http://www.donotlink.com And it gives us this nice link: http://www.donotlink.com/gg6r
  7. As long as it's in the main, I think it's all good. I'll keep an eye out for more PDF inquires.
  8. While not a mechanical question, the PDF question has been popping up a lot lately. Is that worth adding?
  9. You don't have to allow that, I wouldn't. I'd put some kind of time limit on it representing research before they could try again. If that's a week of in-game time, or another session, or whatever, there's no reason to have to allow subsequent rolls. Still, though, a week in-game or the next session is a subsequent roll. After enough rolls they will succeed. So I just skip the rolls and go straight for the XP.
  10. I honestly don't see the point. If you fail the roll, wait a bit and do it again. The only thing the roll adds (potentially) is wasted time. Advantages, threats, triumphs, and despairs don't do anything on a "Learn the Force" check, so it seems to me to be a "lets roll the dice so we can roll the dice." Now, If I could spend 3 advantages to cut the cost by 5 XP, or a triumph to get a free/reduced upgrade? Sure, I'd see a dice roll necessary. But as it stands, let 'em spend the XP and be done with it. Than again, I'm one of those people who don't require anything else besides XP for players to learn Force powers or talents, so if you have pre-reqs for learning things besides XP take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  11. There is nothing in The Force chapter about needing a roll to learn a power. I've never required it when GMing and haven't been required to do so when a player.
  12. Since it's an NPC, you don't need to follow the rules the PCs do, so it's all good. If you do what's best for your game, you're doing it right!
  13. It's the Protect/Unleash power, straight up. "The user makes a Protect power check and rolls a [PP] Discipline check as part of the pool. Spend [two Force points] to reduce damage from an energy-based weapon that hits himself or an engaged character by amount equal to Willpower plus 1 per [success]. Dark side Force users may only protect themselves." It does require a FR of 3+, though.
  14. The AoR GM screen has squad rules, where the squad mates act as ablative plot armour for the PCs. There are rules for different formations that do different things, like skirmish that makes auto fire and blast cost more Advantages to trigger, or squad specialist where you make a Leadership check in place of computers, medicine, etc. Only the player rolls, so the squad doesn't make their own additional roll. its a pretty cool set of rules.
  15. These questions are a bit beyond FAQ material. I'd suggest reading the Move power in detail. it's all in there.
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